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Abhi picks up a handkerchief and its scent reminds him of Pragya. Tanu comes there and she sees Abhi feeling Pragya’s handkerchief by touching it. She takes the handkerchief and burns it. Tanu starts ranting and in rage, Abhi slaps her. He asks Tanu what the relationship between them is. Abhi bluntly tells Tanu that they don’t have a relationship between them.

Abhi tells her that she still loves Pragya but the one who came to the room wasn’t Pragya as her thoughts have changed. He tells Tanu that Pragya is now his rival’s wife. He also tells her that Pragya is now celebrating someone else’s success in front of him. Abhi swears to show Pragya that he is the best in the muaic industry.

Tanu apologize for misbehaving with Abhi and she goes. Kiara thinks of Abhi’s words when he told her that he gets disturbed seeing someone who resembles Cookie. Kiara asks Abhi to tell her the persons name and she also asks him not to underestimate the power of Kiara. Abhi plans of telling Kiara that he wants to return the doll to her as it reminds her of someone who was not going to be his anymore. Abhi and Kaira miss each other. Abhi calls her to talk to her.

Kaira notices that he sounded disturbed by his voice. Kiara pacifies a disturbed Abhi. Pragya walks in, and Kiara tells Abhi that her mother will scold her if she sees her on the phone. She quickly puts the phone down and runs away. Abhi and Pragya miss hearing each other as Abhi holds the receiver down when Pragya takes the call.

Pragya asks Kaira not to speak with strangers on the phone. Abhi thinks about talking to Kaira’s mom and explaining things but later says that her mother was right on her part. Meanwhile, Tanu is extremely happy on learning that Abhi and Pragya were not on talking terms and she rejoices, thinking that she will get to be with Abhi now without any hindrance.

Pragya asks Kaira who she was talking to on the phone. Kaira says that she had made a new friend. She also tells her mother that her friend was feeling sad so she tried to cheer him up. Pragya decides to meet Kaira’s new friend.

Abhi comes to Sunny’s room to get Kiara’s address so that he could go talk to her mother but he didn’t notice that it was the same address as Pragya’s. Kaira talks to Abhi again and says that her mother will come down to meet him the next day. Abhi is surprised. Kiara informs Abhi that her mother never breaks her promise. Abhi tells Kiara that Sunny and himself were about to come to her house too.

Kiara tells Abhi that Sunny doesn’t know her house address. Sunny admits that he didn’t know. Abhi asks him as to where was he taking him then? Kiara gives a brief description about her house to Abhi. She tells him that her house is big. Abhi tells her that he will meet her tomorrow. He thinks about Kiara’s words and ends the call.

The next morning, Pragya makes breakfast for King, Kaira, Tarun and his mother. Tarun and his mom tells Pragya that they like parathas. Kiara says that she also likes it. King plans of tasting it. He is left awe. He compliment that the parathas taste delicious. Pragya excuses herself from the table as she wants to get her phone.

Tarun’s mom praises Pragya and tells King that he is very lucky to have such a good wife. Later, Pragya heads to the bank to create an account. Tarun offers to take Kiara to school. Kiara tells them that today was a holiday for schools due to the rains. King thanks Pragya for managing everything well. Tarun’s mom asks King why he is thanking his own wife.

Purab tells Disha that he needs to go to the bank, but she stops him and says that she will bandage his hand first. Abhi comes there and tells Purab that Disha is handling two kids. Purab tells Abhi that he has some work in the bank. Abhi informs Purab that he will go to the bank today and he will meet Kiara’s mum tomorrow. He asks Purab to look at the weather and to take care of Disha.

Abhi signs Purab to romance with Disha in the cozy weather. Purab gives Abhi the bank name. Abhi asks them to enjoy and he also asks Disha to close the door. Purab throws a pillow at Abhi, but it hits Aaliya. Abhi asks Aliyah not to disturb them and he closes the door. Aaliya opens the door but Disha closes the door. Aliyah boils with anger. Abhi comes to the bank.

The manager informs him that Purab told him that he is coming and that’s why he came 30 mins before time to meet Abhi. Abhi asks the manager if he has any work. The manager says no. He tells Abhi about his daughters. Abhi says daughters are always special. The manager asks him if he has a daughter but Abhi gets sad.

Abhi tells the manager that he thought of having a daughter in the future but unfortunately he didn’t have any. The manager says he has a daughter and she wants to have Abhi’s picture since she is his fan. Abhi clicks pictures with the manager for his daughter. The manager sends Abhi with an employee to do the bank formalities. Abhi goes out with him.

Meanwhile, Pragya is talking to Mona a bank employee who is helping her with the formalities. Pragya has by mistake written Abhi’s name as her husband. Abhi hears this and feels sad. Mona informs Pragya that correction is not allowed so she asks her to fill another form. Abhi comes in front of Pragya and Pragya looks at him.

Mona asks her if the man standing infront of Pragya is Abhishek Prem Mehra, the rockstar. A Sad song plays. Abhi tells Mona that she is absolutely right. He continues to look at Pragya. Mona says that she is very happy as Pragya’s past and present was related to a rockstar. Mona also says that she is looking forward for Abhi and Kings album. She asks Pragya if she can attend the launch and Pragya says yes.

Mona asks Abhi if Pragya broke up with him? Abhi asks her to address Pragya’ with respect. Mona comes to Pragya and tells her that Abhi has so much attitude and that’s why she must have broken up with him. Pragya replies that Abhi is good and she asks Mona to do her work. Mona thinks that they both are so in love that they cannot hear anything bad about each other.

Abhi calls up Kiara asking her for her house address. Kiara connects a conference call between Abhi and Pragya, but they are unable to speak as Abhi gets another call. Later Kiara makes King connect the call, but this time Abhi and Pragya collide on the staircase. Kiara tells King that she will call the doll chor rockstar from now on and almost sings his song.

Kiara tells King that she wants to change the doll thief name to something else. King reminds her that she can change anything. She asks King to suggest a name. Kiara remembers Abhi calling himself a rockstar. Kiara says that rockstar will be the best for the doll theif. King asks Kiara why she choose the name rockstar? He also asks about this doll theif name.

Abhi sees Pragya talking to Mona. An employee comes and says he needs Abhi’s signature on a paper. He takes Abhi with him. Kiara tells King that Abhi must have said this name as a rockstar to impress her. She thinks of Abhi’s song but before she could complete the song, Tarun comes and calls King. King says he is having a headache. Kiara asks King to rest at home. Tarun checks and says King is having a fever.

Tarun’s mom comes and asks King to have some medicine, she also asks him to call his wife and she also asks Kiara to take care of his father. Kiara says she will take care of King. She takes him to his room. Abhi gets Purab’s call. Purab tells him that Disha brought so much food and thus she will kill him with overfeeding. Abhi asks him to romance with his wife as he will come home late.


Disha pats on Purab’s hand. Purab tries to run but she holds him. Purab asks her to pat on his hands. He gives out his hand. Disha kisses Purab’s hand. At the bank, Mona informs Pragya that she will get her documents in 5 mins. The manager comes to Pragya and tells her that he couldn’t attend to her personally. He informs Pragya that today was an important day for them. Just then, some security guards take two bags inside and drops it on the floor.

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The manager asks them to be careful as the floor can break. Pragya wonders as to how can a mere floor break with cash. The manager tells her that it is gold inside the bags. He also tells Pragya that they keep gold in their bank from different banks. Pragya stares on.

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