Anupama starlife update Thursday 22 February 2024

Anupama 22 February 2024: Anuj blindfolds Anupama and asks her to take a deep breath and forget all her pains and problems. Anupama takes deep breath and opens eyes. Anuj says he knows his Anu is tensed for her gurumaa, Vanraj and Kavya, but she shouldn’t forget herself and trouble herself; he tells god that he is confident that his Anu bravely faces all her problems.

Anupama asks why he is so good, he clears her tension in seconds. Anuj hopes that god gives answers to all he questions tomorrow morning. Anupama hopes Nakul picks her call tomorrow and clear her doubt. He makes her sleep and goes to change. Anupama hopes that lady was not gurumaa.

Romil returns home. Ankush waiting for him asks why didn’t he reply to his call. Romil says he saw his message to return home within 30 minutes and here he is.

Ankush asks him to go and sleep now. Romil asks him if he can shift him somewhere else as his wife and BIL bully him a lot. He says he was better in his grandmother’s house and says to act as a good father, he should ruin his life. Next morning, Vanraj brings Kavya home. Leela performs Kavya’s nazar and welcomes her in. Anuj and Anupama join them. Leela emotionally asks Kavya how is she now.

Kavya says she is fine and asks her not to cry. Leela says why shouldn’t she when her DIL and grandchild were at risk. Anuj thinks Leela and Hasmukh should know Kavya’s truth, but he shouldn’t now. Leela says she will become Kavya and her baby’s bodyguard till the delivery. Hasmukh offers cream roll to Kavya and asks Kinjal to bring juice for her. Kinjal brings juice.

Hasmukh asks Kavya what dietary restrictions doctor has advised her. Kavya says doctor advised her to avoid spicy and oily food. Dimpy walks towards Kavya. Leela stops her and warns her to stay away from Kavya and her baby. Kavya says it was also her mistake as she should watched and walked. Anupama says Dimpy can’t be wrong always, she shouldn’t put so much restrictions. Leela says Dimpy broke her house and harmed Kavya and her baby, she will never let her damage her house anymore. She asks Anupama not to interfere in this issue. Hasmukh asks Anuj and Anupama to go home and let him handle the issue. They both leave. Anupama says Leela’s anger is for something as Dimpy broke her house, she will never forgive Dimpy until her house normalizes again. Anuj says Leela’s anger is sending Samar and Dimpy far away from her, Hasmukh and Leela should know Kavya’s baby’s truth soon as truth can’t be hidden for long and Vanraj should take a step.

Adhik helps Pakhi in her project and asks her not to inform Anuj and Anupama about it or else they will get upset. Pakhi says she will talk to them to include him in the project. He acts and says there is no need for that as he doesn’t want to upset them. Pakhi says she will convince them though. Adhik grins. Vanraj offers syrup to Kavya.

Kavya says they shall inform baby’s truth to his parents. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it and walks away. Kavya thinks his anger is valid, but they need to clear the issue out. Anuj with Anupama reaches gurukul and prays Natraj to protect gurumaa. A lady with servants walks in and asks who are they. Anupama says she wants to meet Gurumaa Malti Devi/MD. Lady asks who MD. Anupama delivers a lengthy dialogue describing who MD is. Lady says she doesn’t work here and came to take stuff from here.

Anupama gets more angry and doesn’t let them take Natraj idol away. Anuj tries to calm her down. Another lady walks in and asks what is happening here. Anupama asks where is gurumaa. Lady says she is gone from here. Anupama says she is sure the lady bump on their car near the temple was MD. Anuj calms her down, gives his card to the lady, and requests her to inform them if they find MD’s information. Lady says sure and takes idol away. Nakul calls back Anu. Anu asks why didn’t he pick his call, where are he and gurumaa, what is happening here. Nakul informs that he took over Gurumaa’s gurukul and she can join him. Anupama shouts how can he betray gurumaa, why he thinks she will support him. He disconnects call.

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