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Prithvi gets nervous on how he will arrange such a large amount. Neil ends the call and Prithvi gets confused as to how he has to give the amount for the release of the same people interfering in his plans. Shristri says that she never cared for the comforts of their house.

She says that she never knew soft bed and peaceful environment but now when she has come back from such a horrible place she finally understands. Preeta also says that whenever a person goes through a horrible incident only then do they understand the safety of a home.

Preeta says that Sameer did everything he could to help her and Karan. She also says that he was always ready to enter a fight but then she was amazed at Rishab as he is such a gentleman and when he fought for her she appreciated it.

Shristri says that she has always felt that Karan does everything he can for Preeta and he also takes Preeta’s problem as his own as he always helps them. Preeta also agrees and says that they are blessed that they have met the Luthra’s because they have become their good friends.

Preeta asks Shristri to have some sleep and she goes out. Preeta says that Karan is not a bad person and she will now save his name instead of the bad name she had given to him on her phone. She calls him and Karan asks Sameer to give him his phone. Karan feels irritated and he goes out to attend the phone call.

Karan rudely asks Preeta if she doesn’t know that they were all very tired and that’s why they are sleeping. He later asks her what the matter is. Karan asks her as to what the matter is and why did she wanted to talk to him eagerly. Preeta does not know what to say at which Karan decides to put the phone down.

Preeta express her gratitude to Karan. He gets amazed and asks Preeta if she is alright. He also asks her if perhaps she has a fever but Preeta answers that she was genuinely happy and is lucky to have a friend like Karan as he is such a good person and is always ready to put his life in danger for her. Karan says that he is not used to hear so much sweet words.

He tells Preeta that he did it for his own family, he also says that he will get a headache if Preeta thanks him again. He also changes Preeta’s name from Kareli to her actual Preeta.


Shrishti is not able to sleep and he is constantly thinking about how Sameer risked his life for her. She says they would have almost escaped if not for her stupidity and Sameer even fought the goons and did all of this for her just like Karan who jumped into the fire for Preeta.

Shristri feels strange and has some unthinkable feeling in her heart. She is constantly thinking about Sameer and is just waiting for the morning to meet him. Preeta comes and asks Shristri as to what she is thinking about? Shristri also asks her sister as to why girls cannot decide their own fate and why do boys have all the fun.

Preeta says that they can and there is also a film about it. They both decide to go and make a plan that will take the Luthra’s with them. Rakhi asks her mother why she came out of her room. Dadi says that Preeta has not come yet. Suddenly, Preeta walks into the Luthra mansion and she meets Rakhi. She informs them that she got late because she was not able to find an auto but now she is here and they will start the exercise, Rakhi comes and admires that even her own mother now loves Preeta.

Rakhi says that there is still one person to be convinced. Just then Kareena comes in and she taunts Preeta. Preeta says that she will bring hot water bottle but Rakhi says that she will do all the work. Preeta bumps into Karan who is going for an exercise and they talk in a normal way without fighting. Rishabh notices them and says that he is pleased that they are talking like regular friends without fighting.

Later as Karan walks away, he watches Preeta and stumbles to fall but Rishabh holds him. Rishabh wonders what is new with Karan’s behaviour. Kareena meets Sherlin and asks her about the necklace she had gifted her. Sherlin seems to have lost the necklace, and Kareena gets furious about this. Prithvi calls Preeta and asks her to go shopping with him, but Preeta says that she is working and that Karan’s grandmother is unwell. Prithvi says that he would take time out and go to the station for Srishti’s case.

Preeta also agrees after hearing this and she goes towards Dadi room. She enters the room and she sees Dadi sitting on the bed. Dadi says that she is feeling a lot of pain in her left leg, Preeta takes a look at it and sees that it has swollen. Preeta tells her that they will have to go to the hospital but Dadi does not agree with her. She says that she will only let Preeta treat her leg but Preeta convinces her to think otherwise.

Prithvi is sitting in his car and he is trying to call Sherlin but she does not pick up the phone, he gets angry and says that Sherlin does not answer the phone when it is urgent. He sees Preeta coming with Rakhi and Didi. He is amazed to see them and pretends to be a good person. He agrees to take them to the hospital.

Dadi asks Rakhi to stay back as they do not need her. Preeta and Dadi sit in the car, Preeta sits in the back to which Prithvi looks at her in amazement. Preeta says that she only sat in the back because Dadi needs her more. Prithvi also agrees and they take off. Prithvi is taking Dadi and Preeta to the hospital. As he applies the breaks to stop the car, Preeta drops her phone.

Preeta searches for her phone in the car and finds Sherlin’s necklace. Preeta is shocked as she remembers Kareena scolding Sherlin for it and telling her that she had made just two of the necklaces, one for Kratika and one for Sherlin. Preeta remembers seeing the one she found on Kratika’s neck. Preeta wonders what the necklace is doing in Prithvi’s car.


Sherlin is searching around for the necklace in Kratika’s drawer but Kratika stops her. Kratika asks Sherlin to leave as she has nothing that belongs to Sherlin in her room. They both exchange words and Sherlin goes on to search in the guest room. Preeta is thinking as to how it is possible that Sherlin’s necklace came into Prithvi’s car. She wonders if what Karan told her about Prithvi was true.

Preeta remembers that Karan told her that there was some connection between Prithvi and Sherlin and this is so because Sherlin always takes side with Prithvi whenever he is in trouble. Preeta is still thinking in the car when Prithvi tells her that he feels blessed to be able to take care of her. Dadi also says that Prithvi is a very good person.

Dadi is about to stumble when Prithvi reprimands her that he is very angry with her as she does not listen to him and always does what she wants to. Prithvi and Dadi get into the elevator whiles Preeta is left behind. They all get out of the elevator and they meet the doctor. Preeta takes Dadi to the room. Prithvi tells himself that he must leave the hospital as soon as possible since he has to arrange the money for Neil.

He is about to leave when Preeta comes and tries to tell him something. Prithvi lies to her that he has to go to the police station for the formalities of Shristri’s case. He leaves and Preeta comes into the room.

Prithvi thinks of how he needs to arrange the money for Neel. Preeta walks out and tries to tell Prithvi something, but he says that he has to go to the police station for Srishti’s case. Prithvi is irritated that he has to act right in front of Preeta and Dadi. He searches for his phone to call Sherlin but remembers that he left it with Preeta.

He now panics as he worries that Sherlin might call him. Prithvi rushes forth as Sherlin was indeed calling on Prithvi’s phone. Preeta does not take the call once, but when it comes again, she almost picks the call and Prithvi arrives in time to stop her. Preeta tells Prithvi that he came back at the right time as his phone is ringing for quite some time thus he must pick it up, Prithvi lies to her that it is an unknown number and he does not know who it is. He cancels the phone call.

They both start talking when the phone rings again and Prithvi silences it, Preeta asks him as to who it is? Prithvi lies again that it is from the police station and he must leave immediately, he tells Preeta that he will try to finish the case today once and for all. He then leaves. Prithvi is walking in the parking lot and he thinks that he reached Preeta at the right time as Preeta was just about to answer Sherlin’s call and he took the phone.

Prithvi thinks of saving Sherlin’s name as his mom as then no one will think of anything and he will easily make up a story. Prithvi then calls Sherlin, and she informs him about losing the necklace. She asks him to find it as she has lost it after the night they were together. Prithiv agrees and he looks for the necklace in his car but he was not able to find it.

Sherlin tells Prithvi that he has to find it because it was given to her by Kareena and she is the only woman in the Luthra’s house who support her. Sherlin’ tells Prithvi that if she does not find it then there will be a lot of problem. Just then, Sherlin’ hears a voice from behind. She looks back and turns to find Rakhi standing behind her.

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