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Sakshi discuss with Karan that she really loved Prithvi in her college times, broke up because of his attitude but now considers it was a huge mistake. She was upset that Prithvi wasn’t as happy to see her as she was. Karan tells her that Prithvi is getting engaged to the girl sitting next to him. Sakshi was unhappy watching her and calls her Behan ji. Karan was offensive and says they are his friends.

He tells Sakshi she suits Prithvi more than Preeta does and promises to help her get Prithvi back. Sakshi was happy. Preeta looks around to see Karan exchanging number with her. He then goes to drop Sakshi outside. On his return he meets another fan and hugs her, Preeta thinks he is so characterless. Later he was caught taking selfie with a man. On his return to table, Preeta teases him for not hugging
the man.

Rishab now speaks to Karan and Prithvi to patch things up. They weren’t initially ready. Rishab asks Prithvi to show some maturity as he is going to marry soon. Prithvi decides to fake some good behavior for next three days and forwards his hand to Karan. Everyone convinces Karan to shake hands with him. Both finally have to hug.
Rishab and Karan return home together. Karan was busy texting. Rishab inquires what he is up to, while they share a sweet argument at this.

Rakhi comes to greet them. She tries to send Karan to sleep, but he senses some signaling between them and sits on the couch. Rakhi finally gives up and asks Karan if he had a patch up with Prithvi. They tell Karan it was their plan together.

Shrishti was irritated as Sarla was restlessly waiting for Preeta to change clothes. As Preeta comes outside the room, Shrishti tells Preeta Sarla wants to inquire about the chit chat she had with Prithvi on her lone date. Sarla asks if she is her friend to ask such silly questions. Sarla was annoyed and scolds Shrishti. When she asks Preeta about the place and restaurant she had gone. Shrishti jokes about her.

Sarla explains she only wished to know if she met someone there like Rishab and Karan. Preeta was shocked to hear. Shrishti says she heard Sarla planning with Rakhi to send them to same restaurant. They wanted a patch up of Karan and Prithvi.

There, Karan was annoyed at Rishab for planning against him. He goes to sleep. Rishab says Rakhi didn’t keep her say, and now Karan is annoyed. Rakhi tells him not to worry about Karan, he will soon be fine. She was happy about the friendship between Karan and Prithvi.

Sarla was caught by daughters. Preeta says Sarla could have discussed the matter with her, she hadn’t forbidden to go where Rishab and Karan were coming. Sarla tells Preeta they have to take care of their relations. It was Rakhi’s plan to make a patch up for Prithvi, she called Rakhi when Prithvi asked her permission to take Preeta for dinner. Rakhi gave the responsibility to Rishab.

Preeta now understands why Rishab was insisting on their friendship and tells Sarla they shook hands and hugged each other. Both daughters now hug Sarla after she was relieved.

In the car, Sakshi feels lucky that Karan Luthra is supporting her. She was determined to do anything to get her Prithvi back. She then texts Karan to meet him. The next morning, Karan incomes to meet Sakshi in the restaurant. She flirts that she wanted Prithvi back, but is confused because Karan is way too hot.

Karan says he has already lost his heart. Sakshi figures he must be behind Preeta, else why would he help her? Karan calls her sensible. He says he wants to help Sakshi and get Prithvi and Preeta away, but he has been sent to the world as Santa Clause. He distributes happiness around. He now asks to discuss the plan. Then suggests to mingle with Prithvi. He says boys have a problem, every zero wants to be a hero. They must do something to boost his ego, he must be let to feel like a super hero. She will get him that way. Sakshi asks how Karan knows all these tricks. Karan says there are a lot of girls who use these tricks on him. Sakshi was happy.

Kareena was curt over Sarla when Preeta enters. She tells Preeta to teach Sarla how to speak to big people. She says Sarla came to invite them, she inquired how she is related to them that she didn’t invited her relatives like Mehra’s before them. She blames that middle class people are used to wander behind rich. Preeta tells Kareena its she who needs to stay away from Sarla, when her mother goes out of mind she doesn’t care about any princess, Kareena Luthra aside.

Karan gives Sameer the responsibility to save Luthra family’s grace. He says Sameer will have to do this theft. Sameer wasn’t ready to do it, Karan confronts him once. He agrees he will have to do it anyway. He sits to explain what Sameer do, he was worried. Karan says Sameer is the only person he can trust. Sameer asks why they are doing. Karan says three of the people will be benefitted; Sakshi will get her first love, Preeta will get rid of Prithvi and he will be relieved to save Preeta’s life, also win a challenge but that’s secondary. He walks downstairs, telling Sameer to come down soon.

Downstairs, he comes across Preeta. Preeta says he must be hurrying to meet his new girlfriend, she saw him exchange his number to that girl. Karan says Preeta has kept a keen eye over him, if she is romantically interested in him. Preeta laughs that she isn’t at all interested in him. Karan says Preeta doesn’t understand herself, she is heels in love with him. Preeta laughs loud, considering it a joke. Karan close touch her hair. Karan teases that her ears are fuming out of jealousy. He says he is going to meet a girl, but not for flirting. He decides not to tell her now, she is unaware what’s good for her and what’s not.

Preeta was irritated and says she isn’t as well interested in whatever he does. Prithvi calls from behind if he should send Prithvi behind her? Preeta was worried why he discussed about Prithvi in such a situation. Sameer passes by Preeta. Downstairs he tells Karan he is ready, Karan makes him wear Bluetooth and leave. Preeta wonders what they are up to.

Karan was online with Sakshi and Sameer both. Sameer had hidden his face under a shawl. Sakshi also reached in her car. Prithvi walks out of the building. Karan forbids Sameer to show his face to Prithvi.Preeta waits for Giresh to bring Dadi’s juice then thinks why Karan discussed about Prithvi. She was sure Karan is up to something against Prithvi and decides to alert Prithvi.
Prithvi receives Preeta’s call. She says she wants to alert him against something. Karan wonders whom he is talking to at this time. Preeta says she also wants to make a request as she could sense from Karan’s talk that he wants to mingle with him. She requests him to ignore him. Prithvi thanks her for her concern. After the call, Preeta wonders if she is concerned for Prithvi or Karan more.

There at the venue, Karan gives a thumbs up to Sakshi. She nods at him and walks towards Prithvi. Sameer comes with his face covered under the shawl. Karan tells Sakshi to leave the bag.

Prithvi comes to her concerned while Sameer runs with the bag, he then chases the snatcher (Sameer). Sameer hits some men on the way, his shawl fell off. Karan watches Prithvi chase Sameer closely. He requests a biker to hand the shawl to a guy. The biker wasn’t ready to do it. Karan says it belongs to his mother and holds him a helmet as favor. The biker agrees to give it to Sameer, and throws it to Sameer on the way. Sameer runs wearing the shawl but was caught by Prithvi and kicked badly. Karan watched this from behind while Sameer has successfully hidden his face.

He bucks Sameer up to fight back. Sakshi joins Karan from behind. Karan sends her to save Sameer. Prithvi warns Sameer not to do so again. Sakshi stops Prithvi as he got the purse back swearing on herself. Shrishti was passing by and watches Sameer lying unconscious, she comes to save him. There, Sakshi adores Prithvi as her hero.

Prithvi was elated and shows his concern form the bruise over her arm. Sakshi complements Prithvi has been a combination of all heroes. She says she is really tired and wants to sit right now. Prithvi wasn’t ready to allow her sit on the road, and offers her to come home with him. He confirms if she has some problem with it, Sakshi says she would love it.
Shrishti helps Sameer walk on a side.

She helps him get seated on a bench near a garden. She was concerned for his bleeding mouth. Shrishti asks why he was beating him. Sameer says he stole his purse. Shrishti asks why he did so, and wasn’t ready to accept his story. Sameer says it was a ladies purse, he wished to gift it to Preeta. Shrishti was moved at Sameer’s concern for Sameer. She was furious and asks who did this? Sameer was alert, he screams of pain to get her attention. Shrishti returns to him concerned and helps him walk back.

Preeta holds a ball in the hall and wonders if Karan left this ball to spy on her. She decides to hide it somewhere and throws it into a vase. She was irritated by thoughts of him and wonders what goes into his mind. She then thinks she didn’t call Karan, he can do anything against Prithvi.

Sakshi gives a thumbs up to Karan while she hugged Prithvi. Karan watches Preeta’s call and asks her to spit the bitterness which she holds. Preeta tells him to shut up, he says okay and cuts the call. Preeta dials again.

Prithvi takes Sakshi into his car. Karan gets Preeta’s call again, she was furious as he cut her call. Karan flirts her from the other side. Preeta says she wanted to say that he… Karan says he knows already she wants to say I love you to him, but his dating calendar is full already. Preeta was helpless. Karan jokes he even has to wear a veil on Valentine’s Day to avoid kisses from girls. Preeta asks if he never understood whatever she has conveyed to him till today. Preeta warns Karan to stay away from Prithvi, she understands he has been doing something against Prithvi. Karan watch Prithvi drive Sakshi away from the venue.

He tells Preeta his mission has been accomplished, only climax is left. Preeta tries to inquire what he has done, but Karan smiles promising to tell her when back home. Karan thinks he can never let Preeta connect to Prithvi. Sameer was at Arora house, Shrishti brings an antiseptic for him. He denies getting it on as it burns a lot. Shrishti promises to tell him the secret why she was annoyed with him in farm house. Sameer agrees but screams as soon as she rubs the cotton and hugs Shrishti. Sarla comes home and was suspicious. Sameer explains to Sarla it isn’t what she has been thinking about.

Prithvi brings Sakshi to his room. As he helps her to bed she drags him along. Sherlin arrives at Prithvi’s house excited that he must be alone at home as his mother went for engagement shopping. She decides to surprise him and unlocks the room with the pair of key she had. She was shocked to see Prithvi with Sakshi in bed. Prithvi stands up at once while Sherlin
comes to slap Sakshi hard on face. Sakshi returns the slap. Prithvi tries to explain but Sherlin slaps Prithvi calling him a cheat.

Sakshi questions Prithvi who is the girl to hit him. Sherlin says she is his girlfriend and has the spare key of the house. Sakshi tries to stop Sherlin who turned to leave. Outside, Sherlin tells Prithvi to explain it to his new item. Sakshi leaves home after an argument with Sherlin, Sherlin also leaves calling Prithvi a cheat.


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