Twist of fate season 4 full story, plot, casts


Twist of fate has been the longest running serial on Zee world. The series is set to return for another season entitled luck in my fate which will premiere 2nd January 2022.

Twist of fate season 4 full story.

The series started as the story of sisters Pragya and Bulbul, and their mother Sarla Arora’s hope to see them married. Later, the show revolved around Abhi and Pragya. The couple later have a daughter Kiara.

7 years later.

Pragya gives birth to twin daughters whilst Kiara is killed by enemies. Pragya and Abhi are heartbroken and blame each other for their daughter’s death and separate, with Pragya taking one twin whilst Abhi keeps the other.

20 years later

The show was rebranded as “Dusri Pidhi” (Second Generation) where several new characters were introduced as parallel leads. These included Abhi and Pragya’s twin daughters, Prachi and Rhea, and a love triangle with Abhi’s friend’s son, Ranbir Kohli. Prachi is the replica of Pragya who is sweet and caring whereas Rhea turns out to be selfish, cunning and over pampered by her aunt Alia.

Tanu returns and she later marries Abhi who was supposed to be marrying Pragya. Due to a misunderstanding, Abhi cuts ties with Pragya. Prachi and Ranbir marry.

2 years later

The show was rebranded as “Bhagya Ka Naya Safar” (Destiny’s New Journey), where Pragya has comes back from Australia while for others, she was supposedly dead. She comes back with the intention of taking revenge on Abhi as she was tricked into thinking that Abhi was the one who tried to kill her by Tanu and Aliya. It also revolves around the married lives of Prachi and Ranbir and Rhea and Siddharth. Abhi and Pragya clear their misunderstandings and reunite.

1 month later

Pragya and Abhi are in coma. Prachi and Ranbir have separated due to a misunderstanding created by Rhea. Sid and Rhea are now divorced. Ranbir turns out to be a successful businessman whereas Sushma who is Pragya’s mentor tries to console a heartbroken Prachi. Prachi later tranforms into a successful businesswoman with Sushma’s aid. Soon Prachi gets to know that she is pregnant with Ranbir’s child. However, Rhea and Ranbir get married illegally as Ranbir thinks Prachi has moved on. Prachi witnesses their wedding and decides to fight for her self esteem. For this she returns back to the Kohli House to regain her right as Ranbir’s legal wife and to throw Rhea out.

And the story still continues…



  1. Hmmmmmmm I really don’t know what to say to you guys, u keep twisting the stories, do u guys sit back to watch the stories you write, sincerely it sounds lame…too much twist, people are getting tired, total rubbish

    • The movie is a total rubbish and full of unnecessary suspense and unreasonable plot which is very annoying anytime it is aired. Another stupid thing i discovered about this movie is that bad people like Tanu ,Aliyah and co always get away their deeds and such deeds is not always exposed at the end.The producer and the the writer of the story are too ammature in their script.i never like that.

      • 😂 perfect summary. Sometimes I flow with the plot but then I feel like they have a problem with happy endings. Their wahala no dey finish 😭 and can their enemies be exposed for goodness sake

  2. How can Ahbi get married again to Tanu, Tanu oo that tried to kill his first child, wah stupid story line, they keep getting married and getting divorced. Ya’all better come up with good story lines, with no so much twist.I don tire

  3. You people will not twist our head how can Tanu come back again and abhi too marry her despite the fact that she is responsible for Kiara’s death this is total rubbish

  4. Twist of faith there is no how the Will not twist the story that’s why they call it twist of faith ,
    What I hate is that tanu got married to abhi again I don’t have time for Ranbir,Rhea and Prachi their boring

  5. To be honest twist of fate & this is fate are boring worst and dummy serial i will have lot to say about it but i won’t finish it i currently following the stupid seriels on online another stupid serial will be be brougth on zee world bhagya lashmi(lucky in my fate)if balaji telefilm doesnt have good thing to produce they should stop africans are’nt fulls God knows what indians saw that their award twist of fate and this is fate writer and the shows top trp in india the shows are nonense and craps so as the writer writes nonse and craps

    • Twist of fate is a barbaric nonsense, always keeping people on suspense and ending up airing nonsense episodes. You better include where Tanu and Aliya gets punished severely by giving Capital punishment for murder cases or attempt to murder, they shouldn’t go unpunished. And as Rhea, should be punished severely for her evil deeds. The movie should end happily without any other season.

  6. God knows am tired of this series WTF!!!!!!
    Can see world please bring back married again??? Na only dat film make sense for my eye

  7. What is with rehea why is she so obssed with ranbir. and pallavi is always supporting her despite being married to siddhart.and ranbir is a coward for running away from is love there just keep repeating the same thing over and over again😱😱😱

    • I don’t know what to say please you guys should just stop showing this series, the writer of the movie was only busy plotting rubbish plans , if i see person way write this movie i go shoot the mad man or woman

  8. I agree twist of fate new season is total nonsense the writer Is bored or what… It’s like watching the same thing over and over.. there’s more misunderstandings than proper storyline.. it’s just a waste of time

  9. It seems like all indian stories are about marriage ,misunderstanding then divorce do all indian couples breakup & patchup like in their drama.

  10. Aarrgh! I get so frustrated watching a single episode of this saga!How is it possible pragia and Prachi to put up with such nonsense???!!!!Like men ain’t the beginning not end of ur lives!!!Also r the police in India so bored to make house calls every other episode?

  11. Well I see all the india episode movie as nonsense they always repeat thing all the time they should please stop showing thie movies in Nigeria after all they did not have regards to Nigeria as country they always refer to South Africa I don’t know why they keep showing it in Nigeria they turn my wife to mum wasting her time on Zeeworld….Nonsense ⁷

  12. Hmmm omo I love d suspense in dis movie🤘
    But d twist is getting much o but even at that am still addicted to d film☺️

  13. Hahahahaha this one is total Rubbish since the beginning of this film it has been dsame story line going front and back I am sure the writers can’t even sit and watch 5 episodes of this there drama without getting irritated

  14. I just mean the writer ekta Kapoor is so foolish is she not tired of writing twist of fate I mean they just keep separating and coming back together even this is fate is foolish since season 1 they have not espose prithvi and sherlyn is the actors and actress not tired of acting the film I can’t blame them Sha they are making money from the film they don’t care if it is foolish fuck all zeeworld film always the same storyline of film and they are very good at repeating film

  15. Love twist of fate. I just hope this season is going to last. By the way I like the new characters like Krishna Kaul who sang Partli Kamar. I wonder why there are so many leaps in the series. Now there are supposed to be in the year 2047 or something like that. I really love the show. Been watching it from season one.

  16. Twist of fate is the most boring ND dumbess film I have ever watched very stupid i don’t understand why they are even showing that film
    Very boring so so foolish people na take act that film

    • Comment: you know it’s suprising as of how this story has been playing long and long only to just end with only a happy ending of pragya,abhi,ranbhir and prachy crcly?

  17. I do love show so much actually being watching it since season 1 but now the twists are overwhelming and l miss Abhi and Pragya drama there is no longer joy in them since tanuand Alia always frastrate their lives they deserve also to be happy with their families possibly maybe bring the show to an end a happy ending and let’s them start anew one cause us we love them

  18. I don’t even understand this story at all how can hubby sister did that kind of a thing is not good am even tired of watching it

  19. Honestly why would the writer keep twisting this story without applying sense to it they could have just let abhi and his family reunite and create another villan for example bringing back pragya mother’s maid daughter who would come to seek revenge on Aliya and clear her name and put Alia in a mental asylum…….there are many old characters they could recycle with a twist that could make it interesting not twisting rubbish……does it even make any sense for Ranbir to marry Rhea again…..what happened to do anger pallavi had for the Mehra family, she accepted Rhea pls apply senses Korean series are even more meaningful than this I can’t see anything you are preaching 😡😡😡

    • I swear it was one of the best series ever but got worst with the whole twisted nonsense
      I hate the way they make relationships and trusting someone complicated like rea coming back to marry her twin husband and then he foolishly marry her too because he thought she had moved on nonsense let wait and see how season 5 will be when he discovers he has a child

  20. The one who wrote twist of fate and this is fate is very dump they don’t know how to write stories infact these series are not even teaching us anything except for revenge, hatred , deception and this is making me very angry 😫😠😠😡

  21. Please can the producers stop insulting our intelligence. They are literally acting out same things in different forms. The series is a bloody roller coaster.

  22. I don’t really understand the lesson u want people to derive from this story.
    R u saying Abhi and Pragya r not sopose to b happy they r just forcing themselves to b happy. If they love one another so much y is their children also suffering in their marriage y is their children also one another enemy pragya always fight for her marriage and Abhi always listen to her folish sister and friend .
    Pls give their children a chance to b happy

  23. Thank God I read the full story. This way I don’t have to waste my precious time watching this series anymore… you guys should end this series we tired. I can’t believe Tanu and Alia were still able to get on pragya nerves after the whole coming back from the dead…

  24. Twist of fate is a complete nonsense movie, the storyline is full of rubbish, nothing to learn in the movie, even though it’s fiction atleast, should be like something real not full of fake action….the script writer no try at all, director sef no apply sense, you people just they frustrate audience

  25. This is so stupid😠😠 for the last 7+20+2 leap years almost 30 years Abi and Prakya had kwown that Alia is a devil in disguise and Tanu is a wicked witch of the West. Please send Alia to asylum and Tanu to jail for rest of thier lifes and be done with this…. I don’t even know what this series is anymore….let this good characters have a happy ending.

  26. In only in Africa they can air such, you can’t try this long and nonsense series with American and the likes, at first, the story line was manageable, then it became unbearable,

  27. Can you imagine? The same villians from season 1, can’t you change them? I am sure Alia and Tanu won’t ever get punished and I’m sure pragya and abhi will be killed. Cos that’s how stupid the writer is…… stupid serial😤

  28. This is not Twist of Fate but Twist of Utter Rubbish! I am so disgusted I don’t know the right words to say. For how long will you air this thrash? Dramas/Plays are supposed to portray the vices/benefits of being evil/kind. But so far, all one has been able to learn are the benefits of being evil with people like Tanu, Aliya and Rhea. It’s only in this Series that the wicked go unpunished…..for decades of years! It’s not an ideal watch for youngsters at all, and thus should be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. The producers should learn something from Jodha & Akbar, Married Again, King of Hearts, and even The Vow. This is just a waste of space!!

  29. Honestly twist of fate would have been much exciting if you wouldnt have to twist it too much!!! It’s becoming so annoying ,no happiness at all ,who has a life like that !!! It’s so disappointing ,the writer should take notes and seek guidance from people who wrote IRON LADY ,JODHA AND AKBAR, let her seek help from other interesting writers not to keep wasting our time !!!

  30. We have low mentality, someone just mentioned Tanu and Abhi’s marriage as if she or he did not watch the scenes and the circumstances surrounding the marriage. And to talk about suspense, what do you think makes a movie or a drama interesting?

    • Low mentality you say? But of course on you, and people like you!! Only people like you with the lowest ebb of mentality can seat, watch and tolerate the thrash they call suspense thriller/series. Yes, this is fiction, but fictions portray real life situations – and we learn from it. No one has ever lived a life as twisted as Pragya and Abhi – no one – not even Job in the bible. There’s no suspense – as your low mentality calls it: what we have is utter rubbish upon nonsense!! I, for one, stopped watching long ago. I just chanced upon this site and decided to drop my comments. Most zeeworld’s dramas I had watched in the past – Married Again, Jodha & Akbar, The Vow, and many others – portrayed the danger of evil and the rewards for good living; not promoting evil. Yes, this is fiction, but weren’t the others?

  31. In most of the zeeworld films the mischiefer is neither caught nor punished.
    Look at Aliya, Tanu or even Rhea.Only Rragya or Prachi are always on the receiving end.
    Has this their new season twist ended so abruptly and inconclusive like that????.
    You’re fooling your viewers.

  32. I really wish that most African Womens who watch this can realise the share waste of time some of these series have. They watch 3mins of Stirling at one another, 5 mins of being surprised and songs and shots of shock. These series would have being interesting if the writers were straight to the point, ofcourse with few up and down. Now they’re repeated things and those who loves these series dont even give a damn.
    Please Africa Wake Up.
    Zee producers we love you but please get to the point of your series. Stop going in circles

  33. When will it be aired back on ZEEWORLD want to know what’s going to happen to rhea and won’t ahbi and pragya come out of coma

  34. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Twist off fate producers and writers can you give your fans some closure this whole twist is starting to bore and upset me so much.

  35. What is the meaning of this rubbish Abhi and Pragya keep getting together and separating twist of fate was a very good show before but now what is this total nonesene you all better come up with something good or else just end it zee world just ended it don’t bother rebranding it just end it bridal material is way better than this you guys should learn from zara’s Nikah or Jodha and Akbar it is Ekta Kapoor that owns Jodha and Akbar even twist of fate but how come Jodha and Akbar is way better than this piece of garbage search for kumkum bhagya check what it got on IMDb 3.1 but search for Jodha and Akbar what did it get 6.1 you guys should learn from Jodha and Akbar or Zara’s Nikah i feel like meeting the director of twist of fate and telling him or her how this film is useless and given him a huge slap across the face . TOTAL NONESENE 😠

  36. Comment:pls all u criticizing the movie, write ur own story line and publish a movie i will happily comment.u’re talking about bollywood, how far has nollywood gone compared to it.pls correct ur countrie’s mistake before making someone else’s work look’s the kind of u people that make someone loose hope in their career,pls stop it that’s not fair

  37. Unnecessarily long series become boring. Alia and Tanu had been evil doers and nothing happened to them. I feel that the society awards evil people. Nothing to learn from twist of Fate, I stop watching. Jodha and Akbar and Married Again 2 are the only Zee world series that makes sense to me.

  38. These twist of fate has really twisted my emotions like….WTF!!!!!!!! Am so fucking tired 😢😢😢for how many years have they being twisting their fate??

    If I could find the fucking author and creators and beg them to stop both the twisting of the fate and this if fate …. Very soon someone will loose memory or die or be reincarnated or deny love like am tired ……..!!!!!!!

  39. Do these guys really go through their story line or listen to viewers’ reviews and why don’t they believe in exposing the enemy to get the story going? This is Total Rubbish..!!!


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