Timeless Love starlife update 8 December 2023

Timeless Love 8 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi asking Bimla, how much money is needed for one upwaas package. She notes down the details, and asks how much package will be made in 5000 Rs. Priya comes there and ends the call. She asks her what is she doing. Vidhi asks if you have any work. Priya asks her not to act to be innocent and come with her. She takes Vidhi’s project file and holds her hand. Dev shows photo of Vidhi’s project title to Divya. Divya says it is an interesting idea.

Dev says you can help me in this. Divya asks him to say.Dev says Vidhi can’t work, it is rule in my family and says Bimla and hariprasad ji will not take her help monetarily. She says Vidhi can only empower them and tells that with this Bimla Upwaas package, Hariprasad ji and Bimla ji will gain with this and asks if she will help them. Divya says definitely.

Priya drags Vidhi to the hall and tells Satyavati that she will be shocked to know. She tells that Vidhi is starting business, on the pretext of doing MBA. Satyavati is shocked.Vidhi says I was not doing this, this is my MBA project, I was just giving her idea and tells that I am not doing this business. Priya says she heard Vidhi talking to her mother about business and asks Satyavati, what punishment she will give. She asks Vidhi to say that she was not talking to her mother and says she is betraying everyone.

Vidhi swears that she was not working, was just giving her idea. Priya says nobody is stupid in this house and shows the file. She says it is written clearly. Abhi tries to stop Priya. Priya says Vidhi is not listening to you and now you have to take strict action against her, I really really mean it. Satyavati asks Vidhi if this is truth, that you was talking to your Mummy about business. Vidhi says yes. Satyavati says I made you understand in every way and says if this is happening due to MBA then stop it, it is final. Priya and Mausi ji smiles. Satyavati says Vidhi will not do her MBA after today. Vidhi gets teary eyes.

Dev comes there and says Vidhi will not leave her MBA. Satyavati says Dev. Dev tells Vidhi that she has not done anything wrong, I will talk to her. Satyavati says she has admitted that she was talking to her Mummy about business, and says she didn’t just insult me, but also broken Raichand family rules, it is final that she will not do her MBA.

Dev says Vidhi has not broken any rules, and is following the promise even now, it is part of her project. Priya says Mausi and I have heard her, and says we both can’t be wrong, your Vidhi is truthful and we are lying? Mausi ji says I understand Vidhi and your plan and says she is teaching you and you are implementing. Dev says I don’t want to hear anything from anyone who has broken the family trust, about Vidhi and my relation. He tells Satyavati that Vidhi just gave them idea, to help them. He shows the photo on his mobile and says I will not let Vidhi’s studies stop just because someone lied.

He tells Vidhi that he is with her, and says you will do MBA surely. Satyavati feels bad and goes from there.Divya talks to Yamini and praises Dev to be thoughtful, sensitive and ethical. She says she has become his fan. Yamini asks her to return home. Divyab says since I know that Dev Raichand is a good person, I want him to know my relation with him. Yamini says you will not do anything. Divya asks if you will come here. Yamini panics and sprays Asthma medicine in her mouth.

Priya comes to Mausi and says all your plans fail. Mausi asks her to learn from Vidhi, nobody can go against her as her husband take her side. Dev makes coffee for Vidhi. Vidhi says you are a good person. Dev says I know and asks her to praise him more. Vidhi says you also don’t praise me.

Dev says I write daily about you. Maus ji asks Priya to convince Abhi and makes her terms good with him. She tells that she will go and instigate more against Satyavati. Dev asks Vidhi to write date on his page. She says I. Dev says I am tired and asks her to write. Maus ji brings water for Satyavati and says your bahu showed the true colors, and says the son who used to obey you, refused to obey. She says Vidhi was doing drama by showing love for everyone. Dev says while Vidhi writes. He says I am sad that I couldn’t help Vidhi get the permission to work, but I talked to Divya to help Bimla ji in the business, and she agreed. Vidhi thanks him.

Mausi ji says you are hungry, and nobody cares for you. She says step son is always step son. She asks her to open her eyes and asks until when you will be blinded. Satyavati says for the first time, Dev answered to me, he didn’t do this before. Mausi ji says it is good that we saw the nails, don’t know what they will do. She instigates her more.

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