These Streets update Tuesday 28 September 2021


These Streets 28 Sept 2021: Asmita enters the house. shan shoves her out of house and says shameless girl. What made you think you can be part of our house. You belong to dirties streets of the city. Get out of here. there is no room for you in this house. He shuts the door. Asmita is dazed. Asmita says Sahn wanted to get me my right. what made him do this?

These streets 27 September 2021

Bua shouts and says have you lost it? Are you gone crazy. She opens the door and is about to pick Asmita. Shan says if you help her you will see my dead face. She stops. Asmita shouts and says wy are you doing all this. Nevi says you have right to question us. Get out. Asmita says I wont go, I need to know answers. Tell me shan. Shan says this is what I want and what I meant. He says you can’t even be our servant.

Bua says asmita you dont deserve to be with these people. Asmita says what have I done? You brought me here. Let me talk to Ridoy. Nevi says he isn’t here. He doesn’t want to see your face. Shan says I wont let him even if he wants to. He says this house is temple. You are filth. Asmita slaps him and says you are also from that filth. You are from that dirty area too. They made you with love and this is what you became. You want me to leave? Remember this day forever. This will haunt you for life. Asmita says you have really hurt me. You have ruined my life. My God will never pardon you. My tears wont let you sleep. You will know what it feels like. Asmita leaves. Nevi smirks. Ravindra takes Shan inside.

Shan comes to his room and cries his heart out. He sits in the showers and cries madly. He says I am sorry Puchki please pardon me. I am the worst friend and human. I gave you so much pain. He hits his hand on wall and it bleeds. Shan lays down crying and says I am not as strong as you are. I was made to do what I never wanted to. He recalls saying to Asmita I will marry you in front of everyone. He was going to his room and saying I will marry Asmita. I should tell Ridoy. Shan came to Ridoy’s room. Nevi was burning herself. Shan said mama what are you doing.. Ridoy is on floor. Shan said mama what are you doing.. Nevi said I will burn us both. shan said mama please stop. Please leave match stick. He faints.

Scene 1
Nevi said don’t move forward I will burn myself and Ridoy. Shan said mama please stop. Please don’t do this I beg you. She said then you will have to do what I ask you. Shan said I will do anything. Nevi said to Shan you can’t do this. You don’t love us enough. I have lost my mind. She said I have been fooled. That dirt from Sona gachi.. Puchki. She is in our house. Will you kick her out of my house and ridoy’s house? She fooled my son. She just needs out money. Shan said but.. She said I better burn myself. Shan said mama please stop. Nevi said everything is over. This dirt is in my house. Only you can kick her out.

Shan said mama what are you saying. He said if she was my wife.. Would you still say the same? She said I can’t stand her in this house. we have done so much for you and you would want to marry her? I wont let her stay in this house. He said but.. Nevi said I will burn myself. Shan stepped back.

Nevi said I accepted you even when you were from sona gachi. I wont accept her. You can’t do this for me because I am not your mom. Shan said I love you mama. I don’t love anyone more than you. Nevi said then kick that Puchki out of this house. Say yes. She lights match stick. Shan sat down and said I will do what you say. Nevi said thank you. I knew you would never disappoint me. Kick her out of this house today.

Asmita and SHan recall their moments together. Asmita walks on the streets in bridal dress. She recalls shan insulting her.
Beauty calls her men and asks them to kidnap Asmita. Mohit says you can’t harm her. Beauty says you will see. This game will be fun. Asmita is walking on the streets. A police jeep hits her.

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