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Outside, Preeta tells Karan not to back up any way, they will surely get a lift this time. She tells him to hide himself while she herself asks the truck driver for lift. The man comes downstairs and asks him to take her to Mumbai. The driver says he just saw Karan Luthra here, the best cricketer. Karan was happy and comes out. The driver was ready to give them a lift till his home and take Preeta along, on a condition of autograph over his ticket. He inquires if she is his wife, Karan says she doesn’t have such great luck. They head into the truck.
Sarla stops Prithvi outside the Luthra house as everyone had gone inside. She says she dislike how he blamed Preeta and Karan’s relation. She didn’t want to insult him in Luthra’s house. Prithvi says she can punish him if he is proven wrong.

He is even ready to apologize in front of everyone; but if he shouldn’t dislike that his bride to be stays outside the house with a stranger. Rishab passes by finding Sarla crying and take her inside. Prithvi meets Sherlin determined to create a blast today, and will ruin the friendship of Karan and Preeta. This will end Preeta’s entry into Luthra’s house.

On the way, Preeta was stressed as everyone at home must be worried. Karan was sure they must be asleep, did he complain about his family’s worries. Preeta says she is a girl, while Karan is a boy. Karan laughs out loud at the explanation and teases Preeta. Preeta asks the driver to go fast, the road is empty. Karan jokes he doesn’t want an accident as he isn’t even married yet.

Everyone was worried as they look around Luthra’s house for Karan and Preeta. Rakhi was worried. Prithvi taunts that he already knew about it. He speaks to Rishab that he is worried about Karan and Preeta for a few days now, there is no boundary between this friendships. It seems he is being betrayed. Sarla wasn’t ready to accept Preeta’s mistake and questions why he doesn’t understand what everyone can clearly see. He now asks Kareena who sides Prithvi. Kareena says until Karan and Preeta return and she speaks to them, she won’t say anything. Prithvi says everyone considers Preeta as sensible, but what’s sensible in staying outside the house whole night. Shrishti says Prithvi himself left the house without thinking once about them. Prithvi says she could have gone with the driver. Sarla was now furious and silence Prithvi else she might forget who he is to them. Prithvi qualifies everything he said in the farmhouse proved right. Sarla says she can’t even think anyone can have such a negative thought, he couldn’t understand Preeta till now. It’s his mentality that’s wrong. Preeta and Karan went to find him who left without giving a second thought to anything. Prithvi says he is modern guy but didn’t get such open thoughts as to not question his fiance’s family where she has been all night long. Rakhi tells Prithvi that she sent Preeta to find him, but it seems it was her biggest mistake. There was no driver available at that time. Prithvi now blames Karan for his flirtatious nature. Kareena now shouts at him to shut up.

He shouldn’t dare say such negative things about Karan. Everyone here is silent because of Sarla, but she won’t stay silent and get him pushed out of the house. Shrishti says he isn’t worth getting respect, and is disgracing Preeta and Karan. Prithvi asks where he was wrong, he was sure Preeta and Karan must not be in Mumbai but they aren’t here. Where’s he wrong now. Doesn’t Karan keep a number of girlfriends, Preeta might be attracted towards his stardom. Sherlin smirks as Preeta has been badly disgraced now. She wonders if Rishab is worried for Preeta or Karan.

Shrishti follows Rishab to the corridor and asks why he didn’t defend Karan and Preeta. Rishab was upset and says he never thought this would happen, what he can say. Sherlin comes there and says Karan and Preeta are at wrong this time. They are young, Preeta must not stay with Karan for so long and what if they had already crossed their limits.Rishab asks Sherlin if she isn’t a girl like Preeta, she is engaged to him and what if he had disgraced her. Shrishti says some people enjoy accusing others, her thinking is completely wrong. Rishab wonders what Prithvi would do when Preeta and Karan return. He shouts at Sherlin he would break his hands, had Prithvi touch him. Only Rishab holds a right to slap Karan. He thinks Sarla is right, Karan and Preeta aren’t wrong. He doesn’t want another word from that bastard man.

Sameer informs the family that Karan and Preeta are returning. He goes to inform Rishab about it. Sherlin thinks that today Prithvi would revenge them for all the insult she had to bear because of them. She was restlessly waiting for the drama to unfold.
Preeta and Karan come inside and sense the prevailing tension.

Preeta asks Prithvi where he had been. Prithvi stops her there and questions where had they been whole night. Did they take advantage of being alone together? Preeta was shocked and asks what he means, they were truly looking for him. Karan asks what is he saying, and tells Sherlin to see the man she was taking sides with. Sherlin says Prithvi isn’t wrong. Karan says she would say so, that’s why he didn’t like her. Kareena scolds Karan as she is his sister in law to be, he must respect this relation. Karan says Sherlin never respect him. Kareena says whatever Prithvi says is right. She scolds Karan for making this blunder, and questions Preeta why she was with Karan all night long. She doesn’t even let Sarla interfere. Preeta explains that she went to look for Karan, but on the way… Shrishti tries to defend Preeta but Prithvi interrupts her and says he had enough today. He says he didn’t have car still he returned to farm house, why couldn’t they. It’s because they didn’t want to return.

Preeta requests him to understand. Prithvi says he has always seen them together, they spend a lot of time together in every event and has been very patient. He seems to be betrayed. Does she call Karan her friend, then name a single girl who is his friend. Preeta’s voice tremble, she asks Sarla for help. Rishab tries to interfere, Prithvi forbids him speak between his personal matter. Rishab asks if he would create all the drama here only. Prithvi accuses Preeta to make him feel cheated. Preeta pleads but Karan now stops her. Karan shouts at Prithvi which relation he has been talking about.

Karan asks Prithvi what he gave Preeta. Respect-zero, love-zero… Prithvi says it all existed in their relation before today. Karan tells Prithvi he would tell them all what they shared. They shared each other’s love, not some filth. He tells Preeta to tell everyone how close they had been on the grass last night, and clear her sweat beads, removing her half off her face. Preeta calls it all rubbish. Prithvi says this must all be truth, didn’t he feel any shame. He grabs Karan’s collar, but Rishab and Karan throw him down on floor. Prithvi stands up complaining Sarla. Karan says everyone heard what he just said, its Prithvi’s truth which is an utter lie.

He assures Preeta that Sarla trusts her completely, she must have tried defending her but since they weren’t her she was helpless. Sarla assures Karan she trusts him as much as she trusts Preeta. Karan says he will now tell the truth. He tells Prithvi he convinced Preeta to let him come with her. She was irritated as he tried to joke about Prithvi, she insisted on him to take highway route. She went to highway on foot and took lift from a truck who misbehaved with her. He reached there, and told Preeta she belonged to Prithvi only. Preeta wonders why he is lying. Karan says he had decided not to leave her alone in any situation.

He now comes to Kareena and asks if it was Kritika and some guy from their office or friends help her, would she still accuse Kritika. He questions what was wrong in all this, he screamed Prithvi! Prithvi all along. Preeta thinks this is all a lie. Karan says he is Karan Luthra and could have taken Preeta to any hotel. But Prithvi is speaking so false about them. He is sure Luthra’s are not as narrow minded as Prithvi.Karan tells Kareena he helped her only for the name of his family, a girl always need a boy.

Kareena agrees he did right, it was important to her to have a man by her side. Prithvi asks Kareena why she is on his side. Kareena says if Karan had to spend a night with her he could have booked a seven star hotel. He isn’t short of any money. Before Prithvi could interfere Karan says they all know what kind of girls he likes. Prithvi says he isn’t still convinced, they could have taken a lift and reached here earlier. There is a lot of traffic on the highway. He questions where they spent the whole night. Prithvi says it was someone’s house. Prithvi says they must go there right now to inquire about it. Karan smiles saying they were at God’s place and tells Kareena they stayed at a Devi’s temple.

He turns to ask Preeta if she was Manjolika. Or Prejolika? Preeta recalls the joke of b*t*h with Karan. Shrishti says it must be Holika. Karan narrates further that Preeta began ringing bells into the temple for the sake of this Prithvi. Preeta wonders why he is lying continuously. Karan asks Rakhi to look at her neck, he swear it’s not tomato sauce. Preeta recalls rubbing the sauce over herself. He then asks Preeta to turn around, he was proud of lying so easily. Sherlin asks if she was ringing the bells with her hands, why her neck is injured. Karan leaves it to Preeta.Then instantly makes up the story that she was climbing the stairs of temple by rolling over, he had forbidden her but she was obsessed by the ghost named Prithvi. Sarla comes to Karan and thanks him. He hugs her back.

Karan asks Rakhi if she told Preeta to find Prithvi, she couldn’t negate her demand. Rakhi also praises Preeta’s brought up. Shrishti asks Prithvi if he now understands this, he isn’t worth all the efforts of Preeta. His doubtful mind is a home to devil, no respect for elders. Sherlin accepts that Prithvi ruined a petty matter, they shouldn’t have trusted him. She apologizes Preeta. Karan winks at Preeta and asks everyone what was possible if an innocent girl was walking across the roads at middle of night. It’s a man’s responsibility to stay with her. If this is what he helped her for? He could have left Preeta right there, had he known about Prithvi’s reaction. Mahesh tells Karan they trust him, they didn’t believe a single word Prithvi uttered. Rakhi also appreciates Karan. Shrishti hugs Preeta saying she is one in a thousand. Rishab questions if Prithvi thought he is precious diamond, but turned out to be a fake stone. Sherlin also accuses Prithvi. Sarla wasn’t ready to hear a single word from Prithvi anymore.


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