Timeless Love starlife update Sunday 10 December 2023

Timeless Love 10 December 2023: The Episode starts with Bimla coming to temple area and sees Vidhi sitting there. Seema and Hariprasad come there. Bimla says Vidhi is happy and talking to Mata. They go inside. Abhi says my ears are done hearing this useless word. Dev holds his hand and says I will slap you, I am your elder brother, I will make you understand always. He says don’t think that I will feel bad and will stop interfering in your life, and says I will guide you always.

Timeless Love 9 December 2023

Yogesh comes there. Dev asks Abhi to check and says we will talk later. Yogesh asks if all ok?Vidhi recalls Amba’s words that she has become mother to Dev’s daughter. She recalls the happenings. She goes out from there. Dev calls on Vidhi’s phone. Bimla says she is in temple, I will make her talk to you later. Dev says ok. Vidhi comes home and takes 1998 diary, and says his words will decide what turn, our relation will take. She recalls Dev’s words and cries. She says Milapni Maa, you know well that I trust Dev ji more than myself. She says my trust might stumble after reading this, and prays that Dev ji shall be proved right.

She says this shall be a bad dream. Her innerself says you are liar, as you had said that you trust him and don’t need to read it. She asks her to open the diary and read it.Bimla gets worried and says where Vidhi has gone? Yamini asks Bimla where is Vidhi? Bimla says Dev had called, but Vidhi went somewhere. Yam ini says she wanted to meet her. She says she has to check in hotel and is taking Divya with her. bimla asks her to stay there, but Yamini insists to go and leaves with Divya.

Dev calls Vidhi. Bimla tells him that Vidhi has gone somewhere. Vidhi opens the diary and reads that Yamini is a good girl, everyone is teasing him taking her name, he has to clear the misunderstanding. She then reads that yamini loves him and even he likes her. She reads that he wants to meet her, and can’t hurt her feelings. She reads that yamini started getting possessive for him, but he will talk to her. She then reads that he is very guilty and ashamed, he remembers everything, but don’t remember what happened between me and my diary. She reads that he can’t tell about his weakness to anyone.

She is shocked and cries.Her innerself says you fought for his love, went against her family and married him, but he broke his trust, and hide this truth from you. She says nobody shall have blind truth on anyone. Vidhi walks in shock. Dev thinks why Vidhi is not calling back. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words and leaves from there.Seema says Vidhi di is not here. Hariprasad says where did she go? Bimla tells Dev that Vidhi’s purse, phone and sandals are here, and says she is in tension. Dev gets worried too and says she might have gone nearby. He says I will come there.

Vidhi recalls Dev and her moments as she walks on the road. She says the relation which I have tied, fighting with my family, how it can be so weak?

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