Timeless Love starlife update Saturday 9 December 2023

Timeless Love 9 December 2023: The Episode starts with Mausi ji trying to instigate Satyavati against Dev, and says you regard him as your own son, but he shall respect you and your decision. Satyavati says you are right, it is my mistake, how did I forget that he is Dev, who regards me more than his own mother and told me everything. She says Vidhi is truthful and good girl, I was rude to her.

Timeless Love 8 December 2023

She says I know what I am doing, please don’t worry for me. Vidhi comes there holding food tray. She asks Mausi ji if she had food. Satyavati asks her to come inside. Mausi goes upset.Priya brings food for Abhi. Abhi is drinking. She asks him to have some food. He asks her to take back the food. Vidhi asks Satyavati to vent out her pain, but it needs strength, so please have food. Satyavati cries and says I scolded you and talked badly, and you are feeding me with love. Vidhi says you are my mother so it is your right to get angry. She says the one who hugs her child after slapping is a mother. Satyavati hugs her.

Priya says we are losing everything due to our differences and asks him to be in his senses. She says not only me, even you are insulted, and they are taking advantage of our misunderstanding. She says bhai saheb and Vidhi are dominating us and took Simmy to their side. She says Dev made Mummy ji quiet today. Abhi asks what do you want to say? Priya says we shall keep our difference limited to room, so that Bhai Saheb and Vidhi don’t take our advantage, says it is time for us to unite.

Bimla asks Vidhi to keep paneer. Vidhi says I gave you business idea, but everyone thought that I am secretly working with you. She tells her that Dev ji came and cleared everyone misunderstanding. Bimla praises Dev and is happy for Vidhi. Vidhi says she wants to do something special for him, which nobody has done for him. Bimla asks her to give a child to Dev which only wife gives. Vidhi asks why did you make so much food. Bimla says Yamini came from London. Vidhi says I will go and meet her. Bimla stops her. Vidhi says she will go and call Dev. She then thinks Maa is right, this will be best gift for Dev ji, I shall tell him that I want to give him, our family.

Just then she hears glass breaking sound and turns. She goes near the room and opens the door a bit. She hears Divya telling Yamini that she can’t ask her to hide the truth anymore. Yamini asks her not to do this. Divya says he shall know that he is my father. Vidhi turns to go, but stop hearing this. Divya says I will tell him this truth and you can’t stop me, I am Dev Raichand’s daughter. Yamini gets asthma attack and sprays medicine in her mouth. Divya says I am Divya Dev Raichand. Vidhi is shocked. Yamini asks Divya not to tell him.

Vidhi closes the door and is in shock. She recalls Amba’s words. Dev asks Abhi if he checked Yogesh’s accounts. Abhi says he didn’t come yesterday, I will check today. Dev says why he didn’t come. Abhi says Kanika met with an accident. He says I will check respectfully, but nothing will be found. Dev says I told you, that everyone’s records will be checked, and says how many times shall I say this. Abhi gets upset and says how can you make me understand same thing again and again. He says you are not letting me handle this house, you don’t respect my words, if you think that I am not capable then let it be.

Yogesh gets fake records print outs and thinks Raichands can’t figure out mistakes in my accounts, and will think where did the money go? Abhi says I want to become like you, you was my ideal. He says today you proved that I am worth nothing, I am a loser and have failed in life, couldn’t handle business, my wife and daughter. He says all family members say this. He says you asked me to check your accounts, but I didn’t as I trust you, but you did as you don’t trust me.

He asks him to handle his office and says I will not come here.Vidhi comes to Bimla and asks if Yamini Mausi came alone from there, and asks where is Mausa ji? She asks why nobody talks about Mausa ji. Bimla says I didn’t meet him, they don’t stay together, they are divorced. Vidhi asks what has happened? Bimla says when Divya was 5-6 years old, then her husband came to know that she is not his daughter. She says Yamini will feel bad, don’t ask her. Vidhi goes from there.

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