This is fate update Saturday 2 December 2023

This is fate 2 December 2023: Arjun is standing beside his car, he notices Preeta in the car, he recalls how she gave him a restraining order that Arjun would never come near her daughter, he gets into hi car when Preeta steps out of the cab in front of him, he keeps staring at her as she is walking towards the market, Preeta is surrounded by some children who are blowing bubbles, she leaves while smiling, Arjun once again gets out of his car as she is standing in front of him, he looks angrily at her. Preeta even guides a stranger who seems to be lost, Arjun gets back into his car and drives off, Preeta feels a little strange.

Kavya stops Anjali explaining she wants to say something, the guard comes asking Kavya to come inside the class is about to start, Anjali requests him to wait for some time since they are just

talking but Kavya once again calls her Anjali when the person questions why is she taking her name, Kavya explains because she is also her friend and she really likes her, Anjali replies even she likes her a lot, Anjali with a smile gets back into her car when she starts reversing and gets into an accident with Rishab, they both get unconscious.

Anjali wakes up in the hospital, she starts looking at the door when the nurse questions if she is waiting for her boyfriend Anjali denies it but then Arjun rushes into the room asking if she is fine, the nurse says she is a little better but Anjali assures she is fine, she explains she crashed while trying to reverse the car and after that it all blacked out, Anjali explains that everything is fine and she wants him to take care of her at all times, Arjun agrees he would surely take care of her, she scream while trying to get up when Arjun asks for a wheelchair but Anjali assures he would be able to take care of her.

Dadi and Karina also rush into the room, she is tensed to see Rishab is still unconscious, but Sameer assures Rishab is out of danger and now everything is fine, Shristhi also explains they should be glad that he did not suffer any major injuries so he is fine. Preeta asks Dadi if Rakhi maa knows about the accident, karina replies she doesnot know anything but how long would they be able to hide it from her. The peon explains it felt as if the girl purposefully caused the accident and wanted to harm Rishab Luthra. Preeta gets worried saying that they got Rishab admitted because of his condition but did not inquire who caused the accident, the peon explains her name is Anjali, Shristhi is tensed and so shows him the photo, he immediately recognizes her.

The doctor comes asking them all to leave the room since the patient needs to rest but Dadi forces him to make them stay in the room a little longer.

Arjun is helping Anjali walk when he questions why is she smiling because she got injured and she is like a mental person who is still laughing, Anjali replies that she knows he would always be there to help her, Preeta stops them from behind exclaiming he is a criminal because this is why Anjali caused the accident, Anjali replies that she did not do anything of the sort but Preeta is not convinced saying that she did cause the accident because they want to take the revenge from Rishab, Shristhi also explains she is lying, inquiring what problem do they have with Rishab jij since they are always trying to harm him. Anjali replies she never tried to do anything of the sort, Preeta is not convinced with her and says she might have done it in order to impress Arjun since she is clearly in love with him, Arjun not being able to bear it warns Preeta to mind her language since if Rishab je is an honorable then even Anjali is a very nice girl, Preeta replies however she is not nice for them as she is always trying to cause problem for the Luthra family because of Arjun.

Preeta blames then Anjali could have done it by herself because she wanted to help Arjun, he asks Shristhi to take Preeta away since he is not interested in arguing with her, Preeta replies however she would make sure they pay for what they have done, Arjun leaves with Anjali, Karina is also furious.

Preeta enters the room when Sameer informs that Rakhi maa is coming with Mahesh uncle, Preeta mentions she never wanted Rakhi maa to see Rishab jee in such a condition however Shristhi questions how can it happen as Rakhi mom and Mahesh dad are his parents. Rakhi rushes to the room questioning the doctor regarding the condition of Rishab, Preeta assures that everything is fine, and they are sure he would be normal.

Arjun enters the house with Anjali when the servant questions what happened to her, Arjun replies that he was driving and so he can understand what might have happened. Anjali sitting on the couch starts staring at Arjun and recalls how he fought for her with Preeta, she is glad when Arjun replies this is the problem with Preeta as she only thinks of blaming everyone, he knows Anjali has not done anything wrong but even then Preeta is arguing when Rishab is not that hurt, Anjali exclaims he should let it be since she feels he is just really jealous Preeta is taking care of Rishab, he must not talk since she is in a really nice mood, Anjali explains she feels that he fought for her with Preeta, Arjun replies because she was right, Anjali exclaims he is really sweet since she called him once and he came running to her in the hospital, Arjun replies she is really nice and always stands beside him in each and every problem because he asked her to make sure he talks with Kavya and she left no stone unturned, Arjun explains she does everything with her heart or him so he can also do something for her, Arjun gets up to leave but turning back asks if he can drop her to her room, she smiles back at him signaling there is no need. Arjun starts texting on his phone, but she is just staring at him he questions what happened when she immediately picks up a glass of water.

Shristhi whispers to Sameer that Preeta scolded Anjali a lot but Arjun was defending her a lot which caused her to be furious, Sameer requests Shristhi to stop thinking about Arjun.

Rakhi questions the peon what he is doing here, he informs he called Preeta about the accident and saw everything, Anjali doesnot even know how to drive properly.

The doctor instructs the ward boy to call the senior doctor, he explains that the head of Rishab Luthra banged during the accident, so they are trying their best to make sure he is stable. Karina is furious.Arjun is in the room when he calls Anjali, he asks what Kavya said to her before the call, Anjali explains she was really angry with him just as she mentioned but she also loves him a lot, Arjun smiles explaining because she is his daughter so would surely love him, the worker comes informing the police have come to the house.Arjun rushes down to see Karina with the police, he asks what is she doing here when Karina informs the police that Anjali purposefully caused the accident of Rishab so they must arrest her, Arjun is shocked.

Karina blames Anjali purposefully did the accident so they should arrest her, Arjun explains she cannot even think of harming anyone and can they not see she herself is hurt, Karina questions then how did Rishab end up in the hospital and even the peon is there to be a witness, Arjun mentions they are making a mistake and Karina question what did he used to say that there are his family but then why is he so worried for this girl, Anjali assures there is no need to react as what to worry when they are not wrong. Anjali leaves with the police, Arjun tries to ask Karina about the health of Rishab, Karina mentions there is no need to show this fake concern as he has already tried to get Rishab killed once, Karina warns him to stay away from their family, threatening she would be harsh if he tries to meet Rishab.

Arjun calls the lawyer asking him to come and meet him at the police station since they need to attain the bail of Anjali.

The doctor comes out instructing them to bring the medicines when Preeta leaves, they all are worried and even Rakhi starts crying, Mahesh tries to console her saying the doctor assured he might be conscious really soon, the nurse coming out reveals Rishab has regained consciousness, everyone is delighted so they rush into the room.Arjun driving the car recalls how Preeta blamed him for being the one behind the accident and even Karina threatened him to never try and meet them, Arjun exclaims he doesnot want to meet him because Rishab took away everything from him including his life and love, does a brother actually do anything of the sort, he thinks he would not turn as this road goes to the hospital but he refutes it thinking he also needs to find out if they are actually telling the truth.

Rakhi along with the family rush to the hospital room when Rakhi exclaims she thought he drives really well but even then got into an accident, Mahesh also explains that he should always remember what his mother told him and look carefully before driving, Rishab questions why are they all accusing him of not driving properly as he is a very good driver but what is his fault if a someone crashed into his car. Shristhi mentions even then he should not do any sort of a stunt. Karina rushes to hug Rishab asking if he is really hurt, Rishab replies he is fine and coming back with them but if she keeps crying then he would also start crying, Rishab explains he also gets sad when they are not happy so no one should cry, Karina revels she got Anjali arrested, Rishab inquires the reason.Karina replies that Anjali purposefully did it all as the peon said that she did it with intention, Rishab replies they should first check the facts and then come to any conclusion, karina standing mentions no one would say anything to Preeta since she doesnot want her to find out about it, Preeta is also really glad that he is feeling better, she informs she would surely take care of it all.

Anjali in the police station explains that he cannot do this to her since it was all just a mistake and an accident. The lawyer calls Arjun explaining he must come here as soon as possible since they need his sign as a guarantor, Arjun requests for some time but the lawyer explains that if he delays it then they might not be able to attain the bail since the courts will also close.,

The doctor with a smile explains that he is glad to know Rishab is a lot better, he asks Rishab how is he feeling, Rishab replies like any patient who is in the hospital. The doctor explains he must take complete bed rest for at least two days after which he would be comfortable. Preeta asks Rishab why is he worried, Shristhi reveals Karina bua got Anjali arrested for her involvement in the accident, Karina explains she said no one would tell anything to Preeta since she might have a problem with it, Preeta asks what problem would she have since Anjali must be punished for the crime she has committed, Rishab explains he just feels they should take care of the facts before coming to conclusions, Preeta suggests she is just warning him that Anjali is not showing her true self. Rakhi asks Rishab to not doubt the intentions of Preeta, she would be saying it after due thought as she would have seen something, Shristhi agrees with Rakhi because there is some secret which she is hiding, and they do not know what rivalry they have with the Luthra’ so tried to harm Rishab jij. Sameer exclaims Anjali can do anything for Arjun.Preeta mentions he is nice so thinks the same about everyone, but he must be more careful, it is not enough to be such polite. Dadi says that Mahesh should take his hands out from the pocket and arrange for the discharge, Mahesh leaves exclaiming she just keeps scolding him.

Anjali is locked up when Arjun enters so the lawyer asks why he got so late, Arjun replies because he doesnot want to take a risk when it comes to the people he loves, Arjun walk to the inspector explaining his manager is about to come since they were collecting the footage, Manager comes to Arjun who asks him to hand the footage to Inspector. Arjun goes to Anjali explaining she works for him so he will not allow her to remain in this cell and enjoy, Anjali assures she will stay with him forever, the Inspector is looking at the evidence when Preeta enters asking if he came with some false proof to free her however, she will never let it happen.

Garesh opens the door asking Rishab how he is feeling, Rishab assures he is fine and so asks him to call Kavya, she comes running to Rishab asking how he got hurt, Rishab explains he was cycling and fell so this is also a lesson for her, Kavya explains she knows the rules of the road, he must tell her the truth. Rishab informs he got in an accident at her school. Kavya explains she even made a video call to Mr Handsome, and the pretty girl helped her. Kritika asks if she meant Anjali, Kavya runs away with a smile

Karina mentions she feels Anjali did it on purpose and Shristhi also agrees with Karina bua because Arjun the first time was really worried for Rishab and even gave his blood, but this time did not even bother to ask about his health, Rishab mentions they are just over reacting but Rakhi mentions they are right to worry for him, Mahesh assures he would hire two more guards for him, Rishab replies that he is enough for himself and doesnot need anyone else.

Preeta requests the inspector to not let Anjali release since she tried to harm her husband and they must make sure she pays the price, inspector signals the constable who releases Anjali, Preeta keeps questioning why they let her get out since Arjun has planned it all with her, Preeta is furious when Arjun exclaims, he would never let Rishab win the award. Preeta asks if the Inspector heard since they both did it just for a business award. Preeta calls Anjali a criminal, Arjun explains she is not a criminal and even if he was not able to get a proof from the school, he surely would have done anything to prove her innocence. Arjun asks the Inspector if they leave assuring, he will complete the formalities from his house since he is not interested to talk with her, Preeta replies even she doesnot want to see his face but promises to make sure they pay the price for their crimes.

Rishab tries to get up, Preeta coming out of the bathroom immediately asks him to sit down, she asks what does he want, he explains he was trying to get the medicine to which Preeta replies she assured she will take care of him so there is no need to worry, Rishab thanks her, Preeta replies she said there is no need for it but Rishab explains he feels they should always appreciate each other. Rishab questions Preeta where she went, she at first tries to hide it but then reveals she went to the police station. Rishab gets tensed inquiring the reason, Preeta replies Anjali got released on bail and Arjun Soorvyanshi was the one behind it, she is furious.

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