Twist of fate Written update for Tuesday 12th February 2019


Pinky informs Pragya that his phone is damaged and the pictures is not clear to Raj but he can also call him. Pinky tells Pragya to say her last prayers but Pragya calls him bhaiyya and tries to get him emotional that she knows that even though he looks like an evil person but she’s sure that he will have a soft spot for kids.

Pragya tells him to imagine his children in such a situation. Pinky replies her that he is not married.

Pragya emotionally blackmails him and tells him that she can see their pain and that’s why she came to rescue Chutka and Chutki and says can you see your children kept captive like this, I know that this world is not easy and it has made you cold hearted, Pinky is emotional and says life is very hard and has made me wicked I’m supposed to be married with kids now but people has always betrayed him, Pragya signals Chutka but Chutka slip and hits the goon’s head on the ground and the goon faints. Pragya then tell Chutki to free her hands from the rope so she can save them and they run.

Abhi arrives at the Police station and Purab tells him to be strong and confident that the Police has seen Khan Chacha’s dead body. Abhi is sad and asks Purab who killed Khan Chacha? Purab replies that he saw the body on the road and the Inspector wants to talk to you. Inspector tells Abhi that they got Khan’s body and suspects Pragya is involved in the death.

Abhi gets angry and says do you know who she is to me? She is my wife and has always saved my life countless times. The Inspector replies that they are doubting Pragya. Purab tells hto do his job correctly and the Inspector informs them that he must catch the killer. However, Beeji asks Sarla to come but Sarla refuses that she’s making Gajrela for Pragya and gives her to taste the food.

Beeji refuses and says Abhi will come to their house. Sarla replies that Abhi always listens to me and respects me and I’m sure he will love the food. Sarla also reminds Beeji that Abhi and Pragya have not visited them in a long while. Beeji has a taste of the food. At Mehra’s mansion, Simonika calls Abhi on the phone and informs him about a meeting he has to attend. Abhi narrates to Simonika of Khan Chacha’s death. Simonika is planning how she will kill Pragya first before she kills Abhi.

Pragya then tells Chutka and Chutki to tie the goon so he won’t wake up. Pragya now calls Munni to inform her that the kids are safe with her and they would be come to her. Munni informs Pragya that Aliya has got her dressed so that she can pose like her in the Mehra house. Aaliya and Tanu get up and goes to the Mehra’s residence. Pragya tells her that she will then meet her there. Aaliya knocks on the door and asks Munni to come out. Munni wonders if Aliyah heard her speaking to Pragya. She tells Aliyah that the sandals she gave her is tight. Aaliya tells her that she will get new sandal daily. Pragya asks Chutka and Chutki to destroy the goons phone and they oblige. Pragya asks them to come along. Munni leaves her phone and goes with Aliya and Tanu. Once they reach the Mehra Mansion, Aliya asks Tanu to make Pragya unconscious so they can take Munni to the house so that she can pose as Pragya. Tanu, however, begins to feel scared of Pragya. They later devise another plan to get Dadi’s signature on the property papers and Munni overhears them.

Munni thinks of how to tell Pragya the devious plans Tanu and Aliyah are setting up. She later realize that she had left her phone in the room. Pragya enters and signs Munni to meet her somewhere. The latter then tells Aliya that she needs to use the washroom urgently. Aliya feels it is unsafe to let her go alone and hence, decides to accompany her. Purab and Abhi arrives at Sarla’s house. Sarla gets happy and she later says she has lot of complains with the both of them. She asks about Pragya and Disha. Purab replies that they went to PS. Abhi also makes an excuse. Sarla says she misses Pragya since morning. Abhi informs Sarla that her daughters sent love to her and he also hug her. Sarla gets happy. Abhi gives Sarla some vitamin tablets as a gift. Sarla gets relieved.

Meanwhile, Tanu mixes some tablets in a glass of water and thinks that Pragya will get unconscious hence she will finally get Abhi to marry her. She smirks and says goodbye to Pragya’s life. Tanu also says she will be more happy to see Pragya defeated when Munni signs the property papers instead of Pragya. Abhi and Purab come to Beeji’s room to meet her. Beeji tells them that Sarla is missing Pragya and that’s why she called them.

Sarla asks Beeji why she had to call them. Abhi tells them that they can call him anytime. They have the sweet dish prepared by Sarla. Sarla asks him to take some of the sweet dish to Pragya also. Abhi laughs and says that they can finish it while on their way home. Sarla asks him to tell Pragya that she is missing her a lot. Munni comes to the room. Aaliya asks her not to test her patience. Munni tells Aliyah she is not feeling like going to the loo again. Pragya gradually sneaks into the room while Munni keeps Alia distracted with her talks. Pragya smiles and says that Munni is an excellent actress. Munni lies to Alia that her pain has begun again and she goes to washroom. Pragya and Munni hug each other. Pragya tells her that she has left the kids in her friend’s house. Munni thanks her. Pragya shares her plan. Pragya asks Munni to handle Tanu whiles she handle Alia.

While they were changing Munni’s clothes, Munni tells Pragya that she doesn’t know to speak fluent English. Munni now comes out of the room and pretend to have stomach ache. Munni goes into the toilet and stays there for long. Pragya promise to stop all of Aliya’s plans then Aaliya tells Pragya to steal all the papers signed by Dadi and then the next day Aaliya will prepare the papers transfer it in her name. Pragya in disguise of Munni then asks Aliyah what she will do with Pragya after getting the papers signed and transferred in her name? Aliyah replies that she must kill Pragya. Munni comes back to Pragya’s room and sees Tanu outside. She decides to trouble her a bit as Tanu is expecting Pragya to now drink drugged water. Munni sets her leg on the way thereby making Tanu to fall down. Munni then taunts Tanu and Tanu gets more annoyed, Munni then goes inside the room and remembers that Aaliya had asked Tanu to drug Pragya. She realises that the water there might be drugged. She decides to Fake drinking it to show Tanu. Tanu is relieved to watch Pragya drink the water. Munni falls down pretending to have fainted and as she falls down acting unconscious Tanu is happy seeing her fall unconscious, Tanu then says Pragya is doomed now. There, Munni who is pretending all this while thinks to herself that she trust that Pragya will deal with Aaliya and Tanu and they will always remember this all the days of their lives.


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