These Streets update Tuesday 11 january 2022


These Streets 11 january 2022: Krishi says to Nevi please do something. The wedding starts. Krishi is crying. Asmita and Shikhawat take rounds. Krishi prays God please do some miracle. Shan comes in running. Shan says stop. Krishi smiles. Asmita and Shikhawat stop. Shan says you gave me Chahat’ swear so I won’t enter the house. But your wedding won’t happen. Shikhawat says who are you to stop? Shan says Asmita you came here for Krishi.

You wanted me to accept Krishi. You only came here to get Krishi her dad not to marry Shikhawat. Asmita says yes that’s what I came here for you. Shan says I am ready to give Krishi my name. She is my daughter. I accept her with all my heart. Krishi runs and hugs Shan. Krishi says papa, I knew you won’t ever leave me. She hugs Shan. Asmita opens the knot. Shikhawat says Asmita what are you doing? Asmita goes to Shan. Shan calls in a lawyer. He says give her the papers. Asmita reads them.

He says I am legally adopting Krishi. I am giving her my name. This is what you wanted right? Legally she is my daughter. I can’t see tears in her innocent eyes. Now do what you came here for. Sign the papers, then do what you want. Marry your lover, have kids with him. I don’t care. Asmita is dazed. Shikhawat says Asmita, what are you doing? Don’t listen to him. We have to complete the wedding. Krishi holds Asmita’s hand. Shikhawat says don’t think anything. Don’t compel me to force you. I can’t take this insult in front of the whole city. Krishi is holding Asmita’s hand. Shikhawat says this is his new trick. You said, there can’t be a better father than me for Krishi. He takes Asmita to the mandap.

Krishi cries and says mama please don’t marry him. Please papa ask him to stop. Asmita says to Shikhaawat I am sorry I can’t do this. She cries. Shikhawat says why? Shikhawat says do I look crazy to you? You can’t make fun on me in front of so many people. You can’t stop this wedding. He holds Asmita’s hand. Krishi says please don’t do this. Shikhawat says Krishi you don’t come in between this. Shan stops Shikhawat. He says don’t you know what no means? Asmita said she doesn’t want to marry. When a girl says no, it means no.

Shan shoves Asmita’s hand. Shan says I will break your hand if you touch Asmita. Shikhawat says you stay out of it. Leave, or you won’t have hand. Just leave. Shikhawat shoves Shan. shan hits him back. Asmita says please stop. Shan and Shikhawat hit each other. Asmita says enough. Stop it, please. Nandani says wow Shan, what a drama. Everyone is confused. If you hate Asmita why are you fighting for her? Sham on you. You are such a weak man. You still love the woman who killed your child. You want to own her illegitimate child? Shan says I don’t need to answer you anything.

Don’t drag Krishi in it. It is my decision. Everyone, leave. the drama is over. Everyone leaves. Shikhawat recalls what Asmita said. He breaks the garland. Shikhawat says you will all see my new face. You didn’t do right. You have insulted my family. I will take revenge for it.Nandani says what about Chahat? You don’t consider me wife but do you consider Chahat your daughter? Shan says she is my daughter. I will talk to her. Chahat says how can you call Krishi your papa.

I won’t share my papa with anyone. You’re my papa only. Shan says I have thought before deciding it. Please try to understand. chahat locks herself. Shan and Nandani knock. Shan says Chahat please open the door. Nandani says I won’t forgive you if something happens to her. shan says Chahat please open. Asmita and Krishi come too. Chahat turns on the shower. shan breaks the door and goes in. Shan hugs chahat and says why do you do this. Krishi says you are my papa only. I won’t accept Krishi. Nandani hugs her.


Nevi calls someone and say yes Krishi Shan Mazumdar. She says to Nandani her name is changed too now. She is sent by God. You did everything to part her from Shan. He accepted here and would accept her mom too. Nandani says Shan madly loves Chahat. He only adopted her. I won’t let Shan give his name to her. Nevi says you will lose for sure. Nandani burns her hand says don’t dare to argue with me. Moni comes. She says bari ma are you okay? Let me bring ointment.

Shan makes Chahat sleep. Krishi comes there. Shan looks at her. He rests Krishi on the bed. Shan hugs Krishi. Shan says please give me some time. She says can I call you papa? He says yes you can. Krishi says what does adopt means? Do you accept that you’re my papa? we will be a happy family, you mama and I. Please say it. Shan says don’t worry. You are Krishi Shan Mazumdar. No one can change that. Krishi hugs him, Asmita is in tears. Krishi says can you adopt my mama too? Please? I know you’re mad at her. But she was your best friend. You can always patch up with friends. Shan says you’re too young to understand that.

Krishi says you ask kids not to fight. Please patch up with mama. I want a happy family with both of you. Shan says I am sorry. I can’t do that. We can’t be best friends again. We won’t discuss this ever again. Go sleep, I will make you sleep.Nandani stops Asmita. She drags her downstairs. Nandani says you got what you wanted right? You wanted her to get the father’s name. Go from here now. Asmita says I have the right to live here. You can’t ask me to leave. Nandani says you want two men at the same time. You are from sona gachi. Asmita says who are you to blame my character? She says leave then and show that you don’t care about Shan.

Shikhawat comes and says she is right Asmtia. You came here to get Krishi her right. Now she has it. Why are you here then? You don’t want us to get married. You don’t know what you want. Asmita says I didn’t expect this from you. She leaves.Asmita cries. She says this is what I wanted. I wanted Shan to accept Krishi. My mission is accomplished. Why am I still upset? Why do I feel lost? Shan looks at her. The song humari adhuri kahani plays.

Asmita comes with her bag. Krishi says mama where are you going? You didn’t tell me? Are we going out? Asmita hugs her. Asmita says I am leaving this house. You got your papa. I did what I had to. You have him now. I have to go now. Krishi says I need both of you. Please don’t go.

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