Timeless love starlife update Friday 23 February 2024

Timeless love 23 February 2024: Vidhi asking Dev if he has changed the bedsheet. He says I have bought the best mattress and changed it with old, and tells that mattresses, pillows are very important in pregnancy. Vidhi says you have much experience. Dev asks her to lie down and say. She lies down and says it is comfortable.

He makes her sit comfortably. She asks what you are doing, if you will change all the room. Dev says you have changed my life, I am happy as baby will come. Vidhi says even she will be happy. Amba comes to Milapni Devi’s temple and says I had come to ask you to give my Dev to me, and I made you wear bangles too. She asks why you snatched this right from me to become a woman. She says I loved a guy all my life, if this is my mistake. She says Vidhi snatched my Dev and now this hope.

Dev takes Vidhi’s phone and downloads babycenter App. He tells that their baby is of 4 weeks. Vidhi says it is cute.

Amba confronts Milapni Devi and says I will never accept you as my mother, and I will never come to your steps. Bimla sees her and thinks what is she doing here at this time. Dev makes Pregnancy calendar and sticks inside his wardrobe. He thinks how to make baby feel that I am her/his Papa. He takes the pillow and hears the lullaby. He thinks once he takes the baby in his arms, he will show what he can do. He tells that he has raised Chitra and Simmy. He says my life’s aim is to take care.

Vikram wakes up Yogesh, and tells that someone called Amba Mausi and told that Vidhi is pregnant. Yogesh laughs and says Dev is going to be father. He asks Vikram to search hospital. Vikram says I am hiding from everyone. He thinks to do something.

Dev is going to gym. Everyone tease him. Satyavati asks them not to tease her son and tells that body needs to be fit so that Dev can run behind the baby. Vidhi comes to know from peon that Jai asked him to pack her stuff. Vidhi goes to Jai and asks him. Jai says how can I make you work in this condition and reminds that Dev said that she is unwell. Vidhi says she is fine and can come to office. Jai asks then why did you take the off when you was not unwell. Vidhi thanks him and goes. Receptionist calls him and says Dev came to meet Vidhi. Jai says let him come.

Vikram’s lawyer comes to Raichand Mansion and gives legal notice to Chitra. He says his client is ready to accept her, knowing that she has an affair with Jai Shah. Chitra says jai is just my friend. Lawyer goes. Satyavati asks her not to tell anything to Dev or Vidhi.

Dev meets Vidhi and gives orthopedic pregnancy seat for Vidhi. Vidhi says there is still time, if anyone asks. Dev asks her to lie. They smile. Jai asks Sakshi if he enquired something. Sakshi says he just goes from office to home. Jai says you was waste of money, and tells that Dev doesn’t want Vidhi to be with me. Sakshi says Dev don’t forces her decision on her and don’t doubt her. He asks what Vidhi likes her. Sakshi says she likes home made food. Just then peon comes there and sticks the notice, no relatives or personal work. Jai comes there and says it is not for you. Dev says I understand and says I will go. He tells Jai that he didn’t tell anything to Vidhi, but when she comes to know about it, then your illusion will break.


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