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Note: some scenes were cut out from Tv

Amma ji paces talking / complaining about being here. Supriya is in pain. Niru notices her passing out. He calls out for her. Everyone looks at her and is shocked. Madhvi and Amma ji go to her. Pulkit shouts for lady constable. Madhvi sprinkles water on Supriya. Niru tells Inspector to call Inspector. My DIL has fainted. She needs medical help. Call doc she is pregnant.

Amma ji, Madhvi and Sagar are surprised. Ganga hears constable informing Inspector about Supriya. Ganga requests Inspector to let her go inside now. We can be a little flexible now for a pregnant lady. Yadav ji adds that they cannot keep a pregnant lady inside jail without proper charges. Inspector allows Ganga to go inside.

Pulkit asks Ganga to check Supriya. Everyone gets really worried for her as she isn’t waking up. They take Supriya on a stretcher. Ganga goes with Supriya. Pulkit asks her to promise her she will take care of Supriya and wont let anything happen to her and their baby. Please take care of her. Ganga assures him nothing will happen to Bhabhi. Everything will be fine. Just stay strong. Pulkit is in tears. Sagar holds his shoulder. Pulkit pushes him. It is all because of you! Are you all happy now? You all wanted a girl from a big house! We are in the lockup today because of that same girl! Mom was very interested in bringing a girl from big family. You rejected a girl like Ganga for her. See what happened? He turns to Amma ji next. Dadi always does puja and makes everyone follow her words. Will your puja save my wife and baby now? You spoiled Sagar so much with your love that he cannot control his anger anymore. Are you in your sense now or not? Niru tells him to calm down. Sagar needs our support now. pulkit tells him to do it then. We all are here as criminals because of Sagar today! I wont forgive you ever if anything happens to Supriya today! Niru is shocked this is what you think of Sagar? Sagar says Bhaiya is right. It is my entire fault. It happened because of me only. You are here because of me! It isn’t right. I will set it right. He calls out for a constable. Tell Inspector Sir that my family isn’t responsible for this. I am at fault. Get my family out of here. Constable walks away. Sagar shouts after him. Madhvi and Amma ji are pained to see him thus. Niru calms him down. I know it is very hard but don’t hurt yourself this much. I know you haven’t done anything. You cannot do anything. Be strong. Everything will be fine. Sagar hugs him. I am a very bad person. Don’t forget me ever. He says the same to his mom and Dadi. I don’t deserve forgiveness. I am ashamed of myself. I cannot even look at myself. I am very bad! Niru comforts him. You aren’t bad, son. don’t think like that ever. You are a true and honest person. You love everyone so much. You are a very honest person. This honesty hurts at times. This is the truth. I am not just saying it for the sake of it. You are a good person.

Ganga and Raghav ji wait outside. Nurse informs them that doc has called them inside. Doc shares that Supriya and the baby is perfectly fine now. There is no need to worry. Ganga caresses Supriya’s head. Doc says her BP was low so she passed out. This isn’t good for her condition. We have to keep her away from any kind of stress. It is important to take all the necessary precautions. Ganga assures her they will be careful. Ganga tells Raghav ji to go home. I will stay here tonight. Doc tells her that no one can stay back here with the patient. Ganga argues but Raghav ji makes her understand. She sadly leaves.

Madhvi asks Niru why Inspector called him outside. Niru shares that Raghav ji called. Both Supriya and baby are fine. Supriya will be kept in hospital tonight. She will be under observation. Pulkit is relieved. Sagar hugs his brother who does not respond. He turns his back to him. All the family members look at them.

Ganga comes home. She recalls all the moments in the house with the family members. She suddenly stops in her tracks recalling Janvi’s death and what all happened afterwards. She is in tears. She screams Sagar. Don’t take anyone. Maharaj ji holds her. Calm down.

Ganga looks around and cries. He holds her. don’t cry. No one can understand what God wants. We cannot change what was destined. This isn’t in our hands. She asks him what his God wants. what’s His wish? Ask him. Janvi left us but blamed Sagar big time. Why? Why neither of us could see the burning storm inside her head? She was breaking from inside. Why dint either of us see it? Whatever Janvi did with her life was bad life but she gave such a big punishment to Sagar. She cries. Maharaj ji nods tearfully. She has faith that Sagar will be free as he is innocent. But how will he gain freedom from his pain, from this feeling of doing something wrong? He is breaking down from inside. I know it. I cannot do anything even if I want to. I can feel his pain, but how does it help? I cannot set it right.

What should I do Maharaj ji? She wipes her tears. If Sagar is janvi’s culprit then I too am her culprit. Why did he only get blamed then? We should share this pain equally. Why doesn’t God give me Sagar’s share of pain? How will I be able to see him this way? I cannot see him like this! He comforts her. Control yourself. God will set everything right.

Next morning, Yadav ji tells Chaturvedi Family that he got them bailed. Niru thanks him. Pulkit asks about Supriya from Inspector. He says she is fine. She is discharged from hospital now. You all come out. You have to sign bail papers. Everyone goes out. Sagar is the last one to step out of jail but Inspector locks the door. You have to stay here only. Your bail plea has been rejected by court. Sagar says it is ok. My family is going home. That is enough for me. They are innocent. They haven’t done anything, so thank you! Inspector leaves.

Raghav ji shows papers to constable when Chaturvedi Family comes there. Raghav ji says he got their bail with difficulty. Your track record helped us somehow. Niru apologizes to Yadav for all the troubles. Yadav ji asks them to sign the papers. Pulkit wants to sign first. Niru allows. He is very much worried about Supriya. Pulkit leaves asap. Everyone signs the papers as well. Amma ji asks for Sagar. Niru asks Inspector the same. Yadav ji shares that everyone got bail except Sagar. They are shocked. You know how complicated this case is. There is Sagar’s name on Janvi’s suicide case. We requested Judge Sahab but he dint listen to us. He refused to sign on Sagar’s bail papers. Amma ji asks him Judge Sahab thinks Sagar did this. This cannot be! Sagar is innocent. He can never do this! He can kill someone? God is a witness. Sagar is innocent! Madhvi too panics. Amma ji is right. Sagar cannot do this. I will not go anywhere leaving him. She turns to Niru. Talk to these people and tell them that Sagar can never do this. if they wont leave Sagar then we too wont go. Niru reasons that they cannot prove anything by staying here also. We will appeal in higher court. We have every right to challenge this order. We will see what happens then. Amma ji reprimands him for giving up already. What is this justice where you have to prove an innocent person innocent? You are not at all sympathetic to your son. You are still teaching us law! I don’t accept this. He tries to explain but she stays put. I wont let Sagar stay here alone. I wont leave without him. Where is he? Inspector says you cannot meet her. She insists. Inspector asks Niru to make her understand. You know you cannot meet Sagar now. Niru somehow controls Amma ji.

Ganga comes to meet Sagar. She is in tears to see him standing all alone looking at the wall. He is looks back started as he hears the noise of constable opening the door of his cell. Ganga and Sagar look at each other. They keep looking at each other for a long time. He asks her where she went. You know how I feel completely alone without you. I go far but I cannot handle myself. You took so much time. Where did you go? She replies where she could go. I was here only, with you all the time. I too was bearing this pain with you. You remember how we promised to share everything with each other equally? He says I cannot bear this anymore. She hugs him. They both cry. Music plays. Constable pats at the door with his stick. Ganga and Sagar realise that it was their imagination. Constable tells Ganga to go in fast. You only have 2 minutes.

Ganga comes inside. He tells her to go from here. It is my mistake. I will have to bear the punishment alone. Please go. She wipes her tears. We have shared everything from childhood till today. Remember you said it that my pains are all yours and all my happiness is yours? Now that it is time to share your pain then why are you cheating? He says this is what he has done always with everyone. Janvi, my wife, asked for her right from me but I cheated her. I did the same with my parents. I am a bad son. I have cheated you as well. I always told you that you are my best friend but I dint live up to it. I couldn’t become a real friend which is why this is happening with me. I deserve it. She denies. Not you but I will decide who you are and what you are. This isn’t only your fight. This is mine too. We will have to be strong. This has just begun. We have to go through a lot. If we fall weak then we wont be able to win it. He says you don’t understand but she counters him. You never understand. You always do what you wish. But I wont let it happen this time. I am also equally stubborn like you. I will get you justice! You recall the childhood game where you said, Ganga if you are out then I am also out? Just think that if you sink then Ganga will also sink. This Ganga cannot let you sink in the darkness of pain. You trust me this much, right? Constable says time is up. Ganga wipes his tears and takes a step back. Music plays. They keep looking at each other till she goes out.

Niru asks Amma ji if she thinks he is not pained to see Sagar in lockup. We are helpless right now. I said we will apply for bail again. you wont be allowed to meet Sagar till then so stop requesting Inspector. She retorts that she doesn’t understand anything. Say all these legal things to your Inspector, not to the Dadi who is yearning for her grandson. I will not go home without Sagar. You are such a big judge. Get your son out of there. Why don’t you understand? Are you a father or an enemy? He tells her to call him anything or curse him but he is helpless right now. She refuses to move from here till Sagar comes out of jail. I don’t trust police. They can misbehave with him. She sits down on the ground outside police station itself. Madhvi tries to make her understand but Amma ji stays put. You can go if you want. You both can go but I wont go anywhere leaving my Sagar. Ganga keeps a hand at her shoulder. You are the eldest person of Chaturvedi Family, Amma ji of such a big Judge Sahab, and the Dadi of a great lawyer. You cannot sit outside police station like this. What will people say? Control yourself and come home. Amma ji says you will want this only. You would want Sagar to rot in jail only. We raised you up to see this day? I know you very well. I know how happy you must be thinking I dint let you marry Sagar and now you have lost him. She again blames Ganga for everything. She ate all the happiness of our house. Niru is in disbelief. You blame Ganga for this as well? If Sagar is in lockup today then it isn’t because of Ganga then why! Ganga stops him. Let Amma ji say whatever she wants to. She and I, we both know she isn’t upset from me but situation. But what to do? Blame Ganga like always. She does not mean it but in anger. If she feels at peace after cursing me then I don’t have any problem. Am I right Amma ji? Amma ji says you enjoy rubbing salt to our wounds. You are taunting us now as you got a chance. If it was up to you then we would all have been inside jail. You are unhappy to see us outside, right? Raghav ji says what you are saying. You all got bail because of Ganga only. She met everyone, went everywhere and requested, begged everyone. She gave her personal guarantee and that is how you all got bail finally. Everyone is shocked. Niru looks at Ganga. Yadav ji confirms it. Ganga only got you all bailed on her personal guarantee. Amma ji asks her why she dint get Sagar out then. You call him your friend and you can do anything for him. You even put vermilion on your forehead for his life. What happened to your oath now? I want Sagar like always. I want him back. Bring him back for me anyhow. I wont hear anything. If you don’t get him out then I will die! Throw away this old woman’s lifeless body somewhere then. She cries. I want my grandson. Niru comforts her. Ganga says you are right. I only have brought your grandson back every time. I only will get him out this time too. Sagar will come back. I will bring him back. This is my promise to you and to myself!

Ganga is with Yadav ji. I know Sagar is innocent. He can never do anything which can cause problem for anyone. There must be some way to save him. Yadav ji denies. I already told Niru I wont be able to help Sagar in this case. The note that Janvi left puts him in a tight spot. Plus the doubt comes on in-laws only if anything happens to the DIL before the 7 years of her marriage is complete. I wont even want injustice to happen with Sagar in this case. I am sure some other good lawyer will defend and free him. It’s a lost case. Ganga requests him not to leave the case in the middle. You are Babu’s friend. you cannot do this to him. You are such a big lawyer. You can do a lot if you try. He politely declines. She sadly leaves.

Amma ji cries at home for Sagar. Someone bring him back or I will die.

Sudha tells her to calm down. This is a problem for everyone. How will Madhvi manage herself if you break down? Niru ji is trying his best. Nothing will happen to Sagar. Amma ji nods. Maharaj ji brings milk for them but neither Amma ji not Madhvi takes it. Sudha tries to make Amma ji understand but she stays put.

Pulkit brings Supriya home. Madhvi goes to the other side of the house to ask about Supriya and the baby. Pulkit says there is some weakness. Amma ji makes Maharaj ji bring fruits. It isn’t good to have an empty stomach in this situation. Supriya asks her if she ate anything. Everyone goes quiet. Supriya asks Madhvi as well. Supriya refuses to eat without them. Pulkit takes her inside. Madhvi says this isn’t right. Supriya has to take care of the baby. If she wont eat then!

Ganga is on her way home. She thinks of lawyer’s words and of her promise to Amma ji. Who will fight Saagr’s case now? Who to ask for help? Sagar has been with me always in every problem. I cannot do anything today when you are in problem. I don’t know who to ask help from. Who can help you get justice?

Pulkit wants to bring something for Supriya to eat but she refuses. Amma ji, MAdhvi, Sudha and Maharaj ji come there. Don’t act careless. This is not just your baby but the heir of our family. what can we do if your husband fought with us? This is our right. He cannot snatch it from us. Maharaj ji brings juice for her but Supriya shakes her head. I wont eat without all of you. First you all will eat and then I will. Everyone is touched. Amma ji agrees. She feeds apple to Madhvi. She sits down to feed Supriya next when Madhvi feeds her apple. Supriya finally eats from Amma ji’s hands. Sudha is relieved.

Palash is getting ready. His mom says Sagar’s family is back. I met Maharaj ji in market. He said everyone is worried and shaken. Hope no enemy even gets to see such a day. Sagar is such a nice boy. I don’t believe it that he can do this. What do you think? He instead asks for the tea in her hand. She asks him for reply. You help the world get justice. Sagar is your good friend and Ganga’s childhood friend. Maharaj ji said she has roamed in every corner of the city and met everyone. Why don’t you do anything for them? He says I am not their lawyer. She says what then. Ganga is your would be wife. That family has raised her up. She will be worried for them. He thinks of what he saw on the day of incident. He holds his mother’s hand. You might get hurt hearing what I will just tell you. Ganga, who you want to make your DIL, she! Ganga storms in just then. Will you fight Sagar’s case? Only you can save him. I have come here with hope. Palash’s mom says yes but he tells her to let him handle it. Please bring water for Ganga. She goes inside.

Palash says Niru is not a normal person. He is high court judge. He can hire way better and experienced lawyer to save his son. Why me then? She says that after reading Janvi’s suicide note no one is ready to take the case. You fight with zeal for truth. I haven’t seen it in anyone else. You will fight this case, right? She folds her hands before him. Please save my Sagar. Palash’s mom hears it as well. Palash notices her too. Why should I save Sagar? As far as I know him, he is very impulsive, short tempered kind of person. Ganga denies. he is kiddish and short tempered but he cannot hurt anyone ever. He asks Ganga if he never hurt her or his family never misbehaved with her. She says whatever he did to me is between him and me. Whoever told you about his family ill-treating me has obviously told a lie. I am standing on my feet today because of that family only. If it wasn’t for Babu then I would have been either in a widow ashram or died. Bahu ji and Amma ji loved me immensely. He says sagar showed you so many dreams but married Janvi. You still trust him? If it was any other girl in your place then she wouldn’t have looked at him even. Why are you still pleading and begging me to save him? The Ganga I know has not bent down before anyone. She is a person who loves her self-esteem over everything else. You talk today of saving Sagar before me by folding your hands. What has happened to you? Leave it on fate. He will get free if he is innocent or he will get punished if he is a culprit. You cannot get anything out it. You will not get anything. Why do you want to free Sagar? He asks it repeatedly. She ends up saying she loves Sagar. Palash is sad. She says I love Sagar a lot. I have loved him since childhood, only him. Whatever be the circumstances my love never decreased for him. I lied to him many times after his marriage that I don’t love him anymore, but it was all a lie. I cannot forget him and can never will. He married Janvi. I couldn’t do it then also. You cannot understand what he is for me. I will love him till my last breath. This is my love. this is the punishment of my love. She cries. Palash composes himself.

Palash’s mom stands near the door in shock. Palash takes the glass from her and gives water to Ganga. She says Ganga is because of Sagar. If there is no Sagar then there is no Ganga. Ganga will die and dry up without Sagar. She folds her hands before him again. Please save my Sagar Sir. He says everything is crystal clear now. I understand everything now. Sagar created a lot of confusion but there is none now. Your friendship and love, everything is clear. He makes her get up. Stop crying now. She drinks water on his insistence. I am ready to fight this case. She is happy. He tells her to bring all the files. I have to make preps and go to police station. She thanks him. You have done a huge favour on me. He sends her to get the files before he changes his decision. She leaves.

Palash’s mom keeps her hand at her son’s shoulder. He wipes a tear out of the corner of his eye. This is what I wanted to tell you. The dream that you are seeing for her can never be complete. I couldn’t give her ring that day also as I was not sure if what I am doing is right or not. But when I went to Chaturvedi House on the day of Janvi’s death, I saw them both breaking down and cry hugging each other. Their bonding was so clear. I realised there is more than friendship there. I am sorry Ma. I had to be rude to get her talking. I doubt myself at times. They are joined by a thread since childhood which can never break or can weaken. It is good that I realised it in time or I would have done the same mistake that Sagar did. I dint want to ruin lives of 3 people. She is worried for him. You liked a girl after so much difficulty. Will you be able to like someone again? He says it depends on you. She promises to find such a girl for him. He suggests doing it later. I have to go to police station. She sweetly caresses his face and hugs him.

Janvi’s post-mortem report still hasn’t come. It is taking time for blood tests maybe. Janvi’s dead body was handed over to her family. Palash wants to meet Sagar. Inspector says he went for her last rites. Gaga informs Pulkit.

Pulkit tells the family members about Janvi’s last rites happening at the moment. Sagar has also been taken there. Amma ji advises him to go. She was the DIL of our house. Sagar will be alone. He needs you. Madhvi too tells him to go. we are here with Supriya. Supriya too nods at Pulkit who finally leaves. Pulkit notices them taking care of Supriya.

Janvi’s family has gathered for Janvi’s last rites. The family members glare at Sagar. Palash and Ganga reach there just then. Janvi’s brother holds his collar. Why did you do this to Janvi? I considered you my friend but you are a cheater! She loved you. She only wanted to spend life with you. You killed her! Janvi’s mother takes him away. Ganga cries seeing this. Pulkit comes there as well. Pundit ji asks for Janvi’s husband to do some last minute rituals. Sagar steps forward. Ganga too goes closer. Janvi’s father stops Sagar from putting vermilion in Janvi’s forehead. You are Janvi’s killer! I wont even let his shadow fall on her, let alone do her last rites! Just leave. Sagar requests him to let him do it. This one ritual is to be done by Janvi’s husband. Janvi’s father refuses to let him do it. Ganga intervenes. Don’t snatch this right from Sagar. Let him do Janvi’s last rites. I understand your anger but think about Janvi. She loved Sagar. Like every wife it will be her wish to leave this world as a married woman only. She would want Sagar to her last rites only. Please agree for Janvi’s sake. Don’t snatch this right from Sagar. She requests Janvi’s mother too. Pundit ji seconds her. Every married woman has the same wish. It helps get them peace in the other world. Janvi’s mother makes her husband understand. We can do this much for Janvi’s sake. He cries. Sagar puts vermilion in Janvi’s forehead and does all the necessary rituals. Everyone is crying by the end. Ganga holds Sagar. He cries hugging her. Palash looks on. Janvi’s brother gets angry seeing them thus. When you both loved each other so much then why did you spoil my sister’s life? Why did you kill her? Sagar says don’t say so. I dint kill her. He refuses to believe it. Janvi knew about your affair yet she wanted to marry you. I tried to make her understand but in vain.

Janvi’s father thinks of Sagar’s concern for Ganga all the time. He holds Sahil and comforts him. Now I understand what happened with my daughter. You both killed her. She was the biggest obstacle in your way so you killed her. Palash says you are wrong. This is not the case. Janvis father says I was thinking wrong till date but I know the truth now. I will get Sagar punished. Ganga says I understand your pain and anger but you cannot get an innocent punished. This isn’t justice! Janvi’s father asks Ganga if she will tell him what justice is. I wont spare my daughter’s killer! You both will have to bear the punishment of your act. You killed my daughter to save your illegitimate relation. She says you don’t understand what you are saying in anger. You speak of revenge. He is not interested in learning law from her but she only wants to remind him of the oath he took before becoming a judge. You cannot get an innocent punished. If you are bent upon getting Sagar punished then I too am determined to prove him innocent!

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