These Streets update Wednesday 12 January 2022

These Streets 12 January 2022: Asmita says I have to go now. Krishi says how will I live without you? I want to live with you both. I want a happy family. Asmita says that can’t happen. You have to choose one from us. You can come to meet me. We can’t live under one roof. We will always meet to. Krishi cries and says no mama. Asmita says don’t make me sad. I have to go. Krishi is crying. Asmita says your papa will take care of his princess. I have to go. Asmita hugs Krishi. The song Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham plays.

Asmita says my prayers are always with you. I have to go. She walks out. Krishi holds her hand and cries. Shikhawat, Asmita and Nirvan walkout. Krishi cries and sobs.Krishi comes to the temple and says you gave me papa and took my mom? Please don’t do this. I will never talk to you. Please bring my mama back. I want a happy family.Asmita is one her way with Shikhawat. She recalls her moments with Krishi. Asmita is crying. Asmita says stop the car. Shikhawat says what happened? Asmita says I need to be alone. She leaves.

Shikhawat says after today, everything would be good. She won’t have to cry anymore.Asmita comes to the temple. She says you’re a mother too God. How can I live without my daughter? Answer me. She wanted her father so I had to leave her there. I need an answer. How would I live? Nevi comes and says you have the answer in front of you. But you don’t see it. Guddan says you better not talk about motherhood. Nevi says, should you? You left your daughter alone there. Did you leave her with Nandani? Asmita says Shan will protect her from Nandani? Nevi says so you trust Shan? Asmita says I don’t have an option. The truth is, you never trusted her.

Nandani created this misunderstanding between you. She told Shan that you killed your baby. Nandani told him that Krishi isn’t his daughter. Shan did this compromise with Nandani to save you and Krishi and Chahat is the consequence of it. Shan never touched Nandani after that. Shan loved you. He did that to save you only. You have all the answers. Nandani did everything to stop Krishi from meeting Shan, yet she has her father. You and Shan are made for each other. You’re Shan’s wife, lover and mother of his child.

How can you let a mother lose? Sometimes you have picked up the weapons and cut the poison.Asmita says I am a Sita. I will win this battle. I will take the test. I will take my husband and daughter back from Nandani. Nevi says promise me you won’t give up. You have to do this for your Krishi.Nandani makes Chahat eat. She says a mother can only take care of her daughter. You’re my princess and I would never leave you. Krishi is upset. She says how will I live without mama.

Shan says Krishi, Chahat you are both Laxmi of this house. I have something for both of you. He gives Chahat a locket. She says thank you, papa. Shan says you look cute. Krishi is upset. Shan says where are you going Krishi? Here is your gift. He takes out another chain. Krishi says is it for me? He says yes, both princesses will have the same gift. Chahat throws it away. Shan says what is it? Chahat says she isn’t your daughter. Only I am. I won’t share you with anyone. She is like her mother. Shan says you can’t misbehave. Shan says to Nandani Chahat can’t misbehave with Krishi.

Nandani says I am sorry Krishi. I apologize on Chahat’s behalf. Shan gives the gift back to Krishi. He makes her wear it. It’s broken. Krishi leaves crying. Shan says they’re both my daughters. I hope I do justice to both.Chahat is crying in her room. Nandani says don’t cry. Weak people cry. When you don’t get something, snatch it. Chahat says why did you say sorry to her? Nandani says sometimes we have to. You will see what I do to that Krishi.

Krishi looks at Asmita’s photo and recalls their moments together. Krishi says mama why did you leave me? Why do I have to choose? I want both of you, a happy family. Please come back. Shan holds her tears. He looks at Asmita’s photo. Shan says you miss your mama? She left you here with papa. Now when you have papa, you don’t value him? Today is a festival. Let’s go.

Shan says to Krishi this is how we will decorate the house for Diwali. Nandani and Chahat come downstairs. Shan says on Dhateras, Laxmi comes to the house. Asmita enters the house. Shan says when Laxmi comes, she brings a lot of happiness. The sticker falls from Krishi’s hand. Asmita catches it. Nandani is dazed. Asmita says you’re right. Laxmi comes home this day and that is why I am here. Krishi hugs Asmita. Krishi says mama you look so good. Krishi is happy.

Nandani says how dare you come here. Is there any drama left? Asmita says Krishi bring me water. Shan asks Chaaht to go to her room. Asmita enters the house. Asmita says you like drama I don’t. I am here for my daughter. I know, I can’t leave my daughter in your presence. Unless papers are sorted I will stay here. Shan says what is it? Asmita says she is my child and I have the right to see the kind of treatment she is getting here. No one can stop me. Half of this house is in my name and I can live here. Unless I have satisfied Krishi and her future is safe, I won’t leave. Nandani says don’t you trust Shan? You think she will have trouble while he is here? Asmita says how can I trust a man who listens to things you say. I need a good father for my daughter. Asmita goes upstairs.

Shan says you couldn’t live without me right? Asmita says I could see the worry on your face when I was leaving. It touched my heart. Shan says to make sure our ways don’t collide. Better leave this house after you’re done. Asmita says oh angry man? he says I don’t love you. That was only a drama for Krishi. Asmita says I know this heart. Krishi looks at them and says Thank you, God.Nandani says to Shekhawat are you really Rajput? Your wife to be is with another man. She isn’t here for Krishi.

She is wearing Sindur. What does it mean? Do you have any shame? Shake hands with me before it’s too late.Krishi says the chain broke. Asmita says mama will fix all broken things. No one can part your happy family. Krishi hugs her.Nandani extends her hand. Shekhawat shakes hand with her.

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