This is fate written update – Friday 1st February 2019


The ladies arrive at the hotel concerned about Preeta. Karan comes there and wonders how to reveal the truth now. Sarla was concerned how much is Preeta hurt. Shrishti senses there is something wrong for sure and asks why Preeta isn’t in the hotel.

Karan asks them to come with him to the hotel room. Shrishti stops Karan’s way and asks what’s wrong in the matter? He isn’t someone who would call them and ask them to come to hotel. She wants to know exactly what is going on.

Sarla tells Shrishti to shut up. Karan agrees that Preeta didn’t have an accident. Sarla asks what was the reason that he wanted them here in such urgency. Karan says its Prithvi, he always doubted Prithvi. He has seen Prithvi with a girl today. Sarla was saddened that what she will say to Preeta.

Firstly Deepak betrayed her, and now this Prithvi. Shrishti was furious at Prithvi and tells Sarla not to be emotional at this time. Sarla recalls the over nice behavior of Prithvi. They family come with Karan. Karan knocks at the door, Sarla beats it hardly. Karan says he would be taking time deliberately. The ladies were furious. Prithvi was shocked to see Sarla and family and was reluctant to let them in.

Karan says the door won’t get locked and tries to open the door. Prithvi assures there is no one. They break into the room but no one was there. Shrishti knocks at the door of washroom and doesn’t listen to Prithvi. Dadi tells them to leave the matter, that girl didn’t betray them.

Sarla questions Prithvi for betraying her. He came out to be a bastard. It was only yesterday that he had a roka but he turned out to be a devil. Dadi says they have already been fooled by his sweet buttery talk and he took advantage of their simplicity. Its good Karan has spot himself.

Karan asks to look into the washroom which girl he is with. They were shocked as he opens the door, it was Preeta. Preeta asks what happened. Prithvi was annoyed as he had been with Preeta all along, and leaves the room. Sarla goes behind Prithvi and apologizes.

Prithvi smirks and asks Sarla how she even thought about him in such a way. If she feels he only shows off to be a nice man; if this is how good is paid. She called him a devil and insulted him, this is enough now. He breaks this relation with Preeta right now. Sarla was left speechless now. Sarla was ready to get to her feet, but Prithvi leaves.

Preeta questions Karan he lied about her accident and then blamed Prithvi. Karan says he has seen Prithvi with another girl here today. He asks Preeta when she came here. Preeta says about half an hour ago. Karan says he had seen Prithvi a long time before with another girl. Preeta tells him to stay out of this matter of Prithvi and her life, her life is going really smooth.

Karan says the proposal isn’t good for her, it would ruin her life. Sarla comes into the room and slaps Karan, she was furious and cries that she trusted Karan but he is childish and never takes matters seriously. It is because of him that they lost Prithvi’s proposal for Preeta today. Preeta tries to calm Sarla down and takes her to sit on the bed. She says Karan was only over protective about her, he is very caring towards her and her family.

Sarla understands, then joins hands to Karan in apology for slapping him but Prithvi has broken the proposal. Preeta was shocked. Sarla regrets; she boasted to Deepak for finding the best guy in the world for Preeta.

Now what she would reply to her relatives and neighbors, and what would happen to Preeta. Prithvi tells Sherlin he has broken the relation with Preeta. Sarla insulted him so badly, and they accepted what that Karan said. He can’t bear his insult for long. Sherlin reminds him about their future plan and says if he marries Preeta he can do with her whatever he wish to. And this will clear her way to trap Rishab as well.


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