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Simonika reaches there and looks at them. She says they are celebrating at my defeat. They all will cry for Abhi’s death and I am yamraj for Pragya. She stops waiter and shows him waiter. Abhi says now I have to think about Purab and Disha’s baby. Pragya says they will name their baby. Abhi says I am Chacha. Pragya says parents keep their baby name. Abhi says our baby name is Abhigya and says he needs girl like her and not boy. Pragya says if we have boy then I will keep Abhigyan. Abhi dislikes the name. Dadi announces to the guests that her younger bahu, Purab’s wife is going to be mother soon. She calls Abhi and Pragya and says they are making arrangements to become parents. Everyone claps for them. Aaliya and Tanu are upset. Abhi says even Pragya don’t know this. Simonika comes to party in disguise of waiter. Tanu comes to her. Simonika looks on. Abhi taking Pragya to side. Pragya asks why he is showing his personal happiness public. Abhi asks where is she going and takes her to dance with him on his favorite song hello hello. Simonika tries to shoot them and aims gun at Abhi. Disha comes, and collides with Simonika. She says Robin will clean it. Simonika thinks to go up and shoots Abhi. Disha realizes it was Simonika and thinks to search her by herself. She goes to terrace following Simonika. Simonika aims gun at Abhi and Pragya. She tries to stop her and the bullet is shot in air. Chandelier is about to fall. Abhi saves Pragya. They see Simonika fighting with Disha holding gun in her hand.. Simonika pushes Disha. Abhi asks Purab to catch Simonika. Simonika runs. Purab follows her. Abhi sits with his bandaged foot. Pragya asks him to be careful. Aaliya blames Pragya for Abhi’s condition.

She says sorry and tells that you all are blinded, but I can’t be blind and can’t see my brother in this condition. She tells Pragya that she asked her not to act to be great or become devi and says everyone is already suffering much.

She claps and says it is enough now. Abhi asks her to stop it. Aaliya says I love you very much and says Pragya brought Simonika to this house. She tells Dadi that Pragya is not Lakshmi, but trouble of the house. She says today all limits are crossed. Dadi says what did you bear and says I remember all her sacrifices. Aaliya blames Disha for putting Purab’s life in danger because of Sangram. She says I have lost my brother and living relation in parts, and says it would have been good if you had married Tanu. Abhi asks her to shut up and says relations got bad because of you, as you wanted property. He says everyone will be happy if you don’t stay in the house. Aaliya says you are blinded and I wish you understands soon that who is yours and who is not yours, and says I hope you understands it soon. She says she is going to London. Abhi says you have taken your decision and knows what is my decision. Aaliya cries. Purab returns and says Simonika escaped, I have talked to Veer. He will catch her. Aaliya asks Tanu to leave from here if she has any self respect left. Tanu thinks she will not go so easily and her name must be written on any of abhi’s heart chamber..

After 2 days, Pragya gives coffee to Abhi. Abhi likes coffee. Pragya asks why we are shifted here. Abhi says until Simonika is caught, we need to be careful. He gets a call and tells that he needs to go to Bangalore and asks her to promise that she will not go out or follow Simonika. Pragya promises him. Abhi says once he returns, he will work on Abhigya’s song. Tanu hears them and thinks to settle scores with Pragya. Purab and Abhi leaves. Tanu comes to meet Simonika at her hideout place. Her goons let her come inside. Simonika asks how did you know Nikhil? Tanu says she can help her and says Pragya is responsible for your husband’s death and asks her to kill her and leave Abhi. She says if you leave Abhi then I will help you to kill Pragya. Simonika says sounds good and asks how I will kill Pragya.

Tanu says I have a plan. Pragya is with Dadi when she gets a call from a goon who tells her that he saw Simonika in mill factory and tells that he works for her. He asks her to bring Police there and catch her. Dadi hears her. He is actually Simonika’s goons. Pragya tries to call Police, but the call is not connected. Dadi stops her. Pragya asks her to let her go and says once Police catches her then we can go home happily. She says you know that Simonika can stoop much low. She says she will take Veer Pratap there. Pragya asks her not to stop her and says once Police catches her then we will all be safe. Dadi kisses on her hand and hugs her and asks her to go. Pragya asks her not to worry. She thinks if Police don’t go with police then..? She thinks to go there. Dadi reaches to Simonika’s place. Simonika gets shocked seeing her.Pragya coming to Police station and telling about Simonika hiding in the godown. Veer pratap asks constables to come. Dadi tells Simonika that she can’t separate her Abhi and Pragya, as they are destined to be together because of her kumkum. She asks her to wait and says Pragya might be reaching here with Police. Simonika gets shocked and tries to elope. Dadi holds her hand. Simonika asks her to leave her.. She takes gun. Dadi tries to snatch the gun. Simonika shoots in her stomach. Pragya comes there with Veer Pratap and gets shocked. Dadi falls down. Veer pratap arrests Simonika. Dadi tells Pragya that she has saved her. Tai ji informs Abhi about Tai ji. Pragya cries. She takes her to hospital. Abhi reaches there and asks Pragya. Aaliya asks Pragya to answer and says because

of you, Dadi is in this condition. Abhi asks what happened to Dadi? Aaliya says Simonika has shot Dadi. Abhi asks nurse if he can meet her. Nurse says operation is going on and says they need AB positive blood. Tanu says my blood is AB+ and goes to give blood. Abhi sees Dadi from the glass and cries.

Doctor comes out and asks how is Dadi? I want to meet her once, she will be fine meeting me. Doctor says sorry, your Dadi is not in this world. Everyone cries. Abhi is shocked. Everyone go inside and see Dadi. Pragya cries. Abhi says I will wait till she gains consciousness and asks her to open her eyes and asks not to act to die. He tells her that he came to take her. Nurse says she is dead. Abhi cries. Aaliya blames Pragya for Dadi’s death. She says if you haven’t picked the call then this wouldn’t have happened? She says if you haven’t attended Simonika’s call. You would have called Purab’s help. She says Dadi went behind you and died because of you. Abhi says Aaliya is right and says I asked you not to pick Simonika’s call. Pragya says it was not her call. Abhi blames Pragya and says you have broken my trust. He says you are a stubborn woman, because of whom, my Dadi died. He says I have paid for your wrong habit, and says you have killed Dadi, not Simonika.

Pragya says I didn’t know that. Abhi says I asked you to keep my family away from danger. He says I went against my sister because of you, and says she was right that one day I will lose my loved ones. He says I have lost Dadi because of you and have become orphan now. He says whatever I am today is because of Dadi, and says I have nothing with me rather than curse and says you gave me that. Whenever I am in trouble, I used to lie down in her lap and feel peace. He says you have snatched my peace and happiness from my life and calls her inauspicious. He says we have met because of Dadi, and now there is no means of togetherness. He breaks his relation with her. He says every year our relation will have barsi with Dadi’s barsi. I will remember your name, but will forget our relation. He asks her to forget that they loved each other ever. Pragya is shocked.

Abhi says that day was inauspicious and now you will cry staying away from me. He says I have no place for you in my heart. Now I have no sympathy and love for you in my heart and asks her to leave. He her and asks her to get out.

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Dasi tries to stop him. Abhi says she is dead for us with Dadi. Purab and Disha are shocked and cries as Pragya leaves. Pragya walks and comes near the mountains thinking about his words. Judaai song plays…She thinks you left him because of me…Dadi and that’s why I am settling the scores. She falls down from the cliff and closes her eyes.


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