Gangaa Written Update – Friday 1st February 2019


Sudha and Ganga are managing the kitchen work together. Sudha goes to ask Amma ji something. Ganga adds water in something when her hand burns. Sagar pulls her back in time. You would have gotten hurt just now.

She wonders how he senses her pain every time and comes to help her. Why can you not understand the pain of my heart? He asks her if she is ok. She pulls her hand away. You don’t have to worry about me. He asks her whys he hurts him all the time. She asks him the same question.

He reasons she is his best friend just like she was in their childhood. She refuses to acknowledge him as her friend. A lot had also happened in childhood which you forgot. Why do you keep talking about childhood always! Janvi cannot understand why Sagar is after Ganga all the time when she does not even talk nicely to him.

She tells Ganga Dadi ji is asking for her. Ganga leaves. Janvi next asks Sagar if Ganga said anything. He denies and walks off. Janvi thinks Sagar does not talk nicely to her because of Ganga. She remembers Amma ji giving the entire responsibility of Bhoj to Ganga. Maybe I got the perfect reason to throw Ganga out of the house. I have to take her away from Sagar.

Just wait and watch Ganga what I do now! I will do such a big drama that the family members wont let you stay here for another minute! Amma ji makes Niru light the stove. Niru remarks no one would believe judge does all these kind of works in his house. Amma ji continues guiding Niru on what is to be done.

MAdhvi cannot stop smiling. Amma ji sends her to check on Sudha and Ganga in kitchen. Sagar is at Supriya’s house. Supriya is still not ready. She refuses to go back to Chaturvedi Sadan. I had told this to Pulkit as well while leaving from there. Her mother speaks a bit rudely to her. Sagar calms her down. Don’t scold Bhabhi. I am sure there must be a reason behind her decision. I will agree to whatever you (Supriya) will say. No one will interfere, but can you talk to me for 2 minutes in private.

Sagar says I know what has happened with you. I have a lot to tell you which you don’t know but you should know. One day is enough to know what kind of a person my brother is. You did not get that one day also. He cannot speak openly before his family members only. You should spend some time with him to understand him.

Come back here if you will still have complaints with him. She denies. Marriage was only a compromise for him. Sagar says one needs guts to do so. I know he did it for his family. Think, when a person can take such a big step for his family, he can do a lot for them. He thinks of Ganga’s words. Not everyone is so strong, I am not! He hurts himself by mistake. Supriya looks at him in concern.

Ganga burns her finger. Sudha blows on it. Ganga says I am fine. I have been through a lot since childhood. I wont die by such a small wound. Sudha asks her if something happened. You have changed. Ganga declines. Sudha replies I know you since childhood. Your face tells me everything. Tell me. Ganga says with time, everything changes. Sometimes one does not even imagine what all can change but it does! Ganga excuses herself to bring ghee.

Niru and everyone is busy in the preps for the Bhoj. Janvi observes them from upstairs. This puja is very important for Dadi ji which is why uncle got ready. The blast should be big. I know what I have to do but I have to find a way how to do it. Poor Ganga has no idea what is about to happen to her.

Ganga mutters to herself about her worries. I don’t know what Janvi will do next and now Sudha Bua! Pulkit is also speaking to himself about Supriya when he collides with Ganga. he notices her burn and puts ointment on it. On the other hand, Supriya too tends to Sagar’s wound.

Pulkit is putting ointment on Ganga’s wound. Ganga wishes Supriya is also like him.

On the other hand, Supriya too tends to Sagar’s wound. Sagar tells her that she is just like Pulkit Bhaiya.

Pulkit says how I would know her. I haven’t spent much time with her. Ganga denies. at times we spend a lot of time with someone yet we feel we don’t know them.

Sagar suggests Supriya to give a chance to her relation and Pulkit. He thinks of Ganga’s words. It hurts a lot when relations break. People don’t think about breaking a relation while making them.

Pulkit is sure something is troubling Ganga. did anyone say something to you or did you had a fight with Sagar? Ganga says he has grown up now. we are not kids to fight on every little thing every time. She thinks she
broke all her relations with Sagar. Why fight with him now! She leaves to help Sudha Bua in the kitchen.

Supriya asks Sagar why she feels he is talking about himself more than his brother. Sagar smiles. Come home with me. I will tell you all my secrets then. Will you come with me or will you send me alone?

Janvi notices everyone busy in something or the other. She offers to help Maharaj ji and talks sweetly before the elders. Madhvi tells her to let it be. Janvi asks her if she is not the member of this house. Everyone is working so I can also do something. Madhvi allows her. Amma ji is surprised seeing the change in Janvi. Ganga shows the Panjeeri to Amma ji. Amma ji appreciates her. Janvi is irked.

Janvi is in the kitchen. Ganga must be so happy hearing her praise! Wait and watch what I do to the Prasad made by you now! Sudha asks Janvi what she is doing here. Janvi says I came to help you. Ganga tells her to let it be. What a girl who studied in foreign will know about Prasad! Janvi asks her if she thinks she will intentionally do something wrong here. They give counter reactions to each other.

Ganga goes to check on something. Janvi thinks to send Sudha Bua outside on some pretext. I have to teach a lesson to Ganga. Dadi ji was talking to someone about Bhog. Ask her if she was talking about Prasad. Sudha goes out to check with Amma ji.

Janvi makes JP eat the Bhog. She also clicks photos of him eating it. Now it will be fun when pundit ji will sit down to eat. Ganga’s bad times have begun. Get ready to leave the house!

All the pundit ji sit for the Bhog. Janvi thinks Amma ji will herself kick her out of the house after what she is going to do now. The game starts now!

Pulkit is tensed as Sagar did not call him or anything. He calls Sagar. Before Sagar can say anything, Pulkit starts talking. I was sure she will not agree. Supriya calls out for Sagar just then. I want to talk to you. Pulkit hears her.

Niru serves the Bhog to the Brahmins. Madhvi is glad Niru agreed and Amma ji also listened to him. It would have been impossible to stop her from doing the Nirjala Fast otherwise. Janvi asks the Brahmins to stop just when they were about to take the first bite. She shares that JP ate the Prasad. The Brahmins and everyone is stunned. Ganga looks at Janvi.

Niru wonders how it could be. Ganga made it on her own. She has the responsibility of kitchen. She cannot be so careless. Janvi agrees. I know how responsible she is. The mistake is of JP, not Ganga. She shows him the photo. I never saw a puja like this. I was clicking pictures of the house. When I went in the kitchen, I saw JP eating Prasad. Niru tells Amma ji Janvi is speaking truth.

The Brahmins announce that the Bhoj cannot happen now. We cannot eat the food tasted by a dog. The Brahmins reprimand Niru. Did you call us here to insult us? Amma ji says why we would do so. She next scolds Ganga on the lax. You know how much this Bhoj mattered to me for penance.

How did it happen! Ganga is sure Janvi is behind it. Janvi thinks I told you Ganga you will leave the house. Do you have a solution to save yourself from this situation? Pack your bags. You will be soon thrown out of the house!

Madhvi also scolds Ganga. niru tells her to let it be. What has happened has happened. He apologizes to the Brahmins. Please have a sit. The Bhoj will be made once again. The Brahmins say your kitchen is impure. No Brahmin can eat the food cooked there now. Amma ji requests them not to do so. Now there is only one solution. I will have to keep Nirjala Fast for 7 days.

Amma ji and Madhvi don’t pay heed to anything that Ganga and Sudha try to say. Amma ji sticks to her decision of keeping Nirjala Fast for 7 days. Janvi blames Ganga for making Dadi ji keep Nirjala fast. Why should Dadi ji be punished for her mistake? Amma ji says it isn’t a small mistake. Sagar says Ganga cannot make such a big mistake! Everyone looks at him. Pulkit is relieved to see Supriya.

Madhvi thinks what will Surpiya think by seeing this drama. Ganga points out to Sagar that he wasn’t here. Why are you speaking in my favour then? I can explain. Janvi wonders why Sagar enjoys getting insulted by Ganga all the time. The pundits begin to walk out but Amma ji requests them to give her a chance to rectify her mistake. Ganga announces that pundit ji will leave only after doing Bhoj.

The pundits refuse. Ganga knows how the purification is to be done. Pundits refuse to do so. Amma ji tells Ganga to stop the drama. Ganga reasons Janvi was watching the drama when JP was eating Panjeeri. She was busy clicking pictures. I saw her. She left from there after clicking pictures. Sudha Bua and I did purification afterwards and made the Prasad once again.

Sudha agrees with her. This is what I have been trying to say all along. Janvi stares at Ganga. Amma ji and everyone else is relieved. Ganga walks closer to Janvi. I told you so many times. Use your brain if you want to fight with me.

Pulkit and Supriya stare at one another. They collide when Supriya was bringing water for the pundits.

Madhvi and Niru seek everyone’s blessings. Janvi looks on. Only family members are being blessed by pundits. Sagar teases Pulkit about the water on his shirt. The newly married couple also seek the blessings of pundits. Madhvi calls out for Janvi. Ganga holds her hand just when she is about to go. Sagar takes the blessings first.

Ganga tells Janvi this was no joke. You forgot that Amma ji might have to keep Nirjala fast for 7 days as a consequence. You are inhuman. You could have atleast thought of her age. If you dare to harm any of the family member from now onwards then don’t forget, I will shout and tell everyone your truth. Seek the blessings of elders now. It will help you a lot.

Janvi replies she will need it more. You wont be able to bear what is going to happen now. Madhvi calls yet again for Janvi. Janvi points out to Ganga that aunty ji is calling out for Janvi’s would be wife to seek the blessings of pundits. One of the pundits specially calls out for Ganga.

You are also a part of this family. Wont you seek our blessings? Your thoughtfulness only solved the problem. Niru also asks Ganga to come. Ganga comes then. Amma ji whispers to Sudha she did good and saved them. Sudha says I did not do anything. It was all Ganga’s thoughtfulness that saved everyone. Ganga looks at an upset Janvi.

Pulkit is looking for his shirt. Supriya finds it out for him in a second. He is surprised that she came just now and knows so much. She asks him if he wants to ask or say something to her. He is relieved she is back or else the family would have scolded him. She says I came back for us. We should give a chance to this relation. He agrees with her.

Madhvi is happy everything ended on a good note. Supriya touches Amma ji’s and Madhvi’s feet. Madhvi says you must be feeling weird seeing what all just happened. Supriya denies. I am part of this house now. Your problem is mine. Amma ji taunts her about her family background.

Pulkit overhears it and feels bad. Supriya turns to leave but Pulkit holds her hand. He asks her why she is running away when she did nothing wrong. He asks Amma ji why she is blaming her for what happened. you have a right to scold her when she makes a mistake. He gives her medicine.

Sagar comes there. He looks at everyone’s face. Did anything happen? He shows them a picture of Ma Saraswati brought by Surpiya bhabhi. She is the DIL of this house so she is Laxmi Ma. She brought Saraswati Ma with her. You only say the house where both the Goddesses stay is blessed. Your house is blessed now. Pulkit smiles at Surpiya.

Ganga tries to keep something in the boxes kept high up in the storeroom. Sagar notices her thus. He recalls their childhood. Ganga drops something. He picks it up for her and offers to help her. You still cannot reach that high. I used to help you in childhood. She replies that that was childhood. All things of childhood end with childhood only. You only said it! She gets up on the stool again. He yet again asks her to come down. She slips and he holds her in time.

The flour drops all over them. They share an eye lock. She parts away. You ruined everything. See what happened. I will have to clean everything now. He retorts he only came to help. She asks him what she will do when he will leave. Why should I not make a habit of doing everything on my own then?

Sagar looks at the piggy bank that Ganga and Sagar had shared in their childhood. He thinks what to buy from them that will make Ganga happy. He gets Sahil’s call. Sahil tells him something..


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