Illusion update Wednesday 29 December 2021


illusion 29 December 2021: PK mittal scold Kavya by indirectly calling her begger and praise jhanvi saying due to her goodness she allowed Kavya to give medicine? to Suman..Kavya stop him saying that she did as per instruction and Prescription, and if you had faith in me father-in-law, you would not have passed such cheap statement.. Dadaji scold Kavya that you are daughter-in-law of this house, and even jhanvi don’t speak with PK in this tone, so lower your tone.. Ishaani and Jhanvi smile?..

PK take jhanvi upstair and order jhnavi never to take suman out, she will stay in her 4 wall room 24*7?? and you will alone take care of her.. Lock her inside this room and I shall not repeat my words.. Kabir stop him saying you can’t do this with mom?? He ask other family members why are they quite always and allow him to do such thing?? After all this is home? not jail.. He ask why only PK words are given importance and others don’t speak?? Dhurv ask kabir to go, but this time Kabir hush him saying I will question him!! Dhurv always do this by getting scare, but he is not!! How can Dhurv watch mom getting treat like this??

Dhurv say you think ?we don’t care? We don’t love mom? I am also her son!! But you think? we are enemies!! Where you then when mom was going through all this?? I was here, Dad, and family have seen her condition.. Jhanvi tried best doctor, treatment everything, she was taking care alone.. Dad knows best for mom.. She would have harmed herself, and You have no authority to ask us, returning after so many years!! PK orders Jhanvi to lock the door!! Jhanvi try to speak but he shout to lock the door.. She does, with cunning music?? in background..

Kabir goes inside and cry?? on his balcony. Kavya come and say sorry for over-reacting and hurting and making angry everyone.. Kabir say she isn’t at fault. Its nature of PK mittal, he over-react always.. He further say he feel bad for not able to help my mother and was away from her.. Even Kavya feel sorry for suman’s condition. She further add that she just followed Jhanvi and Ishaani instructions!! Kabir scold her saying to defend yourself don’t put blame on Jhanvi and Ishaani and both have argument over this..Suman bang on door and ask Jhanvi to let her come out!! Jhanvi says PK has ordered everyone not to make you out and I have Kept food, please have it.. Suman ask please let me out, what is my mistake?? Jhanvi smiles? and flashback shows: how suman said that Jhanvi father was mad, due to him so many people died and ruined our family name! He should be in mental hospital?.

Jhanvi says this is wrong, please save my dad.. Suman push her away.. Just than phone rings and jhanvi come out of flashback..She recieve call? and otherside say she got holiday package as lucky draw.. She cut phone and think? who is that person who know my truth.. Dhurv say i hope kabir understands and Praise jhanvi for her goodness.. Irritated Jhanvi scold Dhurv and ask him to do Puja as I am goddess.. Dhurv say this is not the way to talk and goes.. Jhanvi throw things..Kavya feed Aarush milk and later she talk to Jhanvi asking about Suman mental illness! Jhanvi make her relex and ask her to rest. Just than PK’s driver arrives and ask about PK. Jhanvi send him in study, when he stop and call Pooja making Jhanvi shocked?

Manohar (PK driver) say puja, and jhanvi face turn pale?, but he change topic saying puja?? was held in my home, so I was late, have prasad and hand over sweet box.. Jhanvi get nervous, when he ask if she is fine?? It looks she is nervous!! Jhanvi say she is fine and thanks him for prasad. Manohar bless were by saying goddess durga?? fulfill her wishes and jhanvi say thank you..Manohar knock door and seek permission to enter, PK ask him about kavya’s information?? Manohar tell him that Kavya was orphan, and married to army??‍✈ person.. But……. (taking long pause and remembering? Jhanvi as pooja sharma) Pk ask him but what?? Manohar say he will try to find more information soon.. Jhanvi is listening?? their conversation.. PK say we need to find our hidden enemy fast, who is doing planning and plotting against us to destory us..but need to be careful, one wrong step and boomm….


Kabir come out, take key? open suman’s
room and goes inside saying hope she remembers lalluby and sing???? by tapping her forhead.. Lalluby was tujge suraj kahun ya chanda ..??? Kavaya watches them and cry ??out of pain.. Kabir come out and kavya hide herself.. Kabir goes out and cry?? out remembering all incidence happened with suman since his entry.. Kavya come and he hold her and cry???? harder.. She too cry??? and console him..
Jhanvi too remembers morning and childhood incidence and cry???, Dhurv watch her but act to sleep..Next morning Jhanvi find Suman’s room door is open when she brought breakfast. She call her out, when chachi appear and do witch? and beautiful (snow white type story) in joking way… Dadaji praise PK for donating land and talking about land prayer, when Chachi and Jhanvi infrom them about missing Suman and Chachi again do joke, when dada ji scold her.. PK ask Kabir about Suman, but he deny!!

Everyone listen Prayer sung??? and run toward temple Jhanvi ask her how she came out and why?? PK scold Suman for not following his words but Kavya defend her saying she brought her out.. Flashback shows how kavya opened door and ask Suman to come out and not to get suffocated here.. Jhanvi and Ishaani faces turn surprised??.. Suman request PK not to lock her inside room, she is not mad, but will go mad for sure if kept inside that room..Kavya say I will take her responsibility, when PK scold her not to talk about responsibility.. Kabir support Kavya, say we both will take care of Suman!! Kavya ask Jhanvi to trust her!! Ishaani and Jhanvi face turn pale?? but they hide and Jhanvi, dada ji support them saying its better to be with them than staying in 4 wall room… Kabir uses PK image and say you build image infront of media about love, understanding, respect that atleast.. PK says i hope my election not get affected again, otherwise… Suman nods yes.. PK order her not to stay alone in room but not to step out of house. Suman nod yes… Kabir hug suman and Jhanvi fakely smile? and ishani turn her face angry??…

In kitchen Ishaani talk bad about Kavya and tell Jhanvi that she underestimated her.. And now Kabir will be her, he turned senti, for what Kavya did today!! I shall lose kabir this way.. Jhanvi ask her to relex and let Kavya play DIL game, but remember she is champion in this game.. Ishani say you promised me to get married to Kabir… Manohar knock on kitchen window..

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