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Niru keeps getting Madhvi’s call. What do I tell her? How to tell her about all that has happened here? Janvi’s father asks him if he won’t tell the truth to everyone. I cannot believe it that a judge’s Son is involved in such a case. Things will clear out as the case will progress.

You and your family will be proved the culprit! Probably you all forced her to that drug overdose? Niru points out how he only asked Sagar to fight a case against the very same company that made those drugs. You hid the truth from Sagar and misled him. Your daughter died because of the same company, yet you blame him? Janvi’s father nods. why not! You got my daughter married to your Son in our absence. We weren’t happy, but agreed for our daughter’s sake. Neither your son nor your family deserve forgiveness! She didn’t get any happiness in that house. I will prove it in court one day that Sagar is responsible for her death! I have lost my daughter. You will understand it the day you lose your Son. I will make sure it happens one day! I will get Sagar purnished! Niru has full faith in Sagar. He is innocent. He cannot harm anyone. I am sure it will be proved in court sooner or later.

Palash asks Gangaa how she skipped such an important point? You are a law student. How can you make such a big mistake? I cannot believe it! She apologizes to him. So much happened in the past few days that I didn’t think of it. I am really sorry. He asks her what had happened exactly? She tells him about Sagar marrying her. Palash is angry hearing it all. He is too stupid. I canot understand him. I can’t believe he could take such extreme steps in anger. I also believe it now that Sagar only made Janvi habitual to drugs! She looks at him. I know I am sorry. I called your Sagar wrong. Your Sagar cannot do anything wrong, right? She nods. I had to take time from court as I knew nothing. She speaks of the photos. He plans to use it in the hearing. She seeks his permission to meet Sagar. He allows her.

Sagar keeps thinking of Sabharwal’s logics. Gangaa sits down next to him. Are you okay? He is all quiet. She holds his hand. Don’t worry. You don’t have to give up. We have found a really important clue. You will get bailed out. What were you preoccupied with in Court? What has happened? Tell me. Are you disturbed by Sabharwal’s words or is it something else? I am telling you. Nothing will happen to you. Why are you so quiet? What are you thinking? Tell me at least. Please. Don’t be all quiet please. The Constable comes to take him back inside. The hearing is about to start. He goes with them. Gangaa is in thoughts.

Palash presents the photos in court. They prove that someone is trying to frame him falsely. They were taken in a gap of half an hour. The latter one has suicide letter. It proves that there was some third person in the room other than Janvi and Sagar as well. That person planted this letter very smartly to trap Sagar. I request you to bail my client till the charges are proved. Gangaa prays that the judge gives judgement in their favour.

Sagar thinks of how mean he has been to Janvi over time and again. I want to say something. The Judge allows him. Sagar calls himself responsible for Janvi’s death shocking everyone. I only rushed into this marriage. I married her without her parent’s knowing about it. I misbehaved with her. She took drugs because of me. I tortured her a lot, physically, mentally. She started becoming weak. It wouldn’t have happened if I had given her love and respect. All the charges are right. I am ready for any punishment! Gangaa is in tears. What are you saying? Palash says my Client is saying all this being emotional. I need to talk to him. He is not in the right frame of mind.

The Judge questions Sagar on the same thing. Sagar replies that there is no pressure on him. What I said is the truth. The Judge asks for a written statement? Gangaa shakes her head at Sagar. Palash looks at them. Sagar agrees to give it in writing. Sagar and Palash look at each other. Palash looks upset. The Judge orders to keep Sagar in custody till he gives the written statement. We will announce a final decision then. The court is adjourned. Janvi’s father angrily tells Sagar that this is what he deserves! This is what should have happened to you. You will spend the rest of your life in jail now. You have killed my daughter. You are a murderer! Sagar is taken away. Gangaa goes after him.

Gangaa asks Sagar why he did this? Who gave you the chance to ruin your life? Why will you get punished for what you haven’t done? Sagar says I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t kill her with my hands, but I am the reason behind it. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t married her. It is my mistake. It is all because of me! I am responsible for it. I should be purnished! She tries to make him understand that he isn’t responsible for it. Maybe she didn’t commit suicide. Someone has probably killed her! Why did you take all the blame on yourself? You were all quiet since you came here. I was sure there was something that was troubling you. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have done something had you told me. She cries. He knew it already. I knew that you think I am very stubborn. I don’t think of anything by thinking it through. I have thought a lot this time and then took this decision. I know no one will be happy by this decision. Everyone is very much worried for me. They all love me a lot. They will wish the best for me. But I deserve this. This only should happen with me! You all will understand sooner or later.

The Inspector wants to take him with him. Gangaa again asks Sagar to take his statement back! I will free you from this blame. You haven’t done anything. You won’t purnish yourself. Pulkit also asks him how he could have done that. Sagar replies that he did the right thing. The Inspector says we are getting late. Let us go. Gangaa shouts after Sagar. Pulkit holds her. She still keeps shouting after him. Pulkit tells her that he won’t listen to anyone. She cries. He tells her not to give up. What will happen to others if you give up? We will talk to him. Papa will make him understand. Gangaa wonders where Sir is. Did he get upset by Sagar’s words and left for home? I have to talk to him. She runs out of the court followed by Pulkit. Palash has witnessed it all.

Amma ji and Madhvi wait anxiously at home. Gangaa and Pulkit comes home. Amma ji asks about Sagar? Niru came just now. He didn’t say anything. He went directly to his study room. Where is Sagar?

Amma ji realises Sagar dint get bail. Pulkit nods. Amma ji taunts Ganga. You speak so much all the time. Where is my Sagar now? I made a mistake by trusting her. She can only talk. I am mad to trust her. I had hope from you for the first time but you broke them all. This is what you have done since childhood. Pulkit tries to explain but Ganga signals him not to tell them the truth. Ganga yet again tells Amma ji she has full faith she will bring Sagar home in the next hearing. Amma ji refuses to do the mistake of trusting her again. She leaves. MAdhvi asks them if they are lying. Is he fine? Pulkit nods and leaves. Ganga tells her that hope only keeps one alive. I still haven’t given up. Sagar will be out in the next hearing. Trust me.

Niru thinks of Sagar’s statement in the court. Ganga switches on the lights. He sits up surprised. We lost Sagar for forever. He is in tears. She controls her emotions and wipes his tears. Don’t say this. We should not stop hoping till we are breathing. I promise to bring Sagar back come what may. I promise you. Pulkit adds that why will he be punished when he hasn’t done anything wrong. He will come back for sure. Niru looks at him in shock. Pulkit says I know you are angry with me. I too am angry with myself. I don’t know what had happened to me but I realise my mistake now. I am sorry. Will you forgive me? Niru holds his hands and hugs him. I have understood it today how much one ray of hope matters to someone in dark. I had begun to feel weak but not now. My son is with me. I have aged. I cannot take too much stress. Pulkit stops him from saying so. I am with you. You have two sons. Sagar will also come back. We will be with you always I promise.

Palash’s mom is on her way to Kolkata. He is speaking to her on phone. Ganga comes there. She notices a fallen piece of paper. She is shocked to find the papers related to the case in dustbin. Why did he throw them? She begins to join them. Palash ends the call. Ganga asks Palash if he threw these papers by mistake. He denies. I did it intentionally. She asks him why. He reasons that there is nothing left in the case now after Sagar’s confession. It is impossible to bail him out now. The sooner you understand it the better. She says how you can say so. There are so many questions now which we have to figure out. Investigation is also incomplete. How can you give up this soon? he replies that it is Sagar who lost. She insists that Sagar is not responsible for Janvi’s death. He talks of proofs. Why did he confess his crime if it’s a lie? I cannot understand anything. She asks him if he cannot understand it all or does not want to. He is confused. She asks him if he is trying to ignore the truth intentionally. You have to fight the case for the man who loves the girl who you also love. You want him to get death penalty? You want him to rot in jail? You want him to get punished so your way is clear? Palash angrily retorts that she said the right thing. He hands her all the things related to case. Thanks for telling me what you think about me. Join these papers and read them well. You are a law student. You will realise what’s important or not. If you still think I am taking revenge then I am better off this case. I have nothing to do with this case or your life!

Ganga is rearranging the papers. They may not be important but they might carry some clue which can help us in some way. I don’t know if I did right by trusting him or not. I hope to find one proof somehow but from where will I get it!

Palash takes out the copy of forensic report from a drawer. He recalls Inspector telling him about a syringe found in Janvi’s room. They carry someone else’s fingerprints other than Sagar. It means Sagar isn’t involved. Inspector only told Sabharwal about it. Palash offers to tell Ganga himself. He reads the report. This can free you Sagar. Sabharwal wont use it as it will weaken his case only. It will strengthen our case though. It is such an important proof. It can make me win this case and free you. But the question is would I like to use it? He eyes the report.

Ganga realises that it is the report given by doc. It has already been submitted in court. It isn’t needed that much. What did I do? I doubted Sir’s intentions. How could I not think he would never want something wrong for Sagar?

Palash burns the papers. You are such an emotional fool Ganga. Anyone can play with your emotions anytime and as they wish. You did exactly what I wanted you to. You were right. I want to sabotage this case. I want to lose a case for the first time in life. You would know by now that that paper wasn’t actually important. You must be blaming, cursing yourself for doubting me but you would trust me more than today tomorrow. You will come to apologize to me tomorrow morning itself! Yes Ganga, you will do the exact same thing!

Ganga is tensed. What did I do? I doubted someone who goes to any extent to help people get justice? How will I face him! Supriya comes to tell her that Amma ji has high fever. Doc is here but she isn’t taking medicines. Pulkit is not at home. Ganga tells her to call Pulkit Bhaiya. She goes to Amma ji’s room.

Doc gives medicine to Madhvi to give to Amma ji. Amma ji asks for Sagar in her semi-conscious state. Send him back Lord. Take my life instead. Madhvi takes Ganga outside.

Madhvi asks Ganga if she saw Amma ji’s state. Do something. Fulfil your promise. Bring Sagar home for a day. Ganga agrees. I will do whatever I can. Where is Babu? Madhvi replies that he went to Delhi to find some way. You promised to bring Sagar home. Amma ji and I trusted you. Do something. Bring him home atleast for a day. Ganga says it will happen. We will all try together and find a way. Calm down. You only have to take care of Amma ji. I will try my best to bring Sagar home. Madhvi says don’t try. Bring him back at any cost. Ganga promises her.

Ganga thinks to apologize to Palash right away. I have to make him get Sagar bail somehow or Amma ji will die crying.

Palash disconnects Ganga’s calls. She thinks I know you are upset with me but please talk to me once. Don’t punish Sagar and Amma ji for my mistake. He cuts her call again. No, it wont be so easy for you to save Sagar. It wont happen the way you want. I will see how you save Sagar and bring him home.

Sabharwal reads a so called statement before Sagar. Sagar is made to sign on it. Inspector says you wrote it, not Sagar. Sabharwal nods. but whatever is written in it is Sagar’s version only. Sagar is about to sign it when Palash enters. He tells Sagar to stop. This is your suicide note made by Sabharwal. You yourself are a lawyer. How did you fall in their words? He reprimands them for forcing Sagar to sign any paper. Sagar says no one forced me. Palash insists he is his lawyer. You will sign the papers I will ask you to. Sagar feels they are right but Palash tells him to leave it on court. He tears the statement readied by Sabharwal. He tells Inspector that Sagar got parole for some time. He presents the papers to him. He tells Sagar he will have to go home for a while. Your Dadi is unwell. Sagar panics. Sagar leaves with Pulkit and two constables. Palash sits down with the Inspector to complete the formalities.

Amma ji’s BP is very low. Doc speaks of giving her IV. Madhvi requests Amma ji to eat something or she will become all the more weak. Amma ji keeps taking Sagar’s name. Doc leaves.

Madhvi asks Ganga why she is still here. I told you to bring Sagar anyhow. Amma ji’s condition is worsening. Hope she does not die taking his name only. Ganga denies. I am thinking about that only. Pulkit says he is here. Madhvi is in tears to see Sagar finally home. She hugs him. Ganga is also surprised and teary eyed. Madhvi asks about his wounds. Where were you? Your Dadi isn’t eating anything. I cannot even cry. Don’t leave us now. We cannot live without you. He calms her down. I wont go anywhere now. Everything will be fine. Don’t cry before Dadi. He goes with her.

Pulkit tells Gangaa that Palash had helped Sagar come out of jail on parole and she is sad that she had mistrusted him.

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