Timeless love starlife update Thursday 22 February 2024

Timeless love 22 February 2024: Jai reminding Vidhi of her promise made to Rao ji. Vidhi says I don’t forget my promise and asks what type of girl you want? Jai says like you. He tells that he doesn’t care if the girl is a divorcee, she shall be my critic and friend.

Vidhi thinks he is talking about Chitra and thinks who could be the better life partner than Jai for Chitra. Jai thinks come in my life soon, that day will be the happiest. Vidhi says we will search the girl soon. Jai asks what is the need, I will marry you. Vidhi is shocked and asks what you are saying, if you are fine. Jai says I am joking and says I mean to say that you will search the girl. He says we shall work and then shortlist the girls. Vidhi tells that they shall not hurry up. Satyavati calls Vidhi and tells that Chitra is upset.

Vidhi asks Jai to cheer up Chitra. Jai says anything for you. He meets Chitra and asks her to cheer up. Chitra says it is difficult. Jai cheers her up with his talks and she laughs. Vikram takes their photo and video. Chitra tells Jai that she has to leave, as Dev and Vidhi are going to make some announcement. Jai thinks why Vidhi didn’t tell me, if I have no value.

Satyavati says they didn’t come till now. Bimla, Hariprasad, Chitra, Abhi, Priya and Simmy are also there. Dev and Vidhi come there. They ask what is the announcement? Dev says we shall play dumb charades and enacts, but they couldn’t understand. Hariprasad says fight. Vidhi says we didn’t have any fight and says baby. Abhi asks Priya if Simmy is admitted in other school. Priya says no. Vidhi says no, our baby. Bimla, Hariprasad, Satyavati and others get happy and hug Vidhi. Vidhi says sorry to Satyavati and says we wanted doctor to confirm and then want to give the good news to you.

Satyavati gets emotional and happy. She tells that this news shall be limited to just family members till 3 months. Abhi says now bhai and bhabhi will know about sleepless nights. Priya says we are family and will take care of baby. Chitra says my Baby got Chaddi Buddy. Dev gives rattle as gift to Vidhi. Chitra gets emotional and teary eyes. Vidhi cheers her up. Dev gifts a rattle to Chitra. Chitra gets happy.

Dev tells Vidhi that they are looking good together. Vidhi says yes. Amba thinks of Dev rejecting her demand. She gets a call from someone, and she tells that she don’t want to talk to anyone. She gets a message that it is urgent. The guy calls Amba and tells that the matter is about Dev Raichand and tells that he is going to be a father. Vidhi tells Dev that she didn’t see him happy like this before. She says my happiness increased seeing your happiness. Amba gets shocked and her phone gets off. She puts phone on charging, and calls the guy. The guy says Vidhi Raichand is pregnant. Amba asks if Dev gave you money to tell this to me. The guy says I thought to tell you, but you are doubting my loyalty. Amba gets angry and throws the things, says you can’t give my dream in Vidhi’s lap.

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