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This is fate 15 September 2020: Shiv pleads with Karan to stay away from Preeta as he wants to befriend her, he also explains that if karan had not told that she does not wish to stay with her husband then he would have been forced to believe that karan was her husband because of how he talked with her and also looked at her.

Kartika comes down asking what has happened as Karina is working, she explains that she must know that her mother works when there is a special occasion, Kartika enquires the cause, she explains that karan’s engagement with Maira has been fixed after two days, so her mother and friend are coming which is why they are preparing for their arrival, they are still talking when Maira comes with her mother, they all greet her and she hugs Rakhi explaining that her name is really Ramona, but it was Rakhi who called her Bindia which is why everyone also called her Bindia, Sameer asks if the name changes but she refuses demanding that they all call her Ramona, karina and even Rakhi agree to call her by her real name.

Ramona explains that she is really happy as her daughter is going to get married to karan, so she can never ask for anything else, Rakhi explains that she has to talk with her regarding karan and that he has gotten married before but when she about to announce, Karina stops her explaining that Ramona has arri9ved and they should wait till she freshens up, Maira also introduces her friend to the family then asks the permission to talk with her in her room, they leave, Karina also asks Rakhi to take Ramona to show her room.

Maira lies laughingly in her room exclaiming that she has won, karan, her friend says that she has achieved what she desired since her childhood and that is to marry karan, she also presents Maira with a gift but Maira refuses to accept it saying that she would have accepted it but now she has to set her standards according to karan so cannot accept it, Her friend says that she has changed, Maira also says that she has not invited her other friends, Sonya feels worried seeing Maira’s attitude.

Karan says to Shiv to not think of Preeta, he explains that he feels there is an option for him as Preeta is facing troubles in her martial life so there is a chance for him, Karan says that he would not play the match if Shiv tries to take his chance with Preeta. Karan leaves for the room,

Karan enters the office, Preeta warns him to not enter without permission, she wishes him the best, he thinks that she has accepted the fact that she was the one who sent him the notice, Preeta agrees because she explains that he has decided she was the one who sent the notice without even asking her so she give the benefit of the doubt, she leaves the office and is followed by Karan.

Maira reaches the training institute of the cricket team, the watchman stops her asking if she works but when she denies any relation with the instate, he bars her from entering, she explains that she is getting engaged to Karan and has to show him the clothing samples, she walks in without listening to anything said by the watchman.

Preeta is walking in the hallway, She greets Shiv who is standing there, Karan comes shouting that he has to talk with her but she declines to hear anything from him, Shiv stops karan requesting him to not tease Preeta because of the issues she has with her husband, Preeta also bumps and drops a vase, she picks it up but Karan does not listen to anything that Shiv has to say,

he takes Preeta by her hand saying that he will make her realize what he came to say, he holds her hand which Maira sees and gets angry, Shiv comes asking why he is doing this, Karan says that Shiv should stay out of the matter, Shiv explains that he feels that Karna has started to like Preeta which is why he is acting like this, Maira also gets shocked hearing these words

Shiv mentions that hearing what karan is saying he is feeling that karan has started to like her and even when she is happy in her life why is he running after her, Shiv asks what is happening In his life, Karan requests that he should stay out of this matter as he will not be able to understand, Maira comes greeting Karan, he leaves after seeing her, Shiv congrulates her for the engagement, she excuses her and leaves after karan. Shiv wonders what is going on in his life as he should be happy to se Maira but he got angry, he feels that he will go mad.

Preeta is walking in the hallway thinking of how,Karan was praising Maira on her beauty, while taunting that she thought of a happy life with karan as it was her dream which cannot be fulfilled anymore.

Bi jee asks Sarla about what she is thinking about, she explains that she is thinking of karan and that he is marrying Maira so has moved on in his life but because of him, her daughter cannot move forward, Bi jee responds that this is because he never considered the marriage to be the bond of a lifetime, Sarla hearing this vows to make them all realize how wrong they have been, she angrily leaves the house ordering Janki to follow her, Bi jee also asks Janki to remain with Sarla as she is really frustrated so might do something that will harm them all.

Karan enters the dress room, he opens his kit, Maira also enters the dressing asking what happened as she came to meet him, he explains that they live in the same house and could have talked about anything but why did she came as no visitors are allowed in the vicinity of the training institute, she asks if he has a problem when someone snatches a photo fo them,

he explains that he does not want anyone to interfere in his personal life, she gets amazed then asks why is he talking so rudely she leaves crying, karan sits wondering that he wronged Maira as he was angry with Preeta.

Shiv is with the team members when he sees Maira walking and she is also crying, he wonders why is she crying, she goes to the C section which is under construction, he thinks of helping her as it might cause [problems for her because she is not aware of the situation.

Sherlin rings the bell of Prithvis house, he opens the door and is shocked to see her standing, she hugs him the enters exclaiming that she has an important news to inform him, she shows him the newspaper, he reads that karan is marrying someone named Maira, Prithvi is not able to control his emotions as then they would have enough time to transfer the entire property of the Luthra’s to their own name which will complete their revenge, she also agrees saying that she has planned to make them suffer for the wrongs that they have done to them both.

Preeta is walking towards the C section when she is stopped by the engineer, she gets mad with him asking if he is doing this because of karan, he explains that he is doing this because the site is under construction and they cannot allow her to enter, she request him to allow her to be in the vicinity, he asks why people like to wander in buildings that are still under construction, she gets mad with him saying that there are a lot of things which are not understandable but they have to live with them, he explains that he is feeling that she is having a bad day,

Preeta says that she will not stay and leave, he leaves her, preeta sees that Maira is crying and she wonders that she will cry after deciding to marry karan.

Maira walks into the building which is still under construction, Preeta also runs after her to stop her from harming her, Shiv sees that she has went after Maira so goes to call Karan.

Sarla reaches with Janki at Prithvis house, Janki asks the reason, she explains that she feels that they have wronged by not marrying Prithvi to Preeta so she has decided to ask him to marry Preeta.

Prithvi is with Sherlin in his room, they are having a romantic moment when the doorbell rings, he explains that it will be the pizza delivery boy, Sherlin request that he take the delivery as she is really hungry, when he opens it Sarla is standing with Janki, he gets shocked seeing them both.

Shiv comes to Karan explaining that Maira went to the C section where the renovation work is underway, karan asks him to call the caretaker because he cannot do it, then Shiv mentions that Preeta also went after her, karan immediately leaves hearing her name, Shiv wonders what is the situation with karan as he got charged after hearing Preetas name which is curious, as he has no relation with her.

Prithvi is looking surprisingly at both Sarla and Janki, they ask the reason he is so surprised and if he would not ask them to come into his house, he apologizes that he did not expect them to arrive so he did not call them but they should come, Sherlin is wondering why it is taking Prithvi so long, she decides to check but then hearing Sarla’s voice she hides wondering why did they come to his house.

Maira walks up the building, Preeta also follows her, Maira wonders that Karan should not have talked with him like this and it is not the right way to talk with any girl, She hears the voice of Preeta but is not ready to talk with anyone and so hides.

Sameer is in his office, Shristhi comes and apologizes that she never wanted that anyone blame him because she likes, he asks her to leave the office as it will be really problematic if someone sees her, she says that she doesn’t feel even if anyone insults her but he gets mad with her shouting that she leave their office.

Karan runs into the building, Shiv also tries to follow him but is stop by the engineer, they request that he remains outside, Shiv explains that three people have went to the building, the workers then call the rescue team.

Prithvi asks if he should arrange something for them to eat, Sarla apologizes for coming to his house with informing him, he says that it si not a problem for him as he is also like her son, she says that she came to talk with him and wants to ask if he still likes Preeta.

Maira goes to the next floor in an attempt to hide from Preeta, She explains that she does not have to listen to anything that karan said because he does not think before saying anything, Maira says that she does not want to listen to anything, Preeta runs after her saying that she is in a lot of danger because the bamboos are really vulnerable and can fall anytime.

Sameer is yelling at Shrishti saying that she should not have come as if anyone sees them then it will create a lot of problem, Shrishti starts to cry saying that he is just scolding her without listening to anything that she is saying, he requests that she stop crying as otherwise someone will come.

Preeta and Maira are in the building, Karan comes yelling asking if someone is in the building, Maira feels that he might have come to find her but he says Preetas name, she does not leave her hiding position as she tries to hear everything that they both are talking off, Preeta asks Karan why is he so bad as because of him Maira started crying and came to the constructed site, karan warns that he does not want to hear anything from her as she has lost the right to call him her husband, she also says that she has no interest in being called his wife because he is not a good human being as he does not care for the feelings of other people. Preeta shouts ordering that he leave and find Maira who is his so called Fiancé, he asks how she dared shout at him, Preeta responds saying that she is his wife, there is complete silence, Maira wonders why they have stopped talking, she tries to walk to them but drops a bamboo stick which falls causing the ceiling to also fall.

Shrishti explains to Sameer that she feels both Karan and Preeta still love each other because when Karina caught her in the house then she saw that Karan’s eyes were filled with tears when she mentioned Preeta so she feels that they both still love each other, she never expected that she would see karan still feels love for Preeta, she tries to make him realize that they both still love each other and that they have to make them meet each other as they have still really less time.

Sameer thinks that she will make sure that he dies, He says that he feels she has a plan otherwise she would not have come, she explains that he has also gotten very smart, she then explains that they have to target Maira on the engagements day as she might back out otherwise Karan will go thought because of his ego, Sameer says that she will never for this as she is a die hard fan and he believes she also likes Karan, Shrishti explains that karan is a superstar and is liked by a lot of girls but this does not mean that he marries them all. As Preeta is his soulmate and she have the right to be with him, Sameer asks the plan, she says that she will say it in his ear as then someone might hear it.

She says the plan, but he doesn’t believe that it is workable, and they cannot do it, Shrishti is really optimistic and says that they can do it, she leaves and then Sameer is left wondering.

Sarla asks Prithvi if he still likes Preeta because she knows that they have wronged his family in the Mandap, she requests that he forget everything that has happened, he says that she has asked him to forget everything but she herself cannot forget them, Sarla exclaims that she feels he is really nice and has been raised by very honourable people, she asks him a question asking if he would marry Preeta, he asks what she is saying as he still likes Preeta but she is married, Sarla asks what he is willing to do, Sherlin is not able to control herself then calls Prithvi, he takes out the phone thinking that it is a signal from her that she is listening to his conversation. Prithvi thinks of the reply that he should give, he ends the call Sherlin wonders what has happened and then slams the vase, Prithvi says that something has fallen, and he goes to check, Sherlin takes him aside.

Maira asks Kara to help her as she is stuck between the fallen Rubel, Preeta advises him to not go from there as it is dangerous he does not listen to her and tries to move forward, Preeta pulls him back just before the blocks fall, they both stare into each other’s eyes, Maira seeing them together calls him, Preeta request that he be careful, Karan says that he does not need to listen to her advice. He then leaves to save Maira she hugs her, Preeta is not able to bear the sight and they both are still hugging, Shiv comes with the engineer, and he bursts out at Preeta saying that if something happened to them then what he would have been responsible, Preeta apologizes and then leaves, karan leaves after her.

Shiv asks Maira why she acted like this as she might have caused a lot of problem, she explains that she knows but was not in her mental state and so feels guilty.

Karan stops Preeta saying that this is the last act which they have done together but they will not act further, she explains that she also never wanted to talk with him but when he has come after her then she will also say that she should take care of Maira as he left her on the road but she wants that he remain happy with the one whom he has chosen. He asks her why she has sent the notice, she replies what he will say if she says that she never filed a notice against him, he responds by saying that he will consider that she is lying, she says then so be it but she is really happy as then she will not have to bear his nonsense for the rest of her live,

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