Dream girl update Tuesday 1 February 2022


Dream girl 1 February 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha scolding servant after a vase breaks. She says she will make dinner and her mum in law taunts her. Manav and his dad are happy that Ayesha will be cooking, while his mum is not so happy. Laxmi dreams of her dream guy and as she reveals the face, her dream breaks by the alarm. She says I should have seen Samar Sareen’s face, when will that time come when I see his face. She says I saw this Raj Samose Wala’s face in morning.

Samar is sleeping. She takes his coat and Bua ji comes asking what was she doing. Laxmi tells her about her dream and seeing this Raj’s face. Bua ji asks her to smile, as her fate will get annoyed. Laxmi says fate will not get annoyed as she is so close to her destination. Bua ji asks her to call dad.Laxmi says I know what he will say and acts like him. Bua ji laughs. Laxmi says she misses dad. Bau ji hugs her. Ayesha says I saw dream about Navrang’s new photo poster and my pic on it, new dream girl. Samar wakes up and says I have to tell Ayesha, as someone came like her, Jodhpur’s Laxmi Mathur, she will smile with this, as she is tensed at this time.

Ayesha sees news about her new movie and will she be able to do well. Manav says its reporters and they add spice, don’t concentrate on it. She asks did you hear what they are saying. Manav says they know becoming Ayesha is tough, and making another one is impossible. He cheers her up by presenting a gift. He makes her wear the earrings and she says she is in tension.He says not every top heroine gets the dream girl tag, you are different. She says his opinion is biased, she will ask Samar, he always says right. Manav says Samar, he is your first day first show fan.

She says we are not there to help him. The people brings electronics and Laxmi and Bua get tensed asking why are they bringing it, whose is this. The man says don’t take tension, its Baba’s. Laxmi says who Baba. Samar comes there and they stop him standing in his way. He asks why are they seeing him like this, when he is in towel. Bua ji and Laxmi ask who is he, his men has delivered the goods. She asks is he gold smuggler. Samar sees it and says Mama ji, I will explain.Bua ji says explain police or Pappu broker. She calls Ayesha.

Ayesha takes the call and Samar takes the phone, saying I will call you back. Laxmi shouts and he asks her to talk slowly, and says he can not run, he is in towel, which can fall anytime. Laxmi and Bua ji turn. Samar tells how he learnt English from a lady to who he caters samosas. Laxmi says we don’t care you are lying or wrong, but this should not harm anyone. She asks him to go and change.Laxmi says she is going Navrang studios today and gives him tea. He says thanks, did you take portfolio pics. She says I don’t have, but how do you know. He says every one staying in Mumbai knows this, it charges 20000rs and she says he is right.

The staff bets on Ayesha’s movie becoming superhit or flop. The man says he has 10 years experience, the day Ayesha wears saree, film is superhit, the day she wears western, its superflop. Ayesha comes there and they see she is wearing western and think the film flopped. Ayesha corrects the Lord idol and sees the chits with flop written on it. The staff goes.Laxmi tells Bua ji about 20000rs needed for portfolio. Bua ji asks shall I ask Raj, we can return later. Laxmi says he is good intentioned and says she got an idea, Ayesha will help me in becoming new dreamgirl. Ayesha talks to her tarot card reader friend and chooses a card to know how her film will do.

Her friends sees it and is tensed. Ayesha asks is the movie forecast not good. The lady says no, its about your life forecast, someone is trying to enter your life, and establish contact with you.Laxmi smiles and comes to the movie theatre and recalls how she sold books to buy ticket. She thinks she did this before and she will do it today. She prays to Lord and is positive. She says your life will have a significant change and this will change your life, your world, we can’t say its right or wrong, but be careful. Laxmi comes to know the tickets are still there and buys all. The man sells all tickets to her. Laxmi thinks she took a big risk, and Lord will manage, the way is wrong, the work is good and promises to visit temple.

She sells the tickets in black and no one buys it. She says Bappa, let all tickets sell off, else my 10000rs will be gone, please make some solution. Samar also sells samosas there and she tries to sell tickets. They both are stunned seeing each other and say you…. Ayesha talks to Saxena and asks for collection. Saxena says not more than 40 crores, advance booking is full and gives her all info. She says fine, update me after an hour. She thinks if this film does not work on single screens, then recovery will also be tough, it will be declared flop.

Ayesha being nervous on her new film. The staff lady bets of Rs 10000 on the film’s flop. Samar talks to Laxmi and says about his bad day, as he could not sell any samosa. She says about selling tickets of Ayesha’s movie. Laxmi gets an idea to merge tickets and samosas free on it sale. They sell many tickets and samosas like this, and smile. Samar thanks her for making her samosas get sold off. She says no, thank Ayesha, and she thanks Ayesha for making her first day fi8rst show houseful. She smiles and he smiles seeing her.

Ayesha looks at her pics. She gets the call that her first show is houseful in single screen, and other theatre is also getting full. She smiles. He says our film will be super hit. She gets very much glad and asks someone to switch on all tv sets of office. The staff sees the news of movie becoming hit. The lady who has bet much money makes faces and gets sad. Ayesha thinks fools, its not easy to move Ayesha, the dream girl, its tough to shake me from my place, leave about replacing me.

Laxmi comes to have portfolio made and sees the girl’s pic. She says no one can replace Ayesha, I m also one in million like her. The man asks her to change and she gets ready. He asks is she sure, as she is one in million. She says yes, and her portfolio is shot. The men joke that she will get a small role in any tv show. The man asks her to remember him when she becomes heroine. She hears about Manav’s photoshoot here. She confirms from them and hears about Samar’s pic. He keeps the pic there and she takes it. She sees the pic and says Samar. The man says its one pic with bad lighting.

Samar asks his mum why did she send all the electronics, he is just samosa wala, his training will be incomplete without hardwork and sweat. Laxmi comes home and he says Bua ji went to bring vegs. She asks does he know whats in her hand. She says she got Samar’s pic and he gets tensed. He asks how. She asks him will he not see. He asks did she see. She says he is the one and smiles. She says I should not known you first, but I got cheated.

She says you gave the address of photo studio and shows pic of his back. He smiles seeing it. She says I will see him some day, even I wish to see turn Samar. He turns and smiles seeing her. She says she will do film for Navrang studios and become his heroine. He says he is Raj, why is she saying him. She says I should thank you, I saw your face instead Samar, and your face was lucky to me. She thanks him and they shake hands. They have a sweet talk. She says its sign like I got Samar’s pic, he will get my pics, he will lose his senses seeing it. He says who knows, his senses are already lost and smiles.

Its morning, Ayesha is with Mithi and plays with her. She says she is very happy, her film is superhit. Mithi asks for icecream. Her mum in law comes and says Mithi will get well with icecreams, you will go for success party, and we will be left to take Mithi to doctor. Ayesha says Mithi is not so weak to get ill. Her mum in law says this will waste her time, her teacher will scold us. Ayesha says she will come in her PTM this time, good idea. Her mum in law says not a good idea, a mum is mum. Ayesha sends Mithi out. Her mum in law says mum is mum, heroine is heroine, you will go to her school and her friends will taunt her on your film, and the kissing scene, Nandini and Manav are her parents, they should go. Ayesha says fine, as you feel right.

Her mum in law says heroine looks good in movies, and bahus look good in home, the one who could not give birth should not have full rights. She leaves. Ayesha says she will not be provoked by her bitter words, Manav is hers and she will not lose her, her first bahu was fool, anot second one. Laxmi and Bau ji come to Navrng house and Bau ji asks shall we give pic. Laxmi says I can’t go, the PA has to go. Bau ji asks where to get PA and Laxmi sends her. Bau ji wears goggles and meets guard, saying she is Laxmi Mathur’s PA, she is big star of Jodhpur and gives the pic.

He asks her to go, they will get call if they like it. Laxmi says why to go home when we will get call, lets wait.The staff waits for Ayesha and arranges a cake for her. Ayesha’s friends see her and think yesterday she was shouting about flop and today she got the cake. The peon jokes on the cake as they all got ill last time by the cake. Ayesha comes there and hugs them, as they congratulate her. The lady says she got the cake for her to celebrate, all heroines started attending awards because of her, and left hope. Ayesha says many people left hope. The lady says wall of fame is dedicated to her since 10 years, she has won all awards, new generation is coming, and asks her to do photoshoot for the 11th year. Ayesha smiles.

Laxmi and Bua ji see the guard not sending the pic. Laxmi says I will talk to him my way. The tea falls and the guard cleans it by her pic. Laxmi is stunned seeing this. She takes her pic and sees it. She asks does he think the pic is junk, she have her hope and he has put tea on it, and scolds him. She thinks the watchman treated her pic like this, he will soon greet me as Laxmi Mathur.

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