Twist of fate Written update – Friday 1st February 2019


Pragya says today you are done a good work and showed courage. They go in private jet. The goons drink wine and say Bhai ji tried three times to marry Disha, but he can’t marry her. They feel bad about Sangram. Sangram comes there, takes wine and drinks.

He says he will kill Abhi for snatching Disha from him. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi and Munni haven’t returned home and says if Munni took him for honeymoon. Aaliya says you are like Sawan ka andha and says thinks so much. Tanu says what she will think being alone. Aaliya says she has so much and goes. Raj and Taya ji calls Abhi. Dadi and Dasi are worried.

Mitali says they would have reached by now and says if their helicopter crashed. Dasi scolds her for taking inauspicious things. Abhi and Purab come home hiding. Mitali sees them and says they are here. Dadi gets angry on Abhi.

Purab hides his face injury. Dasi asks if everyone’s phones were lost. Mitali says she got scolded. Dasi says we were about to go to Police station. Dadi says he might be thinking what to say. Taya ji asks if she wants them to do sit ups. Abhi asks her to end the matter. Dadi asks Dasi to bring the stick.

Abhi says 1 min and says he is tired, and thought they will get water and food. He asks Purab to come out and says they will have food and later they will have scolding. Dadi says my son is hungry and asks someone to serve them food.

Dasi sees injury on their faces and asks them. Dadi asks them to say. Purab says you knows that they shall not go there. Mitali asks if tiger entered the marriage place. Purab says yes and cooks up fake story. Tai ji asks what did you do when tiger attacked you. Purab says tiger attacked me and I prayed. Mitali says you would have prayed loudly and says it would have been mata rani’s tiger. Purab says it was babbar sher and says Abhi didn’t get scared and saved everyone and Disha also.

Dadi gets worried about Abhi. Abhi says I am fit and fine. Pragya says they have beaten tiger. Dasi says this story is fake, but injury is real. They ask them to apply medicine. Pragya goes to bring medicine. Dadi asks Disha to tell the truth and asks what happened. Disha says they told it. Dadi says I am listening to such stories from their childhood. Dasi asks her not to lie and says they will catch the lie. Abhi teases her.

Tanu asks Pragya where did she take Abhi? Pragya says for honeymoon and says they went to attend marriage, Abhi reminisces his marriage. Dadi asks her to tell the truth. Disha looks on tensed. Purab signs her no. Pragya comes to the main hall with the first aid box and Aaliya starts blaming Pragya for putting Abhi’s life in danger and says she willingly took him there knowing that

Sangram Singh stays there and she could have taken the police along but she did it intentionally. Abhi and Purab shut her up and Pragya goes and applies ointment to Abhi’s wounds and he starts crying like a kid scared of pain. Mitali says if he doesn’t want to apply the ointment then the other option is injection.

Abhi gets even more scared but says he isn’t scared and asks Pragya to apply the ointment and he won’t even scream. Pragya touches the ointment and he cries like hell and then tries to befool them. Pragya scolds him and asks him to sit quietly and Abhi asks Dadi to see how she is scolding him. Dadi says she is right and Abhi says how can she be on her side.

Pragya says obviously she’ll be on her side because she is right and if he would have been right then Dadi would be on his side. Pragya applies ointment and Abhi cries and Purab laughs at him. Abhi asks him and Disha to go to his room and apply ointment to each other and teases them as they are newly married.

Aaliya and Tannu are in their room when Aaliya says to Tannu that Abhi is too influenced by Munni. She keeps talking to her while Tannu is lost in her thoughts and is all scared of loosing Abhi to Munni. Pragya is cooking in kitchen when Simolika calls her and asks her about her well being and if they are back.

Pragya tells her that they are fine and are back home and Simolika asks her what happened there and Pragya tells her that they have a family problem with a goon there named Sangram Singh as he created a mess there and almost killed Abhi but now everything is sorted.

Simolika thinks who is this Sangram Singh and how can he kill Abhi as he is supposed to be killed by her only. She reminisces her husband Dushyant lying on the death bed and seeking her promise that she’ll kill Abhi by herself. Simolika thinks that Abhi killed Dushyant for Pragya’s sake and now she’ll kill him and his Pragya will have to live without him and would get to know the pain of losing someone. She promises herself that she’ll make sure that Pragya goes through the same pain.

Abhi thinking about Pragya and recalls Dadi and Dasi’s words. Dadi telling that Pragya can save him only. Abhi thinks Pragya and Munni’s nature is same and thinks she works for him like Pragya would do. Pragya comes to room with coffee tray and slips. Abhi holds her. Allah wariyan plays…Pragya says you have saved me. Abhi says I have saved the coffee made by you.

Pragya says I have heard what you said. She asks him if she shall put salt. Abhi asks her to put according to her preference. A fb is shown, Pragya asks Abhi to choose between coffee and her. Abhi says ofcourse you, with coffee. Pragya asks him to choose one. Abhi says I see you in coffee. Pragya says you see me in coffee and asks him not to say anything.

Abhi says when I see you, I really see you. Your eyes resembles with coffee color. He looks at her with mobile flashlight and praises her resembling her with coffee. Fb ends.

Pragya gives him coffee. Abhi thinks how can coffee taste be same. He thinks if she is Pragya and fooling me like before. He thinks to find out her identity and bring the truth. Pragya sees him and thinks it is difficult to be far from him. Abhi thinks if his heart and eyes are wrong and hopes she is his Pragya.

He thinks to find out about her helplessness. He goes out of room. Aaliya asks Purab why is he doing this with her and asks him to leave Disha and accept her. Purab asks her to shut up and asks her to get herself treated, live and let others live. Purab talks to Pragya and tells her that Aaliya’s madness is increasing and says she is asking me to accept her.

Pragya says you couldn’t forget Bulbul and still living in your past, and says Aaliya also can’t forget you just like you couldn’t. she says if we make our present beautiful then we will not recollect the past. She says if you both get closer then there will be no place for third person. Purab goes.

Abhi thinks if she is Pragya or Munni, thinks he can’t get the sleep thinking she is Pragya or Munni. He imagines her sleeping on bed and tries to touch her, but she is not there. Chadariya plays….He then sees her at other side and tries to touch her, but it is his imagination.

Purab comes to room, sees Disha getting ready. He thinks of Disha’s love confession and her sacrifice for him. He recalls Disha agreeing to marry sangram for his life. Disha sees him and asks do you want anything. Purab nods no. Disha asks what happened? Why you are looking troubled.

Purab says I was feeling suffocated and couldn’t understand that morning happened, I shall let sunlight come inside. He says I have seen love in your eyes for me and asks why she didn’t complain to him. Disha looks sad. Purab says I love you Disha and hugs her. Disha says I love you too Purab. Aahatein …kuch toh hai song plays……

He kisses on her forehead and looks at her. Pragya comes to room and thinks he is pretending to be sleeping. She rests on couch and pretends to sleep. Abhi thinks she is sleeping like Pragya, and thinks one more similarity. He thinks to prove that she is Pragya. He thinks if that was a dream or if this is a dream. Pragya smiles as Abhi looks at her secretly.


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