Destined by fate starlife update Tuesday 20 February 2024

Destined by fate 20 February 2024: Chaman Bahar fights with Tingu and asks why didn’t she let Sayuri die and spoilt her plan of marrying Kanha. Tingu says her plan looked unnatural as she let Kanha walk down the stairs and then poured oil on stairs when Sayuri walked, she would have fone to jail if something had happened to Sayuri; he even saved her dream of becoming a heroine. Chaman asks what shall she do then to get Kanha.

Kanha questions Nakul why he stole a bracelet when he already took 1 lakh rs recently. Dhanraj calls Kanha and he walks away. Ammu feels good recalling how Nakul makes her feel special and thinks if she really got a friend who can do anything for her. Kanha returns to Nakul and questions him again. Nakul says he stole braclet for the family’s sake and shows money he got from it. Kanha says its very less for that bracelet. Nakul asks him to stop doubting him and says he just mortgaged it to get it back when their situation normalizes. He shows his fake anger. Kanha apologizes him but feels suspicious.

Rashmi repeatedly calls Kanha to know if he confronted Nakul for his friendship with a pr*stitute and fumes when Kanha disconnects her call. She gets a message from someone that her work is done. She asks who is he/she and why he is helping her and gets a reply that she will find out at the right time.

Kanha makes arrangements to spend some quality time with Sayuri. He takes her to a tent and gets romantic with her. Bahar notices them and gets jealous. Next morning, she troubles Sayuri by giving her extra work. She then asks Kanha if he prepared documents of her production company as she is eager to become a heroine. Kanha says he needs time for that and will start work from today itself. After some time, she explains her plan to Tingu how will she kill Sayuri in Kanha’s absence.

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