These Streets Update Tuesday 3 Aug 2021

These Streets 3 Aug 2021: Ridhoy says dada I am so happy. I am flying. I can’t tell you what happened. Shan says what happened? He says I love her so much. Come with me. Lets go to shopping. I will buy everything. I am so happy. Her parents came here. I can’t believe this happened. Nevi looks at Shan. Ridhoy says lets go. Shan says tomorrow.. Nevi says why tomorrow? Aren’t you happy? Shan says I am really happy.

Nevi says then take him shopping. Nevi says yes he knows latest fashions very well. He will buy good things for asmita. Shan and Ridhoy leave. nevi says i wont let anyone take Ridhoy’s happiness from him.Puchki comes to temple and prays for her success. she says I have decided.Asmita comes to Nevi and says I am sorry aunty. I can’t marry Ridhooy.I wanted to tell. Nevi says why are you saying this. It is too late now. Why? We will keep you very happy.

Ridhou loves you very much. I promise you.. Don’t break his heart. He really loves you. Puchki says but this would be wrong. Nevi says I can talk to your parents.. Puchki says it is about me. I can’t marry him. Nevi says is it because he is handicapped? Puchki says no. That’s not the reason. Nevi says then what is? Is someone forcing you? She says no this is my decision. I don’t have time for wedding. Nevi says he will let you focus on your career.

We will help you please I beg you don’t take my son’s happiness from him. I request you. Puchki says please don’t say all this. Nevi says I am a mother. Puchki says please.. Nevi says I beg you. Puchki leaves. Nevi is in tears.Puchki says please God help me get out of all this. She looks at a man taking money from another man.Puchki follows them. She asks the butler. he says this is my job.

I get an envelope and I have to give it to that man. Puchki follows that man. Shan sees her leaving.Shan comes home. Nevi shows him poison and says this isn’t for you. This is for me and Ridhoy. Kill us so your problems end forever. You can rule this wealth alone. Shan throws it and says mama what are you saying. Are you okay? Nevi says I am saying truth. You wanted this. You have everything what else do you want? Why do you want to take my son’s love from him.

Why are you doing this to him. You made him handicapped. Now you want to take his money. What will you get when you take his love from him. Shan says what are you saying? Nevi says don’t you have any feelings for Asmita? Say it. She says look into my eyes and tell me. Tell me your are not interested in her.Shan says I am not interested in her. Nevi says then why you joined her on the stage. Why did yo reject Parohita? You like Asmita.

Asmita follows the man. He comes to a market. He turns back and she hides.
Nevi says I can see it. Shan says no you are getting it wrong. I am not interested in her. Nevi says okay then do something.. Marry Parohita. We all want you to get married to her. Your dada wants you to get married first. Clear my son’s way. You should have no concern in marrying her.Asmita comes to a shed with idols. She hears a noise a behind a wall. She tries to break it.

Asmita sees an old man. Asmita says who are you? She sees his face. Its Aru but he is aged. Asmita says Aru uncle? You here? How did you come here? I will take you to Shan. A woman comes there with her face hidden. She throws sand in ASmita’s eyes. She takes Aru with him. Asmita says Aru uncle.. Aru says please save me from this woman with bangles. Asmita says some bangles woman is behind all this? This means Shan isn’t behind all this. I will prove that he is innocent.

Parohita comes to Shan. She says I never thought you would say yes for lunch date. He says this isn’t a date. She says why are you interested in me again? Family pressure? Tell me. He says no. I was thinking we should know each other. She says if we go forward and you fall in love me with? You haven’t seen Paro’s love. Asmita calls Shan. Paro says Asmita is calling you. She must be crazy after you like other girls. She comes close. Asmita comes in and says Shantanu why aren’t you picking my call.

I have to talk about something important. She takes him out. Paro is angry,
Shan says why did you bring me here? I was with a girl. She says you will be shocked to know what it is. I found something about your dad. I just met him. She tells him everything. He says what? you met papa? Where is he? Is he okay? how do you know who my papa is? Asmita says everyone knows him. He says take me there. Asmita says a woman took him from there. He says I will go there. Asmita says I will come with you. He says no.

Shan leaves. She comess. Shan says if you respect me a bit dont come. We have to do somethings alone. He leaves. Puchki says I have to find the roots of this case.Asmtia texts Khurana and tells him. He says aru is alive? He was lost since years she found him in a few years.Shan comes to the place asmita told him. Shan sees Aru’s shirt there. He says papa was wearing this T shirt when he came to meet me last night. He cries and says papa where are you.

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