These Streets update Thursday 13 January 2022

These Streets 13 January 2022: Asmita says to welcome Sita and Ram, whole universe was celebrated. And that is why we celebrate Diwali by putting up dias. Krishi says mama light isn’t turning on. Someone comes in. Krishi says mama light is working now. Shekhawat is there. Asmita says I.. He says I know you’re here for Krishi. I know she is very important for you. But Nirvan is very alone with you. I am here for my son too so Nirvan and Krishi both can stay here. I never leave a hand that I hold. I am not mad at you. I just want us to start anew. This is right for both of us. Asmita says thank you. Asmita leaves with Krishi.

Shekhawat says sorry Asmita. This is the first time I lied to you. I really love you and can’t stay away from you. I will make you mine at any cost. I won’t leave with Asmita. I will take revenge for every moment.Everyone is celebrating outside. Shan says you came back Shekhawat? That insult wasn’t enough? Shekhawat says this is Diwali. We can talk later. Asmita says I never knew you like firecrackers this much. Krishi says I never had them. Asmita hugs her and says don’t worry. I will fill your life with colors. Shan says Krishi, let’s blow firecrackers. Krishi says mama, you come too.

She asks Asmtia and Shan to hold it together. Shekhawat is angry. Chahat takes a big firecracker and lights it. Asmita sees her, Asmita runs to her and moves her away from it. Shan is shocked. It comes near Asmita, Shan holds Asmita. Krishi smiles. Chahat says papa, let’s go from here. Nirvan takes Asmita from here.Nandani pulls Krishi’s ears and says I won’t let you unite your parents. Krishi cries. Nirvan says why do you want to take my mama? I hate you.

The pooja starts. Moushmi says bhabhi isn’t home. Nandani stands with Shan and says let’s start the pooja. They do the pooja. Asmita looks at them. Krishi says what should I do to unite them. Krishi drops dia. Shan and Asmita pick it together. Asmita and Shan’s hand get stuck on it. Krishi recalls she added glue to it. Moushmi says this glue won’t lose till morning. Asmita tries to pull her hand. Everyone leaves. Shan sits on the sofa. Asmita sits he falls. They are both annoyed. Shan tries to run from her but he can’t. The song kon tujhe yun pyar plays. Krishi looks at them and smiles.

Shan goes to the restroom. Asmita has to stand out. She says what are you doing? He says this is natural. Asmita says in heart, how could we trap in Nandani’s politics. I won’t let her win this time. Shan says you did this intentionally right? He walks, Asmita falls, Shan holds her.
They come to the kitchen. Shan gives water to Asmita as well. Asmita coughs. Shan says what happened? He pats her back. Shekhawat says wow, you are found a good way to annoy her. How cheap are you? Shan says you, insecure lover. Shekhawat says let me try removing it. It hurts Asmita’s hand.

Shan slaps Shekhawat. He says are you crazy? Shekhawat says I am sorry Asmita. I only wanted to release your hand. Shan says get lost. He leaves. Nandani says in heart they can’t come near.Asmita and Shan are sitting on the sofa. Nandani comes there. Shan says go sleep in the room. Nandani says why? Do you need privacy? I will stay here. Shan says okay. Nandani is dozing. Shan says this all happened because of you. Asmita says it’s not my fault. He says you once did this on a diwali. They talk about their childhood. Asmita rests head on Shan’s shoulder and sleeps. He says I am hungry.

Asmita says I want to sleep. He says you see what I do. He makes a video of Asmita snorting. Shan says I am hungry. He pulls her to the kitchen.Shan says there’s nothing to eat. Let’s make instant noodles. They make the noodles together. Shan makes Asmita eat. Asmita makes Shan eat as well. They doze off on the sofa.The next morning, Asmita wakes up. The glues lose. Asmita walks and draws the curtains. She puts a sheet on shan. Asmita caresses his face. Nandani looks at them in anger. Nandnai says what are you trying to do? Asmita says want to know the truth? Nandani pulls her hand.

Nandani says what will you tell me? You have no self-respect. Shan hates and insults you. Better hide your face and leave this house. You’re from Sona gachi. You have to be shameless. Asmita says we make idols there for Durga ma. I am made from the same soil. The soil that knows it’s right. I am back here to take what is mine. What you took from me. I am back to take Shan from you. Shan is Krishi’s father. Only Chahat has right on me besides Krishi and I. Your end is near Shan isn’t your husband. He was only there with you because of Chahat. Or he would have kicked you. But all your games are over now. You can’t use Chahat as a pawn to ruin Shan’s life. I will also take Chahat from you because she deserves a good mother and a good life.

I won’t let her suffer your evil plans. Chahat will be part of my family. Just wait and watch. Nandani laughs. She says I can’t control, what a funny plan.Nandani says I killed our father for Shan. I took everything from. I took your daughter away from you. I did that accident. I kept your daughter away from you. Respect who you’re challenging. You can’t fight me. Asmita says I know how dangerous you are. But I am ready to fight you. I am a mother, you have no idea what a mother can do. Nadani says you see Asmita what I do.

Nirvan says I won’t go anywhere until we go back home. Shekhawat says but mama is here. He says if you care for me, ask mama to come with us. We will celebrate Diwali in our house. Krishi wants to take my mama from me. Please tell mama I can’t share her. I want mama. Nirvan says your mama is yours only. I will make her yours only.Krishi is walking downstairs. Nandani sees her. She oil on the stairs. Nandani says she has to die from my hands. This is the best way to ruin Asmita’s Diwali. If she dies, Shan and Asmita would never come together. Nandani says I have to sacrifice you. Krishi walks downstairs and falls. Shan and Asmita run towards Krishi.

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