Timeless Love starlife update Monday 15 January 2024

Timeless Love 15 January 2024: Durga Devi apologizing to Raichands and tells that she didn’t want to come here as it is balghar, but she has to come as Chitra came without informing her sasural. She asks them to shift to somewhere else if possible. Vidhi comes behind Durga Devi and tells that she had asked Chitra to make that call to Police.

Durga Devi asks what you are saying, you can get arrested for this. Vidhi says I don’t know the law, but knows that it gives justice to us. She says I want to give my statement against Amba and tells her everything about Amba’s wrong doings. Durga Devi says if you are lying then you can land in problem. Vidhi says she trusts Milapni Devi and her.

The balghar staff informs Dev that someone came to meet him. Dev meets the guy and tells Vidhi that he is his student, and tells that he was guest lecturer in the latter’s college. The guy invites Dev to come for his event management company launch and give his speech. He asks him to inspire other people too. Dev says how I can inspire people now. The guy says you can only inspire the people. Vidhi feels proud of Dev and says he inspires everyone.

Priya calls Vidhi. Vidhi asks her not to get scared and tells that they have nothing to lose, but Amba has so much to lose. Later Vidhi calls Dev out and asks him to see Satyavati and Chitra having a good time with the kids, teaching them dance. She tells Dev that Chitra is very happy and the kids are dancing happy and excited as if they got a new life. Dev asks why are they celebrating.

Vidhi says I will tell everyone. She tells the kids that their hardwork has paid off and tells that she has kept cultural event of the kids and tells that she has invited influential people who will help them. Everyone is happy. Dev says it will be a new start for us. He feels lucky to have Vidhi., and says she solves all problems easily and asks him to help so that she can give her happiness.

Priya comes to Durga Devi and says she wants to tell her everything. Durga Devi asks her to think and says your respect can be ruined, fingers can be raised on you. Dev tells Vidhi that he is proud of her. Priya tells Durga Devi everything and tells about Rakesh. She then how Amba framed Abhi for Rakesh’s murder case. She says she has snatched my house. Dev tells Vidhi that he will leave for work. Durga Devi asks Priya, what if I am with Amba Mehta, if she has brought me, if you are not scared as she is influential. Priya says my truth will not hide now.

Vidhi gets thinking and tells Satyavati that she has thought to mortgaged her ancestral ring given by her mother, so that she can buy shirts for Dev, as tomorrow is his important speech in the event. Satyavati gets teary eyes. Vidhi asks her not to feel bad and tells that she doesn’t like jewellery since her childhood and will get it freed soon. She goes. Satyavati tells her husband’s portrait that Vidhi is talented and they have made her handicapped due to their rules. She cries.

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