Timeless love update Sunday 25 June 2023

Timeless Love 25 June 2023: Golden greets Bimla and says she missed all the dishes made by her. Urmila asks her to stop it, else she will gain the weight. Bimla says Golden is like my Vidhi and Seema to me. Urmila says my Golden is pure gold and Vidhi is crazy film. Laali says Dev Raichand ji is coming due to this crazy film. Urmila says Vidhi got the job due to me. Urmila’s helper asks where to keep this bowl.

Timeless love 24 June 2023

They misunderstand that she brought it for puja. Urmila tells that it is a secret why did she bring this. Dev changes his clothes and comes out of the shop. He gives his watch to Sangeeta and tells that he will leave after the puja, and don’t want people to give attention to him. Peeli asks Urmila where is badam ka halwa. Urmila says golden’s Papa will bring. Vidhi calls her mother.

Hariprasad asks when your sir is coming. Vidhi tries to tell Bimla about her job. Urmila asks did you do something. Seema says she got half day today. She takes Vidhi from there and asks her not to tell anyone. Vidhi says everyone is asking about Dev sir. Seema says we can’t tell the truth now and asks her to go to terrace and have fresh air. She asks her to breath in. Golden hears them and asks Seema if Vidhi is fine. Seema says Vidhi didi is fine, but not you. She says you got the illness to spy like Urmila.

Golden thinks something is wrong. Just then light goes. Peeli asks Seema to see. Golden thinks her make up will go. Urmila asks her husband to keep the halwa. He keeps the tiffin. Kalumal asks someone to bring the electrician. Pandit ji opens the tiffin and asks who brought this bhog. Bimla says she said that badam halwa bhog will be given. Kalumal asks Seema to ask Vidhi if Dev sir will come late. Seema says he will not come. She then says that he will not come so sooner.

Bimla goes to talk to Vidhi. Urmila asks Golden to spy on them. Bimla asks Vidhi to call Dev and asks if he can come half an hour late. Dev and Sangeeta are coming there. Dev says there is no light here. Sangeeta asks what is the plan sir? They see Dev and misunderstand him to be the lineman/electrician. Dev says electrician. Kalumal says we know that you are electrician and asks him to take some money extra. They make him climb the stairs. Dev thinks he can’t tell and asks which is the wire?

Hariprasad calls him Vijay and asks if he will hold the wire with naked hands. Vidhi tells Bimla that Dev Sir is not coming to Jagrata. Dev fixes the wires and the lights comes back. Vidhi looks at Dev and says Dev sir. Title song plays…..Bimla also looks at him. Kalumal asks Raju, whom he sent. Raju says electrician is behind me. Vidhi says Dev Sir can’t stand on the stairs. Bimla says even I am seeing him. Vidhi checks her eyes and says I am seeing him even now. She forwards her hand to touch him. Dev says Vidhi, I am Dev Sir..

Devrath Raichand. Vidhi gets shocked and faints.Later Dev asks are you okay? Vidhi says yes. Dev says you want to know why I got so much angry and fired you. He says I didn’t get marry yet, so there is no question of Mrs. Raichand. Vidhi recalls Kanika fooling her. Dev says I don’t like to discuss my personal life. Urmila scolds Vidhi and says you are bachelor and she told everyone that you are married and everywhere is the posters to welcome you and your wife. She scolds Vidhi.

Bimla says vidhi was about to tell. Urmila says if she had worked more, then would have made some kids born to you. Vidhi asks Dev about Simmy. Dev says she is my younger brother’s wife. Vidhi recalls Simmy telling that Papa’s office is in kitchen. Urmila says Dev ji, I am apologizing to you, as our daughter cut your nose. She asks him not to worry and says golden will tell you the solution to come out of this problem. She asks him to hire golden in his office.

Dev says Vidhi had lost the job due to a misunderstanding which is cleared now, so Vidhi will decide if she wants to join again or not. Hariprasad apologizes to Dev. Bimla says Vidhi wanted your betterment. Dev says I know and tells that vidhi has spread this news mistakenly so she has to clear this that I am not married. Vidhi says I don’t have the courage to do this, I can’t do.

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