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Niranjan accepts Zoya into the family. Because of Zoya, Sagar and Gangaa are separated, forever. April 2019 teasers for Gangaa ahead of its season finale (extended teasers)

Monday 1 April 2019
Episode 78

Zoya and Akhtar are missing. Zoya claims that she has been violated. Gangaa aims to get justice for Zoya.

Tuesday 2 April 2019
Episode 79

Niranjan is searching for Gangaa when he meets someone from his past.

Wednesday 3 April 2019
Episode 80

The case begins as Zoya relates what happened to her husband. Rudra struggles to defend himself.

Thursday 4 April 2019
Episode 81

Zoya is exposed. Rudra’s reputation is restored. But, Zoya has other plans up her sleeve. Sagar has decided that he truly hates Gangaa.

Friday 5 April 2019
Episode 82
Season 2 finale!

Niranjan accepts Zoya into the family. Because of Zoya, Sagar and Gangaa are separated, forever

Extended teasers

Rahaat is tensed when Zoyal doesn’t get home. She and Ganga go to ask people on the road. They later see Zoyal who is dishevelled and distraught, she tells them that they were attacked, she was raped and her husband akhtar was killed.

Later, Zoyal identifies Rudra as the culprit who raped her and killed her husband! Sagar and madhvi are shocked to hear this, along with the rest of the family.

Rahaat comes to chateurvedi house with the police and Ammaji recognises her. They arrest rudra on ground of possible rape and murder.

Ammaji is keeping a secret from the family as it relates to Rahat and Niranja. What could this secret be?

Niranja finally meets face to face with Rehaat and their past comes flooding. Gangaa and Sagar get into a face-off in court. Gangaa gets drowsy in court and is rushed to the hospital… Sagar reaffirms his hatred towards Gangaa and her unborn child.

It is later revealed that Zoyal is Niranja illegitimate daughter. Things at the chateurvedi house are getting worse as Niru and Madhavi relationship start falling apart.

Niranja decides to take over Zoyal case as a judge, it is revealed that Zoyal has been lying all along and she is fined.

However Gangaa and Rahaat believes only Zoyal and decides to appeal to the High court.

Rahat goes to the chateurvedi house and reveals the truth about Zoyal being their daughter.


Zoyal reveals her true reason for accusing Rudra as her rapist. Unknown to her that she was been captured on video.

A tussle between Zoyal and Rudar leads to Rahaat dying and Niranjan decides to adopt Zoyal as his daughter and bring her home.

Mahdvi feels betrayed by Niranja and she tries to commit suicide. Gangaa supports Zoyal not knowing about her true colour despite Sagar telling her otherwise.

The chateurvedi family is further destroyed as Sagar takes his mother and they leave the country for good. He and Gangaa are separated for good.

Mehek Starts the next day, Read Full story here…

Mehek April teasers coming soon

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