Timeless Love starlife update Monday 11 December 2023

Timeless Love 11 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi thinking about Divya’s words. She says my life’s beautiful and strong relation which I had connected fighting with my family, crossing society limits, thoughts limits, age limits, then how can that relation be so weak. She says the foundation was weak of my dream house. She cries looking at the bracelet which Dev made her wear. Satyavati calls dev and says Vidhi didn’t come back home from college till now. Dev says Bimla ji said that she left her handbag, mobile and sandals at their house. He says I will search.

Timeless Love 10 December 2023

Hariprasad, Bimla and Seema are worried for Vidhi. Hariprasad says I will go and search her. Bimla says I have done a mistake. Dev comes and asks what? Bimla says may be she was thinking something and I left her alone. Hariprasad says a neighbor saw her going. Dev says I will go. Yogesh talks to someone about Vidhi and says he will send her photo. Yogesh hears and asks him. Abhi says Vidhi is missing. Yogesh pretends to offer help to search her. Abhi asks him to come. Vidhi recalls Divya’s words.

Dev and his family see the CCTV footage of the house. They see Vidhi coming home and leaving in 15 mins. Priya asks the CCTV guy to Zoom on her hand, if she has stuff in her hand, then can know where is she going? Vijay comes there. Hariprasad says Vidhi is missing. Abhi says why she came and left. Priya says she didn’t take anything and was barefeet. Satyavati says she went as I broke her dream to complete her MBA, so she went upset with me. Priya says may be you talked to her rudely, and specially that you declare that Vidhi will not do MBA. She says that’s why she left house again. Vijay calls Raju and asks him to search Hariprasad’s daughter Vidhi. He asks him to send Vidhi’s photo to him and asks him to ask Bimla not to worry. Hariprasad thanks him. Vijay says I will return with good news and goes.

Amba gets a call from Yogesh and tells her that Vidhi is missing. Amba says what? Chitra comes there and asks what happened? Amba asks her to pack her bag and go there, says Vidhi is missing. She asks her to do duty of a sister and daughter and take care of them, until Vidhi returns. Chitra says ok. Dev hopes Vidhi is fine. He finds blood on the floor. Vidhi is walking on the road and her feet are badly injured.Mausa ji and Satyavati pray that Vidhi shall be fine. Satyavati says I will not scold her for anything and prays for her. Priya hears them.

Vidhi comes to balghar and recalls their moments. She doesn’t step inside Balghar and cries. She says Dev ji, did you think that our relation was weak that you hid such a big thing from me. She says you should have tested until when I will be with you. Dev comes there in his car. Vidhi gets up. Dev asks the tempo driver why the tempo is here. The driver says he will move the tempo. Vidhi goes from there. Dev doesn’t see her.

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