Curse of the sands update Tuesday 3 August 2021

Curse of the sands 3 August 2021: Ram and Siya perform Devimaa’s pooja with a newborn baby. Pandit says baby’s tilak ceremony is complete. A lady takes back her baby and asks Siya not to worry, she will also get a baby soon.

Dayimaa asks her to establish Bal Gopal in cradle and she will get a Bal Gopal soon. Ram says now he got a a perfect family. Siya says once their baby is born, their family will be complete. Behramgarh people leave brushing off Mallika’s hand. Mallika throws tantrums. Bindu says she should be habituated to this as she is Behramgarh’s queen and soon will be a grandma. Mallika fumes. Dayimaa thinks Behramgarh’s prince will Siya and Ram’s biological son. A boy is heard shouting for help stuck inside a burning house.

Ram lifts Siya and tells Dayimaa that when he has a chubby baby girl Siya, why will he need another child. Mallika walks in and insists that she needs a grandson to play with her. Siya says she will adopt a baby. Dayimaa says Sosida clan does not adopt a baby, they need a biological child to be future heir. Siya insists that they can give a life to some orphan kid. Jhumri walks then and says lunch is ready. Maid informs them that a house in village caught fire and people are stuck in it.

Ram with Siya rushes to the spot and scolds villagers why didn’t they try to rescue people inside house. Villagers say fire is very intense. Ram himself jumps into house and searches for people. He finds a boy and his mother caged in a net, boy holds Ram’s hand and mother pleads to rescue them from this net.

Ram breaks net and brings them out. Siya washes boy’s face. Lady identifies Ram as Rana/Ravan Rakhas who raped her and this b boy is Rana’s son, he had caged her in trap and by god’s grace himself rescued her. Ram says he doesn’t even know her. She says he raped many girls under Mohini’s evil influence. Siya tries to speak, but lady runs and dies in car accident. In temple, milk turns into blood. Pandit says he came. Dayimaa waits for Ram and Siya. They return home with a boy. Lights flicker with boy’s entry.

Dayimaa with Bindu, Jhumri and Mallika waits for Ram and Siya and says why did they go to village, don’t know what is happening there. Ram and Siya return home with a boy. Bindu asks if they both are fine. Ram says yes. Dayimaa asks whose kid is this. Siya looks at Ram and tells he is Ram’s son. Everyone present are shocked to hear that. Pandit in temple says evil’s child has come who is near his goal and once he opens hell door, nobody can stop him, so they should stop him.

Dayimaa asks Siya how can she believe anyone just like that. Siya asks Jhumri to take boy Mann from here and asks Dayimaa if she thinks it is easy to accept this boy and allegations on Ram, a lady was repeatedly alleging Ram that he raped her and this boy is Ram’s. Ram asks if she doesn’t trust

him, he does not know who that girl is. Siya says Ram was under Mohini’s control and was Rana that time, we all know how Rana was. Ram says he did sins as Rana, but he never saw that lady in his life. Siya says why would a lady lie. Dayimaa says that boy came not even an hour ago and created rift between them, Siya should have left that boy in orphanage. Ram says exactly, even he was telling same, but Siya trusts unknown lady than him.
Siya follows him and he asks why she is following him when she doesn’t trust him. Siya hugs him and says she trust him more than herself, but does not trust Mohini’s black magic and if boy is really his son, he cannot live in guilt; this boy is devimaa’s blessings and we will bring up this boy as their son.

Jhumri plays ball with Mann and sees half moon sign on his foot. Pandit in temple looking at moon made out of sindhoor says that boby is evil’s son and has half moon on his foot and before he can open hell door, they should end him. Dayimaa scolds Jhumri why this boy is still here. Jhumri says its Siya’s order. Dayimaa holds Mann’s hand and takes him towards door when Siya stops her annd asks her to return Mann to Jhumri.

Dayimma asks not to get adamant, this boy should not be t palace. Siya asks if she is okay if this boy stays on road without a mother. Dayimaa says she will send this boy to orphanage as he doesn’t have any right on royal family. Siya holds boy and says this boy’s mother repeatedly told that Ram is his father. Dayimaa what is the proof. Siya says they will get DNA test. Lights start flickering and Siya sees Mann missing. Dayimaa sees him near window and informs Siya. Siya opens window and doesn’t find him.

Siya calls doctor to get Mann’s blood sample for DNA test, finds him in kitchen having food from dustbin and says she forgot he must be hungry. Mann says he is afraid of injection. Siya says he should not pick food from dustbin and after he gets injection, they will have ice cream. She takes him to doctor and asks him to inject Mann. Doctor picks injection. Mann gets afraid. Siya sings lullaby for him and gets his blood sample. Blood drop from syringe falls on floor and burns

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