This is fate update Monday 4 December 2023

This is fate 4 December 2023: Arjun looking at the backlight exclaims she broke his light, Arjun asks if this is the way to drive a car when Dadi says she said they would pay the price so he can send the bill, Preeta leaves with Bani Dadi who sits in the car, Preeta while reversing the car once again hits the car of Arjun, he is shocked that she once again bumped into his car, Preeta mentions Dadi said that he can send the bill so they both leave.

Rishab says he is saying so he doesnot get angry therefor they must not bring his wife into this matter, Anjali explains no one feels good while talking about his wife, Rishab recalls that Arjun refused to accept the restraining order they filed against Arjun. Rishab advises her to not go where she is heading and accept his suggestion to end it as this would be suitable for

her, Anjali ask why should she stop when they just started talking, Rishab getting frustrated questions what is her problem wen he said he doesnot have anything on her so she must maintain the decorum. Anjali mentions he wronged Arjun because he has done a lot for their family even then they filed a restraining order, Rishab requests her to not make it personal as that matter is theirs to solve.

Mr Shekar requests them both to calm down, Rishab blames him for all that is happening since he should have informed them about who is going to come so they can understand what would happen, Anjali asks why is he talking to Mr Shekar so must talk with her to her face because Preeta comes to say anything in his house, Rishab says he is saying to her face that he is not interested in talking with her so she must understand it, Shekar requests them both to not fight when this is a professional meeting but they are getting personal, Rishab apologizes that he got personal, Anjali exclaims he must keep the fake sorry to himself, Rishab leaves angrily saying it was never for her, Anjali also follows him in anger.

Shekar asks his manager what he thinks happened, he informs Rishab and Anjali fought because of Preeta and Arjun and they do not even know where they are.

Shristhi is about to go and open the door when Rkahi stops her advising she must bow down to take his blessings but not be so causal, Shristhi kneels opening the door but it is Preeta who also blesses her, before asking her to step aside. Dadi asks why the Pandit would jee come, Rakhi reveals that she called Pandit jee who will come to inform about the things required for the Mandir.

Dadi sits down explaining that Preeta offered to take her to the Mandir and do they know what happened there, she informs Preeta got in the accident with Arjun’s car, Rakhi is worried asking if they both are fine, Dadi says nothing happened to them but Arjun got really furious when he saw his car and started creating a scene so she also asked him to send the bill of the damage. Shristhi with a smile explains that it is just like Karan Jiju who would also get offended if something happened to his car, Shristhi noticing they all are worried explains that he is just trying to copy karan, Dadi says it is enough as she doesnot want to hear about Arjun. Pandit jee comes when both Rakhi and Dadi go to greet him, Shristhi inform Preeta how they have to take his blessings.

The pandit jee sits down when Rakhi reveals that she also wants to hold a pooja for her son and daughter in law so they both can live a happy and peaceful life, Pandit jee assures it will also happen. Karina calls Preeta who is forced to leave.

Arjun opens the door for Dadi who also enters, she is shocked to see the worker in the house and asks when did he come back because she fired him, Arjun sits with Dadi, the worker explains he was thinking where did anyone go, Dadi says she went to apologize to Bhagwan jee, the worker says but she ahs been scolding him for so many years, Arjun asks if this has been going on for so long, Dadi replies she never felt bad and only felt it when Anjali made her think like it, Arjun advises her to apologize if she has accepted it, Dadi once again scolds the worker instructing him to go and work, Arjun explains Bhagwan will get furious from her, Dadi in excitement says then he can take her to the Mandir, arjun replies he cannot but she informs he takes her then might even meet Preeta with her Dadi, Arjun in anger says he never wants to meet Preeta when Dadi says that he must know because she remembers the day he accepted the proposal of Snedha but he just loves Preeta, Arjun wonders why does everyone see their love.

Preeta asks Kavya to be with Shristhi aunt as she would surely come back after a while, Preeta gets scared when the milk boils so she calls Rishab jee, he is scared that Preeta je called so now would scold him. Rishab with a smile request her to not believe everything that Rakhi mom says since they should always not believe everything but Preeta advises him to drive carefully. Rishab is glad he was saved today.

Rishab sees Anjali standing beside her car, he gets out asking why she is standing here alone and if she called a mechanic, he asks if he can check to which she agrees, Rishab notices it so starts checking the car.

Shristhi and Kavya both are playing the game which Kavya loses so Shristhi starts to hit her, Preeta questions what was going one. Shristhi explains they both were playing the game and Kavya lost, Kavya asks why Preeta is being so possessive, Kavya also says they can handle the situation, Preeta cannot believe how Kavya lost however Shristhi explains she made the donkey fly, Preeta explains they had a parrot where she used to live before her wedding and one day the parrot flew so everyone said the donkey flew. Preeta replies she doesnot want Kavya to lose any game. Preeta asks her to drink milk which she refuses, Shristhi explains they have played the game but now she must take care of her health.

Rishab tries his best to get the car fixed however is not able to do it, he requests Anjali to drive and start the car but it doesnot start, Rishab offers to drop Anjali if she is ready to go, she explains the place where she wants to go is twenty minutes away from this location, Rishab agrees to drop her so she locks the car.Preeta is with kavya and Shristhi when it suddenly starts raining, she assures there is nothing to be worried about so she closes the window.

Rishab while driving the car exclaims, he feels a storm is coming and will arrive very soon, Anjali mentions she feels it has already arrived.

Preeta tries calling Rishab but is not able to talk with him, she feels tensed thinking something bad is about to happen as they say that it is not good if it rains suddenly, Rishab and Preeta both are worried.

Rishab and Anjali reach the farm house, she thanks him but he replies there is no need, Anjali offers him coffee but he replies he has to go back since Preeta ji is waiting and even asked him to not stop anywhere but he thought he should help her, Anjali replies she is sorry for what happened in the conference room, Rishab replies that such things happen when they work so he is okay, she says he must come and have tea which is when she would feel he forgave her but Rishab mentions it is a little bit more complicated since Preeta ji is waiting and even Kavya doesnot sleep without him.

Anjali while trying to get out of the car acts as if she has hurt her ankle, Rishab immediately goes to help her but she replies she can manage by herself so he should go back to rest but Rishab offers to take

her inside the house however Anjali tries to assure she can go by herself, he takes her inside when she stares thinking now her plan would succeed.

Rakhi walks down the hall when she sees Bani Dadi sitting on the couch so asks if everything is fine, Dadi explains she felt she needs to spend some time alone so came here, Rakhi asks why did she not call her as they both could have talked but Dadi says Rakhi did not hear when she said she desired to spend some time alone, Rakhi turns to leave but Dadi making her sit down explains that she is really glad to have a daughter in law like her since she has always care for her as her own mother, Rakhi mention she should be thankful as Dadi never made her feel like a daughter in law but always treated her as her own daughter. Dadi and Rakhi, both hug each other.

Rishab and Anjali reach the door which the worker opens, he helps Anjali sit down on the couch before turning to leave but she forces him to have at least a cup of tea, Rishab is forced to sit down when Anjali requests if he would like to help her since there are some legal papers which she would like him to check as they are of the dissolving their collaboration. Rishab explains he himself gives his legal team the papers, Anjali request him to help her once again as they need to go to the study, Rishab goes with Anjali, he requesting her to stand by the door starts checking the papers and exclaims there are not the correct one, Anjali forcefully throws herself over him but he manages to get away from her, Rishab then sees the files on the floor, saying Anjali can mail him the files. Anjali immediately offers him drink but he replies he doesnot drink and even has to go back home since Preeta je would be waiting but Anjali forcefully pours out a drink for him which he takes, she thinks he cannot go back tonight until he goes to her bed.

Rakhi is walking with Dadi when she sees the Diya as it goes out of flame, Rakhi gets tensed mentioning it is not a good sign but Dadi thinks if she agrees with her then she would start panicking so Dadi replies it is nothing to be worried about however Rakhi knows she is just saying to calm her down, Rakhi sits down to try and light the Diya once again, she prays to Ganpati that everything should remain fine in their lives.

Rishab compliments the painting and tries to leave but Anjali asks if he is still angry with her as they both have become friends so he cannot leave like this, she says he would have to make the drink this time. Rishab requests her to let go of his hand when he starts making the drink, she points to the ice cubs.

The worker brings the tea for them but Anjali replies they are having a drink however Rishab replies he feels he would have the tea, they have another peg when Rishab replies he feels he would check the papers, he walks to the other side while Anjali gets really close to him. She says she feels he is really handsome; he gets nervous explaining he thinks he should leave. Anjali however stops him holding his hand saying there is a storm outside, but Rishab says everything is fine and he can manage it however Anjali acts as if she has fallen on the floor, Rishab rushes to help her but she pulls him close to her asking if he feels anything for her.

Rakhi stands up when Dadi assures everything would be fine, Rakhi replies she has gotten more scared after Karan died but in the past few days Rishab has suffered a lot, including the kidnapping of Kavya and whatever else has happened, she knows Rishab grew before time but has gotten lonely, before they were two and each of them shared everything but now Rishab is alone. Dadi says she is wrong because Rakhi is with Rishab and even Preeta always stands beside him, so they are always going to stand with Rishab. Rakhi replies however Karan is not with Rishab and they really miss him.

Rishab questions if she has lost her mind so he instructs her to get off him, Rishab answers the call of Kavya when she asks why he has gotten so late because they really miss him and need him to come and give her a good night kiss.

Anjali goes to Rishab asking if he feels for her since she knows he cares for her so why is he behaving like this, she tries to put herself over him however Rishab manages to push her away asking if she has lost her mind as he is already married, he leaves in anger while his clothes are ruined, Anjali starts smiling.

Dadi is searching for her medicine in the room and not able to find it, Arjun knocks on the door asking what has happened when she explains that she is not able to find her medicine which is off gold color, Arjun explains the medicine is not in this medical box so he requests her to give the prescription as he will bring it right now but she says he can even bring it tomorrow, she requests him to go and bring it from the medical store outside the Mandir, Arjun refuses to go but she mentions she needs him to bring a ring as she gets nightmares, Arjun starts smiling however she gets furious saying he must not make fun of her, Arjun assures of bringing the medicine tomorrow.

Rishab enters the house, he sitting down think why would have Anjali done such a thing and what is the cause of it, he decides to go and inform Preeta ji about the entire truth since she is his wife however he refutes the thought thinking she would get really worried about him when she is already really tensed these days, Preeta calling him from behind asks if he is fine, Rishab apologizes to her thinking he cannot tell her the truth, he is really tensed.

Preeta asks Rishab if everything is fine, he questions if he looks tensed from his face, Rakhi also comes asking if he is fine which worries him so he questions why are they all so tensed, Preeta informs a lot has happened today which is causing them tensions, Rkahi reveals the Diya in the Mandir went out and it is not a good sign, Preeta explains even the milk boiled and the thunder caused a lot of tension, Rishab exclaims they all really love him, Rakhi hugs Rishab who then also hugs Preeta, he holds their hands explaining that until they all love him, nothing wrong can happen to him. Rishab leaves so Rakhi is glad that he came back, Preeta mentions that too safe and sound. Rakhi informs Preeta the time for pooja is eleven in the morning and can she give Garesh the list of something which are required for the pooja, Preeta assures she will herself go and bring the things.

Rishab comes out in the room when Preeta comes and is about to pick the towel but Rishab exclaims he can do it himself since she is his wife, Preeta replies even then she has not done anything like that for him, Rishab explains that they can just build a house but it is upto them to make sure they are able to make it into a house, Rishab says that he feels Preeta has done a lot for their family since she made sure to keep the house as his mother has done for so many years. Preeta replies she does this all out of love but has not done a lot for him as an individual. Rishab assures she does enough, he turns back after getting a call and is checking his neck. Preeta wonders what the mark is.

Preeta goes back to bring the list of things from Rakhi maa. Rishab meanwhile lies down thinking what had gotten into Anjali, he falls to sleep when Preeta comes and so thinks about how Arjun blamed that she loved Rishab even when she was married to Karan, Preeta thinks Rishab jee is really an honest person while on the other hand Arjun is his complete opposite, she after covering him with the quilt goes to fall asleep.

In the morning Arjun reaches the market, he wonders why does he always come to these markets when he hates him, he notices women carrying the umbrella so starts thinking about the day when he met Preeta in the market during the rain and how they always tend to come before each other, Arjun thinks why doe he still always think about her even when he has started to hate her, he prays to Bhagwan that he doesnot meet Preeta today in the market, however he notices her standing in the market from his side mirror, Arjun is left stunned so gets out from his car as Preeta walks over to a stall from where she starts purchasing, he is just staring at her.

Arjun keeps standing before turning to recall how she blamed him for trying to take the life of Rishab, and when the lady blessed them in te market thinking they both are a couple. Arjun once again starts looking at Preeta who walks away with her belongings, he gets tensed when he is not able to see her, Arjun therefor starts following her while the vendor questions what he wants to purchase, Arjun asks for some flowers, but is constantly noticing Preeta as she walks away, he explains he forgot to bring his wallet from the car, the vendor agrees.

Preeta is counting the money in her wallet when the thieves notice her so they both run away with her purse, Arjun rushes questioning what happened when she informs they stole her purse, he getting furious rushes to start beating them both, Preeta notices how one of them is trying to run away but Arjun follows the person, he even starts beating the thief who is not even able to fight back, everyone is stunned as he is beating the thief along with Preeta. Arjun questions how the thief dared touch his wife, she is stunned to hear him call her as his own wife., Preeta gets furious.

Rishab walks down the stairs, he greets Karina when Rishab asks how beautiful is the preparations looking, she also asks if he is fine when Rishab questions why everyone is asking, Karina explains Mom told her how the Diya burnt out so he knows they all get really tensed and even she loves him a lot, he replies he is made of steel and would always be fine until they are by his side.

Rishab informs Rakhi maa to not be worried as he is fine, he asks her to go and see their father since he never takes any problem, Rishab exclaims he is coming back after playing cricket, Mahesh replies he never goes alone so Kavya rushes inside with her bat, Rishab starts smiling then explains that she must remain like this all the time and remain happy.

Karina asks Mahesh to go and get ready for the pooja because the guests would come to the pooja and the family members would not be ready, Mahesh asks what the hurry is, she turns to Dadi who replies she is going to scold both her son and Grandson, Rishab asks where is Preeta je, Rakhi replies that she went to the market in order to purchase the things for the pooja even when she said Garesh would go but she insisted to purchase it herself, he then immediately leaves to get ready. Rakhi is standing when Mahesh asks her to go and help him, Karina explains her brother gets really confused when it is time to get ready for the pooja, Mahesh says his sister know him the best but she should talk a little, Dadi requests the Pandit jee to pray that all the couples live like Mahesh and Rakhi. Karina mentions she ahs to even show him a kundali, he replies he would see it after the pooja. Dadi questions whose kundali is it, Karina replies it is of Kritika as she remains really depressed these days.

Arjun is beating the thieves when Preeta rushes to him questioning why he said she is his wife since it is really wrong, but he mentions he was right since she is his wife, Preeta asks how did he dare since she is the wife of Rishab jee and her name is Preeta Rishab Luthra, but Arjun replies her name is Preeta Karan Luthra. Arjun realizing it immediately starts apologizing but she instructs him to shut up explaining she warned him to stay away from her family, she orders that he never take the name of Karan. Arjun asks why, questioning if she loves or hates him but he once again apologizes. Preeta questions how he dared say she is his wife, Arjun replies he was angry so did not knew what he was saying because he just did not say that she is the wife of his friend, but what is the need to create such a drama. Preeta replies his Hindi is really weak but Arjun assures they are all fine, she was never able to understand him, Arjun is really furious.

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