This is Fate Update for Tuesday 12th February 2019


Today episode begins with Shristi still at the police station discussing what happened at the Luthra’s mansion and how Preeta was humiliated by Kareena and others and then Karan calls Preeta a dumbo that she’s not smart and this makes Shristi angry at Karan and other prisoners hears him calling preeta a dumbo and say most girlfriends don’t ever listen to instructions.

Karan says no that Preeta is not his girlfriend so he enquires from Shrishti how is Preeta? Shristi is emotional that Preeta went home crying and sad and she was also scolded by Maa(Sarla). Karan tells Shrishti to go home that this place is not right for her. At Arora’s residence, Sarla informs Bee ji of everything that happened at the Luthra’s mansion and how Kareena called them names out of her hatred.

Preeta returns home, and tells Sarla they couldn’t find the CCTV footage. Sarla tells Preeta that no one would have believed her in that Luthra’s family anyway.

Sarla then shouts at Preeta and asks her why she followed Sherlin to the club? Bee ji defends Preeta that Sherlin has always been a cheat and dubious. Sarla replies Bee ji that Preeta should have informed us about Sherlin but Preeta tells Sarla that she noticed Sherlin at the club herself but Sarla says you are not a police or spy to do such and do you know that Karan is jail because of you? and Sarla tells her that you acted so insensitive and fast and now because of you Karan’s career is getting destroyed.

Preeta tries to apologise to Sarla but Sarla removes her hands and tells Preeta to look for a way to get Karan freed from Jail. Preeta cries holding Dadi to help her talk to Sarla, Preeta now blames herself for everything that happened.

At Sherlin’s room, Sherlin comes inside and her room is dark and she is worried because she can’t see Prithvi. Apparently, Prithvi has been waiting to surprise her and he welcomed Sherlin by pouring rose petals from the fan and hugs her from behind. Prithvi praises Sherlin for her acting and tells her how he bribed the Club Security officer.

Someone rang the doorbell, Sherlin is alert and Prithvi tells her not to worry because he has ordered Champagne for both of them then Sherlin goes out with her purse to get the Champagne and sees Rakhi and Rishab instead, Sherlin is shocked seeing them. Rakhi and Rishab ask Sherlin if she is going somewhere? Sherlin says she was alone and disturbed because of all the events so decided to go out. Sherlin invites them inside, and was worried what if Prithvi comes out of the room.

Prithvi decides to go outside and spots Rishab and Rakhi. Rakhi apologizes to Sherlin on behalf of herself and her family. Rishab tells Rakhi it’s alright, but Rakhi insists that she’s very sorry for distrusting Sherlin and she says it wasn’t deliberate. Sherlin tells her it’s okay that she’s like a mother to her so need of apologizing and she has never thought of such ocurances but she understands that there may be quarrels between family members and all this happened because of that stupid Preeta who accused her.

Sherlin also says that Rishab did not believe her too and she was very hurt and it’s the wish of every girl that her fiancé trusts her. Sherlin watches Prithvi peek through the door and signals him to go away and continues that she is happy to not have wasted the bills. Rakhi urges Rishab to apologise and he finally says sorry. Sherlin smiles and leaves to bring water.

Meanwhile, someone rings the bell at the door, Rakhi tells Rishab to open the door. The delivery boy hands him a Champagne bottle. Rishab wonders what’s Sherlin celebrating that she ordered Champagne. At the jail, Karan was worried for Preeta’s sadness and humiliation and blames himself for his carelessness that made someone put drugs in his pockets and Preeta doesn’t deserve the blame. He thinks Sherlin blamed Preeta by deceiving others and wish he was there to save Preeta. The other prisoners ask Karan if Preeta is his first love, and insists they can’t be betrayed. No matter he denies but they can sense his concern for both the sisters.

Karan says they talk so much about her that he can see her everywhere now. Preeta comes to the jail, Karan laughs that he has actually begun to see her now. Preeta complains that he is enjoying in there. Karan comes to apologize Preeta as she must be really hurt. Preeta says she was only worried to get him out and here, he is taking comedy classes. Preeta says she brought Besan Ke Laddu. Karan says he can’t have them, he only takes sweet when sad; they work as an energy booster but right now the energy supply is sufficient.

Preeta insists on him to have a bite. Karan hold her hand and asks if she felt really bad when blamed by everyone? Preeta asks if he knows? Karan says he is also sad because of this. Preeta says she is helpless, and when Karan’s isn’t around the things don’t get better again. She says she told everyone about Sherlin’s boyfriend; but Sherlin brought some proofs and she was proven a liar.

Karan promises to make everyone apologize to Preeta once he is released. Preeta cries blaming herself, its because of her that Karan is in jail. Karan cups her face in his hands to cheer her up.

Karan tries to convince Preeta that he is fine and nothing will happen to him wherever he is and now as you are with me I know that everything will be resolved soon. Preeta smiles. Karan then asks her for food which will give him energy and Preeta feeds Karan with her hands and eats a little.

At Sherlin’s room, Sherlin comes out and asks Rishab who rang the bell outside. Rishab gives the Champagne to her and he asks her who ordered the drink? and who is celebrating Karan’s release from jail? Sherlin reads the receipt and says she didn’t order any Champagne and she returns the drink to the delivery Are they here to celebrate Karan’s release? She reads the receipt and denies having ordered it, then returns the bottle to delivery boy.

Inside, she tells Rakhi to take care of herself and thanks her for coming. Rishab and Rakhi leave.

Prithvi comes outside, happy that Sherlin didn’t make them realize anything. Prithvi tells Sherlin he reordered the Champaign and scolded him for breaking the surprise.
At home, Preeta was upset that Sarla is still angry with her. Dadi says she
will calm down by morning.

She forbids Preeta to go to her right now and let her temper cool down. She sends Preeta to sleep, everything will be fine tomorrow. The next morning, Karan comes to meet Rishab with excitement. Rishab stood with his back towards Karan. The lawyer introduces himself and asks for Karan’s signatures on some papers. He asks Rishab if he will be released.

The lawyer says they can only fight his case by then. Karan explains to Rishab that he convinced Preeta to find a proof against Sherlin. If Rishab won’t speak to him, he won’t sign any papers; he doesn’t care. Rishab tells Karan that everyone in the family is tensed and everyone is doomed; doesn’t he care for any of them. He takes the responsibility to clear all accusations from Karan’s name and see him play again. Karan signs the papers.

At home, Dadi looks at Shrishti doing a spoil on the floor. There, Sarla brings a tea from the Kitchen, Janki tastes the tea and says Bee ji has a lot to do and doesn’t want to have tea. Sarla wonders why Shrishti is staring at her. She stops Shrishti from leaving and asks if they spilt the oil for her to slip.

Shrishti says its all your fault because you made Preeta cry a lot since last night. She spilt the oil so that none of them but Preeta helps her; and they have a patch up. Sarla was upset that she isn’t angry without any purpose. Bee ji tells Sarla to go and hug her daughter. Bee ji comes to Preeta in the room, her swollen eyes are evident she cried all night long. Preeta was upset that Sarla is still angry then looks towards Sarla’s face. Sarla tells Preeta to go to Luthra house and apologize, as she is the reason that their son is in jail.

Preeta goes out to get ready. Shrishti calls Sarla as a hitler and wonders how Bee ji bear this woman for so many years. Bee ji sense something wrong going to happen soon. Shrishti goes to speak to Preeta and stops her from leaving; she asks Preeta why she wants to get herself insulted. Everyone especially Kareena and Sherlin are rude. She suggests Preeta to lie to Sarla. Preeta asks if her eyes won’t say the truth. She accepts her mistake.

Sherlin fumes watching Preeta in the Luthra House and asks why she has come over? Preeta says she already told Sherlin not to pose being nice when they are alone. They are both aware whatever she said yesterday is true.

Sherlin defends herself and tries to tell Preeta to respect her as a daughter in law of the family. Rakhi comes into the room and Sherlin tells Rakhi she came over to know how they are doing and not to make them feel guilty anymore. Rakhi apologizes to Sherlin for not being on her side but Preeta held her hands and apologizes with a cry, she is guilty to call Karan to the Club.

Kareena also comes and accuses Preeta. Rishab and Mahesh also arrive at the scene talking about the issue with Karan, Rishab comes inside and says why is Preeta crying? Immediately they see a news on the television that another cricketer has been chosen for South Africa tour and Karan was rejected because of the drug case. Rishab was angry and leaves. Rakhi cries that her son’s career has been ruined.

Mahesh tries to calm Rakhi down. Kareen tells Preeta to leave their house. Preeta sadly leaves. Sameer is not happy with Kareena’s attitudebe with Preeta. Sherlin sees everything and is grateful for everything Prithvi has done.


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