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Everyone anxiously waits for Sagar to come back. Amma ji hopes Sagar does not do anything wrong. He was so angry when he left.

Ganga says I could never imagine you will fall this low. Leave! Sagar leaves.

Amma ji notices Sagar coming downstairs. He stumbles in his step worrying everyone. Sagar goes inside looking all stunned. He tells nothing to anyone. Everyone is concerned.

Ganga stands shell shocked. Tears stream down her cheeks. She says sorry to Palash. Sagar said so much because of me. he says it’s ok. You don’t have to be sorry. What’s your fault in this? He makes her sit down and gives water to her. She cries badly. He tells her nothing happened. Just relax. Trust me. You don’t have to feel this bad. It is ok. She cannot stop crying though.

Janvi is getting restless. She takes medicine. Sagar comes to his room. He angrily shouts and begins to throw stuff around. He cries. Janvi asks him what happened. He says she told everything to Palash. She told him everything, all our personal memories. We shared a relation of friendship which she broke. She has cheated me! He holds Janvi’s hands. I am very alone. I have no one. I need a friend. I need you. He cries holding her hands. She smiles.

Ganga wipes her tears. I want to leave this internship. I cannot work with you. I wont be able to take it anymore. He says I wont stop you if you wish it. But if you took this decision because of what happened today then you are wrong. People can try to run but cannot run from their past. I understand you have been through a lot but running away from problems is not something that Ganga does. I know you are strong enough to face everything. She denies. it isn’t about the past. Sagar. He says you don’t need to say anything. I understand you were not just friends with him but loved him too. I understand what you must be feeling. She says relation of love broke long ago. Whatever else was left is over too. Who told you about me? I never said anything to you. Pulkit Bhaiya? He says how it matters. It is truth. She agrees. How does anything matter! She walks away.

Madhvi and Amma ji are worried about Sagar. Amma ji thinks to cancel going to temple tonight but Janvi tells them not to cancel the plan. Madhvi asks her if she had a word with Sagar. Janvi nods. Sagar and Ganga had a very big fight. They will probably never talk again. I will handle everything. Amma ji gives her point of view. Janvi tells Amma ji to keep her lecture to herself. Madhvi reprimands her for speaking to elders like this. Amma ji says I am only giving you logics, not lectures. A woman has to see the time and chance if she has to win her husband’s heart. Madhvi seconds her but Janvi tells them to stay out of it. I will also end up going to temples like you both if I leave it on you. Let me handle things on my own. Sagar will be mine tonight. And for God’s sake, leave me and Sagar alone tonight. It will be a big favour on us! Amma ji and Madhvi are shocked by her behaviour.

Janvi notices Ganga coming home. Ganga begins to go inside when Janvi stands in her way. Finally you lost. You lost Sagar for forever. he hates you. you cannot imagine how much he hates you. sagar is only mine now. I won and you lost! Ganga says I have told you so many times it was no competition. I also told you I loved Sagar a lot sometime back but I have no interest in your husband. If you still think of this as your victory then you should be happy with it. Congratulations! She goes.

Ganga comes to her room. Sagar’s words haunt her. She cries. She begins to slap herself as she hurt Sagar from the very same hand.

In his room, Sagar looks for the single anklet. He thinks of Ganga’s slap and how she shouted at him to leave. He throws it in the courtyard angrily. Janvi finds it and looks content.

Sagar finds his room all decorated with candles and flowers. Janvi closes the door while he looks around in confusion. He hears the sound of anklet as she advances towards him. She pushes him on the bed. I know you want the distances between us to finish. This is my love for you. He asks her if she has gone mad. She nods. I know you are very upset. I will make you very happy. Forget everything and Ganga. it is only you and I today. He tells her to come in her senses. What do you want from me? She replies that he only said he needs her. He corrects her. I asked you to be my good friend. Just stay away from me. She holds onto his leg. You cannot insult my love like this. Everything will be finished if you go. I wont be able to live without you. Don’t leave me. He helps her stand. Why are you doing all this to yourself? Why are you hurting your self-respect by crying and begging me? it would have been better if you leave me gracefully and walk away instead of begging me like this. I would have respected you then atleast. I can only pity you this way. She does not mind it. I love you. Just don’t leave me. He reasons he does not love her. she asks for his love. he says it is not in my hands. Love cannot be given in pity. She cannot understand what is in Ganga that he cannot see in her. He agrees to give her a reply today. Ganga has self-respect. You don’t have that. She will die by never beg anyone for love. This is why I respect and love her this much, which can never be in you! Do you understand the difference now? He goes out. Janvi breaks down.

Sagar is walking on the road. He thinks of Janvi’s words.

Palash is with someone. Come to court tomorrow. I will assure you everyone will be safe. They worry about him but Palash assures them nothing will happen to him. I will take care of myself.

Malhotra comes to a place. Sagar stops in his tracks as he hears the sound of the car. He is surprised to see Malhotra talking to some goons. He hides behind a tree to observe Malhotra paying money to the goons. Malhotra drives away. Sagar wonders what’s happening.

The goons hit Palash because of which he falls down. They begin to hit him. Sagar looks on from far. Malhotra paid money to hit Palash? He jumps in and beats the goons. He gets hurt too but Palash’s allies come there on time. Sagar and Palash’s allies take Palash to the hospital.

Janvi thinks of Sagar marrying her and then calling it a mistake; how she has been asking for her rights as a wife but never got anything from Sagar; how he has been always distant with her; his love and respect for Ganga. She writes down a suicide letter. I only wanted one thing in life – Sagar’s love. I dint get it ever and will never get it. I don’t blame anyone. I am responsible for my failed marriage. I wanted to live with Sagar but he couldn’t be mine so I am killing myself. No one is to be blamed for this. She looks at the fan.

Sagar paces outside. Palash’s allies share that Palash is out of danger. Malhotra must have attacked Palash. He has been asking Palash to back down but he dint hear anything. He has a habit of risking his life for others. Sagar remembers Ganga’s words and of Palash asking for 10 lacs. Malhotra lied to me. palash wasn’t taking bribe. Malhotra was paying him money to keep quiet. Ganga was right. I am supporting wrong people. He calls Ganga.

Ganga disconnects Sagar’s call. He tries again hoping she will pick up. She disconnects again.

Janvi tries to throw her saree around the fan. Yash says seems like you are planning to die. Shall I help? She tells him to go. He says what the rush is. Die a little later. He reads the suicide letter but she takes it from him. It is interesting. There is something missing. You will die and Sagar and Ganga’s way will be clear. Sagar will cry only for 2 days after your death. He will then marry Ganga and enjoy life. They will live happily. if you have to die then do something that will end their love story here itself. Write another suicide letter. Blame Sagar for your death in it. Janvi writes it.

Sagar knocks at Ganga’s door. open the door asap. I have to tell you something. Ganga does not open the door. He insists he has something important to tell.

Yash ties Janvi’s saree on the fan and makes a noose for Janvi. He tells her to stand now. it will only take a second. It wont hurt at all.

Janvi hears Sagar calling out for Gangas. Yash adds fuel to the fire. He is yearning for his lover. I pity you. he does not pity you at all. What’s the point of such a life? It is better that you die. He helps her put the noose around his neck.

Ganga finally opens the door. She looks away. What do you want to say? You will apologize once again like always. You have done it always. I have forgiven you always. But this time I cannot forgive you. You broke the ties of love long ago but you broke friendship today as well. Everything is over. There is nothing left. Don’t try to talk to me after today. our friendship is over. She closes the door on his face while he keeps requesting her to hear him.

Janvi asks Yash to push the stool. I wont be able to do it. He refuses to be in this mess. I will go. She declines. I wont do this. How will death help? I can find a solution by staying alive. I don’t want to die. She fails in maintaining her balance on the stool. It falls down.

Janvi fails in maintaining her balance on the stool. It falls down. She coughs and asks Yash to save her. I don’t want to die. He holds her legs and puts the stool back. She coughs as she comes down> he asks her if she got scared from death. I wouldn’t let you die. I only want you to yearn, not kill. How will I stay happy if you die? She asks for tablets. He says it wont help you today. He shows her something. It will soothe you if you take it once. She again asks for tablets. He says it is stronger than tablets. I wont even take money today. She begs for the tablets. He readies the syringe and injects her. She falls unconscious. He takes the suicide note. Dead elephant is costly but living elephant is invaluable. You have no idea how much this letter will help me now.

Sagar asks Ganga to open the door. It is important. Don’t talk to me. Atleast hear me. Palash is in hospital. He was attacked. Ganga opens the door. Pulkit also hears him. Pulkit and Ganga leave for hospital. Sagar looks on.
Amma ji, Madhvi, Niru come home. Amma ji is happy as everything went well. I prayed for Sagar, hoping he will calm down. They see Sagar sitting on the sofa. Amma ji wants to talk to him but Niru offers to do it. The ladies head inside. Sagar gets conscious as Niru sits down next to him. Niru asks about his wound. Sagar lies that he slipped. When did you come? Niru replies just now. I know you are worried as Palash is your opponent. It is hurting you I know. Sagar denies. Niru cannot understand why Ganga did this. You worked so hard on her case and got Yash punished yet she trusted Palash over you. I cannot believe it she can do this too. she disappointed me. Sagar explains she knew nothing about it. Palash did it all. Niru cuts him. Focus on your present case. Everyone has their eyes on you. Prove it to them that you deserve to be considered a better lawyer than me. Sagar asks him if his win is so important for him and his prestige. Niru says it will not be our victory but the victory of truth. It is the duty of a lawyer to fight for justice. I know you would want to do the same. You will be happy and satisfied with your life if you follow the right path. Sagar nods. Don’t worry. I wont let injustice happen with anyone. I will do my best to make truth win tomorrow. Just bless me that I am able to follow this path. Niru holds his hand too. my blessings are always with you.

Next morning, Ganga and Pulkit are with Palash. Palash is happy to be home. Ganga says you were not going to be discharged today. we can take another date. He denies. He reads his files. Pulkit goes to get medicines for him. Ganga sets Palash’s bandage right. She keeps his file aside. He again asks for it. She warns him not to move for 2 minutes so she can tie the bandage properly. He smiles. She ties it back finally. They hear someone’s voice. Palash is surprised to see his mother. Palash’s mother asks him if he got married. You dint even tell me! Palash tries to shush her while she keeps complaining. Palash tells her to calm down. I dint get married. Ganga is my assistant. He introduces his mother to Ganga. She says I thought he fulfilled my dream but he doesn’t want me to become a MIL. Palash says sorry to Ganga. My mom is a little melodramatic. Palash’s mother makes him step aside. I never saw him hearing anyone scolding my son so I got worried. Palash diverts her attention to him. Palash’s mother says it’s nothing new. Pulkit comes back with medicines. They exchange greetings. Palash sends Ganga to get ready for court. I will join you. Ganga leaves with Pulkit. Palash’s mother hugs Palash.

Sagar looks at the bouquet sent by Malhotra. Amma ji is happy to see Sagar. He says today is a very important day for me. I don’t know if what I am going to do is right or wrong. I need your blessings. Amma ji is sure he can never do anything wrong. Go and win. I pray for you daily. He notices Ganga looking at them. He asks for Prasad. You used to give them before exams. She gives him Prasad. Sagar asks for Prasad for Ganga too (which makes her stop in her way). Amma ji looks at Ganga. They remember the childhood time when Sagar used to do the same thing. Sagar says it is a very important day for her too. Amma ji asks Ganga to take Prasad. Ganga refuses. Sagar says why not. How can you say no to Prasad? Take it. Amma ji tells him to let it be when Ganga is saying no. Sagar says please. Ganga walks till the rope and takes Prasad from Amma ji. Sagar peeks at Ganga as she finally eats Prasad (very cute scene).

Court hearing starts. Malhotra is sure Sagar will win the case with the proofs he gave to him. Sagar and Ganga look at each other. Niru wishes Sagar objects as Palash cannot present any new witness without his consent. Sagar allows for the witness to give his statement. Niru looks upset. The witness (Sheikh, an employer of Rantox) tells court how two different registers were maintained. Palash presents the copy of real account. Rantox used to import 50 kilos extra opium ever year. Only they can tell now what they used to do with it. It is Sagar’s turn now. Sagar asks the witness why he was fired from his company even after working with the company for 6 years. You stole money; you were careless; you were rude with your co-workers; company had complaints with him too. You are taking revenge, right? You agreed to be a false witness. Mr. Sheikh is all quiet.

Sagar asks Mr. Sheikh why he was fired from his company even after working with the company for 6 years. You stole money; you were careless; you were rude with your co-workers; company had complaints with him too. You are taking revenge, right? You agreed to be a false witness. Mr. Sheikh is all quiet. Company was scared you could tell their truth when you left job. This is why company put all the false blames on you? Mr. Sheikh nods. Palash and Ganga are confused and so is Niru. Sagar is supporting Palash. Sagar will lose case this way.

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