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These streets 3 February 2022: Everything has time and it should be followed. Nevi and Sarpal will handle the kids. Go and pack. Nevi says i could also go along. Mamo says do you have any shame? You will go on their honeymoon? Mamo says go and pack. The flight is in a few hours only. Shan is shaken. Mamo says Asmita has to give us heir. I will silence all voices against my family.

Asmita says to Shekhawat I can’t go on this honeymoon. He says it’s for three days only. I won’t touch you without your permission. So it doesn’t matter if we are here to there. Mamo screams. They both go downstairs. Asmita picks her and says are you okay? She says I slipped. Nevi smirks. Shekhawat says let me call the doctor. They take her to sofa. Nevi says she was messing with me.

The doctor says she has a back injury. It’s going to take some time to recover. Asmita says we can’t leave you alone Mamo. Please cancel the tickets Shekhawat. He says yes. Nevi says you fell? Didn’t you control your walk? Asmita takes Nevi from there.

Asmita says why did you do this? Nevi says what are you saying. Asmita says I am sure you made her slip. What if something happened to her? Nevi says I can’t see you with another man but Shan. Asmita says are you in touch with him? Is he around. Please tell me. Is he around. Nevi says I can’t tell you anything. Shan looks at them. Asmita says is he helping you? What are you hiding?

Asmita says you don’t love Shekhawat yet you’re being forced to consummate this marriage. This is the reason enough for me to stop you from going with him. This is wrong. My intention is right. The entire city knew your love. That’s why I took Shan’s name. Asmita says all of this isn’t easy. Nevi says the man you married isn’t right. Asmita says don’t say that. He is giving his name to Krishi. I don’t want anymore problems.

Shan says thanks mama you handled it. Nevi says she was a cop. She notices everything. You have to expose Shekhawat soon. We don’t have much time.
Shekhawat calls and cancels the tickets. Asmita comes to his room. Shekhawat says I have delayed the tickets. We can go for lunch. Mamo wanted us to go. Asmita says but why. He says I would feel special for some time at least. He says please. Krishi comes to Asmita and says there’s a competition in school. Please help me prepare. Asmita says we have to prepare today? She says yes. Shekhawat says it’s okay. Kids are more important. Asmita leaves with Krishi.

Shekhawat breaks things in anger. He says this Krishi comes between me and her every time. Till this kid is alive, I can’t get closer to Asmita. He says you’re forcing my evil to come outside Asmita. I hate that Krishi. I have to take off this mask that I wore to impress you. You will see my real face soon and then no one would be able to save you from me. He looks at their wedding photo and kisses it. He looks at a small dress and says I will take what I want.

Asmita says do you feel better Mamo? Mamo says yes a lot better. And you made really good soup. Mamo says I was so rude to you. Why did you do all this for me? Asmita says I see a mother in you. I lost my mom in childhood. When I see motherhood in any woman, I can’t stay away from her. It is my responsibility to take care of you. Let me know if you need anything. Mamo says she is really nice. I don’t know how she fell for Vicky? I hope she doesn’t get trap in Vicky’s net. I can’t even tell her how dangerous Vicky is. I hope someone comes and saves him from Vicky.

Shan tells the kids a story. Nirvan says I have to go to the restroom. Shan says why do you always want to go to the restroom when we are studying? Akkira falls from the stairs. Shan holds her. She imagines them dancing on halchal hui. Shan says what happened? She says nothing. He says are you okay? Akkira says yes. He says be careful. I can’t save you every time. Shan says kids, it’s time to play now. The kids run. Akkira looks at him. Akkira says what is wrong with me? Am I love?

The kids are playing hide and seek. Krishi hides in a room. She says this looks like a right place to hide. Nirvan comes to look for her. Krishi hides in a closet. She says there are so many snacks here so I can stay here for long. Shekhawat locks the closet and says now you would stay there. Bye bye. No one can stop me and Asmita from being one. You won’t come between us now.

Krishi tries to open the door. She says please take me out. Who is here? How did it lock? Asmita looks for Krishi. Nirvan says I can’t find her. I looked everywhere. Krishi says please get me out mama. Asmita looks for Krishi. Krishi is suffocating. Asmita looks for Krishi everywhere. Shekhwat comes and says what happened? Asmita says I can’t find Krishi.

Shekhwat says they must be playing. She is safe here don’t worry. Nirvan was playing hide and seek so he is making you find her. Asmita says yes, they’re playing. I know she is safe here. Shekhwat says come I have to show you my office party plan. He takes Asmita from there. Krishi is fainting inside.

Nirvan says to Shan I can’t find Krishi. She is nowhere. Shan looks for Krishi. he says the game is over. Come out Krishi. Shan runs upstairs. Shan comes to that room. Krishi says papa.. Shan is outside the closet. Krishi says papa.. She faints. Shan hears something. He hears her breathing inside the closet. Shan says Krishi, nothing would happen. I will open the closet. He tries to open the closet. Krishi is fainted inside Shan screams. He picks Krishi and says nothing would happen. I am here. Akira comes and says what happened? Shan hugs her and says papa is here.

Nothing would happen. Krishi opens her eyes. She says I was hiding inside. Someone locked me. Akira says Sarpal, thanks for your love and concern? He says these are like my kids. Shan picks Krishi. He says in haert something is wrong. Where is Asmita? SHe was never this careless about kids.

Shan hugs Krishi.
Shekhawat asks Asmita can 30 people fit here/ Asmita says it’s big enough. She is drinking juice. Shekhawat says what should be the theme? Asmita faints. Shekhawat says Asmita.. Are you okay? She faints. Shekhawat says I did what I had to. Tonight would be our wedding night. He takes her to the bedroom. Shekhawat says I am really sorry. I am married to you but I have to do this to consummate it. You were going away from me. No one can save you from me. You have to be mine. He caresses her face. Shekhawat takes her saree’s pallu. Someone taps on his shoulder. Mamo comes and says what is happening here? What were you going to do here? Do you even know what is it called? Marital rape. I thought you have changed but you’re the same beast.

He throttles Mamo. Mamo says Vicky.. Leave me. Shekhawat says to stay in your worth. I have tolerated enough. You’re misusing my niceness? You have to work on my orders. Not I. Remember what I did to your mom? Don’t mess with Vikram Shekhawat. You thought I brought Asmita here and was showing all the care? I was only pretending in front of Nevi. But no one here, so consider it a warning. Mind your own blo*dy business.

Follow my commands. Mamo says do you have any idea what are you doing? I brought you up like a son. I gave you all the love. I thought you have changed. There’s no way out of the hell you’re in. Shekhawat says get out of here or I will kill you. He pulls her hair and shoves her out. Shekhawat says get out. He locks the door. Mamo cries and says Vicky, open the door. This is wrong. How do I save Asmita? She doesn’t even know what demon has she married. Shekhawat says I will make you mine. This pretty face would be mine only now.

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