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This is fate 31 December 2021: Kritika standing appreciates Prithvi for revealing the true face of Mahira, Prithvi replies what is she thanking him when he considers them to be his own family and would do anything to safeguard their interests, Mahira was creating problems in the house, she would ruin the house, he will not let anyone harm the family, Kritika hugs him saying that he is a really nice person.

Rishab also sits in front of Rakhi who is crying, Sherlin exclaims she knows they all are really tensed about what has happened and knows they might not be happy but there is a way, they should get Prithvi and Kritika married as it is the only way, Dadi also agrees with Sherlin, she referring to Sanjana and Sarla mentions that Rakhi wanted to personally come and give them the cards but was not able to, she asks Preeta to bring the cards from the room, she will also see it and give them both the cards.

Preeta is walking in the hall, Mahira comes saying she would be really happy to see Mahira is leaving, Preeta replies that she doesnot have any time to fight with her so Preeta mentions she doesnot know what is the reason Prithvi and Sherlin went against her but if she has actually killed the unborn child of Sherlin, she should be glad they are just throwing her out of the house because had it been any other family she would be in jail, Mahira vows to come back and take revenge from each and every one, Preeta questions why is she still talking of taking the revenge when she would not be allowed to come back to the house, Mahira vows to destroy the lives of Shelrin and Prithvi after which she would target Preeta, Shristhi coming asks why is she threatening her and should do what she feels, Mahira turns to leave, Shristhi makes her fall, she then helps Mahira stand exclaiming that she would come back.

Mahira reaches the balcony and is looking while crying, Prithvi coming from behind says that he warned he would ruin her dreams after what she has done to Sherlin, Mahira exclaims it is not the end and she will come back to ruin their lives, Prithvi asks if she still doesnot understand that they are destruction in themselves she cannot do anything wrong with them, Mahira replies that nothing has changed as she is still associated with them, she will ruin their lives, Prithvi advises her to take her bag and go downstairs as he ahs called an auto for her, Mahira turns to leave thinking her story is not finished, she will return to destroy the lives of Prithvi and Sherlin.

Shristhi exclaims everything happened for the good as now one of the chapters is closed, Preeta asks what she means, Shristhi exclaims she cannot understand what has happened as why would Prithvi want to reveal the truth about Mahira because she was the friend of Sherlin and Prithvi, she is glad that Mahira went from their lives, she has always wronged Preeta and tried to create problems in her relationship with Karan.

Shristhi exclaims now they would be able to focus on their first mission, Preeta questions what she means, Shristhi replies that Mahira just came into their lives, and they have to reveal the truth about Prithvi because if he gets married with Kritika it would ruin the lives of not only Kritika but the entire Luthra family, Shristhi asks why Preeta is not saying anything, Preetareplies Shristhi is also saying the same thing.

Preeta reveals that she doesnot want to fight with Prithvi and Sherlin because they always play at some other level, whenever they try to expose them, it causes problems for themselves, she doesnot want to feel bad in front of the family, she would no longer try to expose anyone as she has left it to Bhagwan, Shrishti asks what is she saying, Preeta also advises her to not do anything of the sort, Shristhi was not present in the house and did not see how Rakhi was crying in the baby’s room and was also crying after coming back toi her own room and in that state of distress she only said one thing that only the marriage of Prithvi and Kritika can mend their emotions, she also has to look after her family and cannot create a sense of tension, when they tried to reveal the truth to Kritika she threatened both Rishab and Karan, she has to take care of the relation and will leave everything to Bhagwan.

Shristhi standing asks if she would leave her foes to the will of Bhagwan, Preeta exclaims they have tried to expose the truth, but it never benefited them, so she just desires to take care of the family and focus on her relations.

Mahesh asks Rishab if Sameer brought the medicine, Rishab replies the medicine was not available at the store so he went to find it someplace else, it might take some time, Sherlin says to Rakhi that she is not feeling seeking permission to go back to her room, Rakhi offers to take her but Kritika stopping her offers to help Sherlin instead.

Preeta comes downstairs with the invitation cards, she hands them to Dadi who gives them to Sarla and Sanjana, Dadi exclaims they both have to be present at the wedding because the daughters are a means to join two families so now they all are a single family, she asks Janki why is she still quiet, Janki replies what can she say because they came to inquire about the health of Shelrin and meet with Rakhi jee, however she is glad that one of the enemy has left their house as now Preeta can live without any worries.
Mahesh stands up saying it is time for his medicine so he must leave, Prithvi also consoles Rakhi jee, Rishab leaves the hall going upstairs, Dadi exclaims if the marriage of Prithvi and Kritika brings happiness to the family then they will hold the wedding tomorrow, she exclaims that prithvi has proved to be a son of the Luthra family as he always cares for everyone and even tries to care for everyone, Sarla tries to leave saying she would surely be present at the wedding.

Rishab is sitting alone, Karan comes to him questioning what has happened but Rishab tries to deny anything has happened, Rishab hugging Karan exclaims he can hide it from himself but not Karan, Rishab explains that he might be a bad person, Karan asks who said it to him, Rishab replies that he is crying but not feeling anything, he is feeling bad for Sherlin but not having the emotions of a father, Mahesh hears their conversation from behind the doors, so comes and both Karan and Rishab are shocked, Mahesh replies that he heard everything and now knows there is nothing wrong with what Rishab is feeling because he is of the same intuition, he explains that when Rishab was born he did not feel anything but felt the sense of fatherhood when Rakhi placed him in his hand, and he can see how their relation has been as a father and son, he is sure that Rishab would be a great father, Rishab hugs Mahesh exclaiming that he has removed a lot of gilt from his heart.

Sherlin is in her room, Prithvi coming inside takes her hand, she mentions he has proven he sincerely loves and can do anything for her, Prithvi replies he can even give his own life, she asks if he can take a life for her, Prithvi agrees, he sits to say that Sherlin has said which was not expected of her by saying that those who give happiness also have the right to be happy and he must be married to the daughter of the house which is really amazing, Sherlin replies it is because she has come to realize that their hearts are still connected even if they are married to different people, Kritika enters the door,

Prithvi immediately hides, she asks Sherlin who was she talking to, Sherlin replies she was talking to her love, Kritika thinks that she might not have forgotten her child, she sitting explains what Sherlin has suffered is beyond the suffering which a women can bear but what has happened is in the past and her love is also loved by everyone in the family, she must not worry about the past because she will surely pray that Sherlin get what she deserves but for now needs to rest as she is really weak, Sherlin thinks Kritika is right as because of her Prithvi will always be in the Luthra mansion but if he starts being nice because of her polite talk, Kritika will become her biggest enemy and would not be able to live peacefully.

Preeta sitting with Rakhi exclaims she knows this pain is really big but like the elders say that after every pain the happiness always comes, Rakhi accepts she would not be able to forgive herself because she was not able to be a nice mother in law, Preeta mentions she must not feel like this because she is the mother of her daughter in law and not just the mother of her sons, Rakhi exclaims she might have made a mistake as if she had taken good care of Sherlin when she was at her seven month pregnancy, Rakhi asks with what purpose was Mahira staying in her house, she was present because of her friendship with Ramona but she should not have stayed in the house.

Preeta requests Rakhi to not think like this because it would only cause more sorrow, Rakhi replies that she always knew Mahira was trying to create differences in the relation of Preeta and Karan and had she not let Mahira stay things would have been different, she tried to send her away, but Mahira insisted that she would leave when her studies were complete. Preeta replies that at some point in her life she was not able to live and even a day felt like months, people used to say that Preeta is really strong and adamant but in reality, she was broken then Sarla one day told her that just like the good time of her life went away, so will these times of pain, she must remain strong. Rakhi replies that Preeta is right as it just takes a small match to light the beacon of hope and for their family it is the wedding of Kritika and Prithvi which will once again cause happiness in their lives, Kritika standing at the door is weeping, she exclaims that everything would be perfect just like Rakhi dreams.

Dadi advises the worker to decorate the house like it have never before been decorated, she sees Kritika so questions why is she sad when it is her wedding, Kritika exclaims it is her Rasam but why have Mahesh and Rakhi not come, Dadi consoles her saying they will surely come, Karina enters with Rakhi and Mahesh, Kritika immediately goes to hug them both saying that she is really glad they came, Dadi exclaims Kritika loves them both more than her real mother, this sort of love is really rare, Karina replies she sometimes feels that Kritika is not her daughter.

Preeta asks them all to come, Kritika sits at the Mandap beside Mahesh, Preeta asks her to close her eyes as the bride cannot see the clothes before the wedding, Rishab replies that he doesnot trust her and she will open her eyes, he therefore covers her eyes with his hand, Preeta helps Rakhi and Mahesh fulfill the ritual, after it is finished Rishab lifts his hand, she exclaims that she feels now she is getting married, Karina asks if it is because she has performed the Rasam but she replies it is because Mahesh performed the ritual, she hugs him, Rishab asks her to not get so emotional as she has not even left the house so save her tears.

Prithvi is in his room wearing the wedding clothes, exclaiming that today he will get married to Kritika who is the key to the wealth of this house, he will never be suspected again because the entire family thinks that he has saved the elder daughter in law of this family, he will always be treated with respect, he will now be able to fulfil his desire and take the revenge from the Luthra’s. he gets a text from an unknown number which starts that he should not celebrate the end before it has already occurred as she will come back, he thinks it is Mahira, he replies he is not afraid of her threatens she can do whatever she desires and warns her to get lost forever.

Shristhi on the other end thinks she was right because Prithvi in the anger did not even care to see who has texted her, Shrishti think that she was right and now would make sure Prithvi doesnot get married to Kritika, she doesnot even the help of Preeta and under the situation it is right but she will not let him get married to Kritika, todays night would be his last night in the house as she would have him thrown out of the house.

In the night Karina and Dadi are welcoming the guests, Sherlin standing upstairs thinks that she is feeling wrong so something might happen, she thinks who might it be when even Mahira is not in the house, she thinks it is only Shristhi who can end the marriage, Shristhi greets Dadi who questions why did she come alone, she explains Sarla and Janki were not ready so she came to enjoy at the wedding, she goes to greet Preeta who explains she is glad that Shristhi has arrived as now she can help her, Shristhi exclaims she is a guest but Preeta sends her to look after the preparations in the kitchen, Sherlin standing upstairs thinks she feels by looking at them both that they have given up which is why they are working with such intensity.

Rishab comes to Shelrin asking what she is thinking standing alone, she replies she is just looking at the wedding preparations, Rishab exclaims she should look at the wedding as nothing important is happening now and she must rest, Sherlin wonders why does he try to be so sweet because she hates those who try to be her enemy but is always suspicious of those who are so nice, Rishab walks downstairs he greets the guests, Shristhi walking to him greets him, she exclaims he is the only one in this house seeing whom she gets a smile on her face, she exclaims she loves him, Rishab asks her to stop and never say anything of the sort to anyone else as they might try to stalk her, she asks what was so wrong,

he replies he has a certain image that he is always strict which he sometimes is in order to get the work done so he sometimes act, Karina gets mad seeing that Shristhi is smiling with Rishab. Shristhi asks him to send his employees to her as she will inform them there is no need to be afraid of him and that he is like a coconut and is hard from the outside but is loving from the inside, he explains that she would then have to come and finish his office work.

Karina seeing asks Dadi for her leave, she asks Rishab to go and see if Karan is ready as he has still not come downstairs, Shristhi tries to leave, Karina asks her to stay away from her son, Shristhi question what she is trying to say, Karina replies that he has just recently lost his child so is emotionally broken and gets attracted with anyone who is polite with him. Karina exclaims there is no need to emotionally support him and if she tries then Karina will make it certain that she is barred from entering the house, Shristhi asks why Karina always thinks that they are always trying to take advantage of anyone, Karina warns her to think what she has said.

Shristhi walking sees Preeta talking with the guests and recalls when Preeta said that she would no longer help her, she doesnot need her help and has found someone else.

Rakhi and Dadi are standing when Sanjana comes along with Prithvi’s mother, Karina hugs Sanjana who questions about Sherlin, Dadi asks her to go and see her as she is in her room, Sanjana leaves when Prithvi’s mother also asks about him, and she is send to the guest room.

Prithvi in the room is eating the bananas wondering when anyone will come to bring him informing that it is time for the auspicious occasion, Sherlin enters the room, he asks what has happened as she should be happy he is getting married, Sherlin replies she has a feeling that something wrong might happen, Prithvi is adamant that nothing wrong can happen to them, she advises him to not be so over confident as this is what exactly Mahira thought and she was thrown out of the house, there is a time for everything and now she feels their time has also come, Prithvi asks why does she forgot who wanted her to get thrown out of the Luthra Mansion, he relies she was only thrown out after she hurt Sherlin.

Prithvi then asks who does she think can go against them, She recalls Shristhi, Prithvi explains she only talks big but is not able to do anything, he replies that neither Preeta and nor Shristhi can do anything about them but there are only two people who can harm them, it is them both, he blames Sherlin for not thinking straight when she is angry and was trying to kill Preeta and if she had then she would have died, he would have also died. They both hear that Sherlin’s mother is fighting, he explains now he knows she is like her mother, they both rush and ask their mothers to be calm as it might create a lot of problems, Prithvi’s mother says a lot of bad things to Sherlin which angers her, she says it would be a blessing when her son gets married to Kritika and is away from Shelrin, she threatens to not like the marriage happen and is about to leave, Prithvi stopping her exclaims she is a cheater because she first advised the family members to get him married and is now creating problems, she orders Prithvi to then ask his mother to apologize otherwise she will reveal the truth, he tries convincing his mother but she doesnot listen to him, Sherlin yells saying she will walk out, Karina hearing the voices thinks who might be fighting, she enters the room questioning what is happening when Sherlin tries to leave the room.

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