Timeless love Starlife update Tuesday 20 February 2024

Timeless love 20 February Dev telling Jai that Vidhi is unwell and couldn’t come to office today. He gives him Vidhi’s leave application. Jai says I know that half of the men think their wives weak, but you thought of her as a child. He says I would have understood if you have sent me message. Dev says both Vidhi and I are discipline.

Jai asks if he is punishing Vidhi as she came home late yesterday. He says He says if you treat her as junior and says there a thin line between protective and over protective and says the human crosses the line. Dev says even you are young and says work is just part of life. He sits on the chair and asks if driver did this deliberately or accidentally as businessman has enemies. Jai says even my dad was a big businessman and he had road accident, and that time you was there, and asks if you did….Dev says Rao ji was big in every aspect, but he didn’t have enemies like others. He says nobody wanted him to go, and says I am sad that I couldn’t save him. Jai offers him water. Dev refuses and says I want to do man to man talk, and tells that he understands his behavior towards Vidhi, and says I will not tell her, as I trust her more than myself, and says I want to see it herself and then take a decision. Jai says I didn’t understand. Dev asks him to handle his footsteps before accident and goes.

Jai thinks to steal Vidhi from Dev that she don’t remember what relation she had with Dev, will give her feathers to fly and then will make her Mrs. Vidhi Jai Shah.

He imagines Vidhi coming to him and asking him to save her from Dev, as he has caged her and he is not good. Jai says he will save her. Dev comes there and asks Vidhi to come with him, and asks Jai if he wants to snatch his wife from him. Jai shoots Dev. Imagination ends. Dev’s Assistant comes there and gives him samosa. He asks what is the news? She says old man only talks about work, no romance or personal work. Jai asks her to keep Dev busy for 3 hours. She says she charges extra. Sakshi laughs and tells bimla that Dev is just 2 years younger than her. Dev comes there. Sakshi says we can’t joke. Dev is about to tell her about Vidhi, but changes the topic.

He asks Sakshi to go. Bimla tells that she is worried for Hariprasad. Dev says he can be a better chef. Hariprasad finds hard to cook. Sakshi checks Dev’s IPad and finds out that he has appointment with Doctor for Vidhi at 5 pm. She messages Jai. Jai comes to Dev’s house and asks Servant about Chitra. He messages Sakshi to do his work. He comes to Vidhi’s room and looks at her. Vidhi wakes up and sees Jai. She asks what you are doing? Jai says I came to know that you are unwell, yesterday I saw the dream and today you are unwell. Chitra comes there. jai gives her samosas and asks her to have it with chutneys.

Dev asks Sakshi what she is doing with his IPad. Sakshi says alarm was ringing so she kept it off. She asks him to sign the files. He signs and is about to go. She asks him to sign all and tells that they have to go to bank, and insists him. He says he is boss and says some things are personal and important too. Bimla calls Hariprasad, but his condition deteriorates and he can’t pick the call.

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