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Tuesday Update On Gangaa

The court hearing starts. Sagar presents his case (with video morphing). The other lawyer, Mr. Pathak asks for proof. Niru tells himself that he was right all along that Mr. Pathak will try to instigate Sagar. He tells himself Sagar will have to be patient and use a logic. Mr. Pathak speaks of a proof which will prove that Ganga is characterless girl. Sagar shouts at him to shut up.

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The judge warns Sagar. Sagar tells the court about Yash trying to molest Ganga previously as well. He informs the judge that Yash shouldn’t be given bail as such people can be a threat to the society. Mr. Pathak asks him how he knows of this incident. Sagar is about to reply but Mr. Pathak interrupts him. He asks Sagar if he did see anything as such or hear something relating to what he is trying to accuse Yash of? Sagar mentions to the court that he witness such situation but he reached the place on time thus it prevented Yash from committing an atrocity.

Mr. Pathak points out that Sagar is trying to say to the court that he saved Ganga. He also asks Sagar if he has any other witness? Sagar says he doesn’t. Mr. Pathak says that Sagar being Ganga’s lawyer proves that he will be on her side all the time. He asks Sagar if he has any proof or witness? Janvi is relieved to think that Yash will be out on bail soon. Sagar says that people do such things when no one is around. Mr. Pathak deduces that Sagar has no proof.

He tells the judge that Yash is a simple guy with no such background. He asks the court as to why does Sagar want him to be in jail when he has no proof? Sagar talks about technology while Mr. Pathak still insists for a valid proof. He advises that they should not waste time since maybe Sagar did not learn in Abroad that one doesn’t present a case with half and weak proofs. Niru also thinks that Mr Pathak is saying the truth. Mr. Pathak requests the judge to give bail to Yash as nothing has been proved against him so far. Sagar speaks against it. Sagar tells the judge that Yash is the culprit.

The judge informs Sagar that since he has no proof nor logic to prove Yash wrong. He will grant his bail. Sagar sadly looks at Ganga.

Sagar is depressed in court as Yash got bailed out. Niru tells him not to lose hope but Sagar walks away upset. Yash and Prabha are outside. Prabha is happy because her son has got bailed out. Yash says that Sagar cant put him in jail. Sagar comes and tells him that the case is not over and he will prove that Yash did everything to ruin Gangaa’s image. Yash tries to be sweet but Sagar tells him that his entire life will be behind bars and he will make sure of that.

Prabha starts bad mouthing Gangaa. She tells Sagar to go get proof first before he can blame her son. Sagar keeps shouting at Yash and was almost going to hit him. Niru comes and stops him and asks him to come to his cabin immediately. Sagar starts complaining that the other lawyer was wrong in supporting Yash and bad mouthing Gangaa. Niru tells Sagar that it didn’t seem like he was a lawyer fighting his case but it seemed like Sagar was fighting for his friend. Niru says that even if he was a judge he would have bailed Yash because Sagar was not prepared nor had any proof. Niru tells Sagar that he needs to fight the case smartly but not like this. Sagar understands. Janvi meets Yash and asks him to destroy the camera as soon as possible. She promises to give him money for it.

Yash holds her hand and asks what will be Sagar and Ganga next plan with the case. Janvi thinks that she needs to handle Yash smartly. She promises him to keep him updated. Just then, Ganga comes but Yash was gone by then. Janvi tries to ask Gangaa what the next plan will be but Gangaa didn’t say anything. Janvi tries asking Gangaa but she also goes away. Sagar and Gangaa come with the cops to search Yash house. Prabha starts ranting but they still search while Prabha doesn’t allow them to. Prabha’s husband comes and tells them to search since they have a warrant. Prabha keeps on blaming Gangaa. She says that Gangaa made Sagar an enemy of his own cousin brother. Sagar tells Prabha that for him to help Gangaa, he can make the whole world his enemy. Gangaa goes.

Prabha calls Yash and she informs him that both Sagar and Ganga are searching for proof against him. Yash smirks on the phone and he tells his mother that she should let them search but they wont find anything. Meanwhile, Yash has the camera with him. He tells himself why he has to destroy the camera while he can sell it. He is trying to sell the camera in a shop. One foreigner comes and asks for a camera so Yash tries to fool him and sold it to him. He tells the foreigner that he will delete some things before he gives it to him but the camera battery got low so he was unable to delete it.

Yash smirks and tells himself that the foreigner is some random guy and since he will leave India soon, Sagar wont get hold of the camera so there is no big deal. Sagar and Ganga are walking on the streets and some people are taking Shiva idol for Mahashivratri. They are dancing around it. Gangaa asks herself why God does not want to help them. Meanwhile, the same foreigner is taking the camera to where Ganga and Sagar are and they bumo into him. He asks them that what was happening in such a beautiful country?

Ganga replies that they are celebrating Mahashivratri. He requests them to make a video for him but Sagar says no since they need to go. Ganga tells Sagar that there is no stress in taking a small video for the foreigner and they shouldn’t have refuse him so Sagar starts recording it. Suddenly, Sagar realises that he has seen the camera somewhere. He tells Ganga that he gave the camera to Janvi as a gift and a letter J is written on it. He said he had engraved the letter on the camera. Sagar asks the foreigner as to who gave him the camera.

Sagar shows him Yash’s picture and the man says it was Yash who sold it to him. Sagar searches the camera and finds the MMS and also Ganga and Pulkit video. Suddenly, Sagar realised that it is Janvi’s camera. Sagar also wondered if Janvi is conspiring with Yash. Sagar comes home shouting out Janvi’s name. The family members asks him what has happened? Janvi comes down and asked what has happened? Sagar showed her the camera and asked her if he remembers it. Sagar tells Janvi that this was the same camera which was used to label Ganga as an immoral girl.

Sagar confronts Janvi. He tells her that he was the one who gave her the camera. He asks Janvi to tell him how Yash got it. Sagar asks her if she was with Yash with his dirty plans. Janvi asks him if he has gone mad. Janvi says that she agree that the camera is hers and she gave it to Yash to make videos. She lies and says that so much happened and she forgot about it. Janvi tells Sagar that he knows her since all these years yet he knows her this much? She fakes some tears and asks Sagar if he doesn’t know that she is also a girl. She says that she knows what respect means to a girl.

She asks Sagar why would she do something like that with Ganga? Madhvi tells Sagar to think before blaming Janvi. Amma says that Sagar has lost his mind after Ganga. Sagar calms down. He apologizes to Janvi. He tells everyone that he cannot understand what’ is right or wrong. He apologizes to Janvi again and she accepted his apology. Janvi tells Sagar that he has the camera now and he can prove that Yash made the video hence he will be punished. Sagar agrees. Janvi tells him not to spare Yash and he should be severely punished. Sagar remarks that Yash’s game will be over tomorrow. He leaves.

Amma blames Ganga for everything while Supriya looks at Janvi with suspicion. Janvi calls Yash. She told him that she had already requested him to destroy the camera but he did not do it. Janvi tells him that now they are both in danger since Yash will get stuck in a problem and get her in a problem too. The next morning, Ganga is praying. Raghav tells Sagar that he has all the proofs with him now. Sagar agrees. He also says that there isn’t much time when Ganga will be proved innocent. Ganga gives them offering. She makes him wear his coat and hands him his file. Sudha, Mamta and another lady comes there. Sudha asks Ganga if she is ready. She also says that not just Ganga but many other ladies like Ganga will get justice today through her.

Sudha says that they too want justice but don’t have the strength to fight. She tells Gangaa that what she is doing is invaluable and she should always keep that virtue with her. Sagar refuses to take fees to fight Ganga’s case. She calls it a shagun, their blessings and love. Sagar looks at Ganga. Sudha asks him not to look at her since he is going to fight his first case. She asks Sagar if he will fight it without taking any fees? Sagar accepts it. Sagar tells Sudha that not him but someone else deserve it. Raghav asks him the name of the person. Amma asks Maharaj about the preparation for the prayers. Sagar keeps his first salary in his grandmother’s hands.

He tells Amma that only she has a right on the money. Everyone is proud of him. He seeks her blessings. Amma says she can only pray to God to deliver justice and make the truth come out. Sagar is sure he will win now since it is their family tradition to fight for justice. Sagar says it started with his grandfather, then his father and now him. He also says that he will put his heart into it. Niru smiles hearing this. Supriya brings sweetened curd. Sagar points out that his mother used to feed it to him during his exam days. Sagar says she know Madhvi will still be praying for his win. He gives the bowl to Madhvi. She nods with a teary eyed. She feeds it to him and blesses him to be victorious. Janvi is angry. Niru also hugs his son proudly.

Pulkit goes with Sagar. Niru remarks that a father cannot see a happy day than this since his son has grown up to fight his first case today. He asks if Madhvi will not come to the court to be a part of it?

Outside the court, Niru wishes good luck to Sagar. Madhvi has also come. They see Ratan beating Yash to make him speak the truth. Prabha asks Madhvi to do something. Madhvi stops her brother. Yash apologizes to Ganga and Sagar. Prabha requests Ganga to talk to Sagar as he will only listen to her. She asks Ganga to take the case back. Sagar tells Ganga not to even say so as it is not just about Ganga but of a many more girls like her. Sagar says he will make sure she gets justice and Yash gets punished. He takes Ganga inside. Prabha shouts after him. Prabha says that his son did not do anything.

Madhvi talks to her brother and says she doesn’t know what to do. Ratan tells Madhvi that she is not to be blamed as no one can do anything when his own son is wrong. Ratan says that the court will deliver justice. Yash hears them talking. Mr. Pathak is sure Sagar will only waste their time today too since he has no proof against his client. Sagar counters him. He presents the proof in the court. Yash and Janvi looks at the camera in shock.

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