These Streets update Tuesday 19 October 2021


These streets 19 Oct 2021: Arohi says Ridoy what you did is so wrong. Ridoy says were you alone with Shan? Asmita says you don’t trust me. How can I even be close to you. I am going. Ridoy holds her and says leave this bag. He shoves her. Ridoy says I am sorry. Your ankle is sprained. He says you hurt me the same way. You can’t go away from me. He tries to come close to Asmita. Asmita says stop it. He says I will make you my wife.

You give me sleeping pills so I can’t come near you? She says your mom gave them. Ridoy says I will come close to you. You can’t stop me. Asmita says Ridoy stop it. She slaps him. Ridoy pulls her dupatta. He holds her mouth and says you were fooling me and cheating one me? You came to me and asked me to marry yu.Ridoy shoves Asmtia on bed. Asmita says leave me. This is a sin. He throws her dupatta away. Ridoy get on Asmita. She shoves him and runs.

Ridoy comes after her. He says I love you. We will be one tonight. asmita says I will call police. He says I will tell them you are cheating on me with him. Asmita shoves him and they both fall in pool. He tries to come close, Asmita slaps him. He says you can’t go away from me. ASmita runs. Asmita picks a rod and says don’t come near me. He says you can’t stop me. He takes the rod form her and shoves her against the wall. Shan comes and shoves Ridoy. Shan hits Ridoy. He says you are an animal. You can’t be my brother. RIdoy says you never considered me your brother. You are from those dirty streets.

You can’t come between us. Shan says hit me if you can. Ridoy hits him with rod. Shan hids Ridoy.Asmita sits down crying. ridoy hits his head and pulls asmita. Shan gets up and hits him.Ridoy says I wont leave you. Asmita says ridoy please stop. Shan hits ridoy. He falls from the roof. Asmita says he will die lets go. They runs downstairs. Ridoy is dead. Shan says Ridoy listen.. RIdoy.. He is dead. Shan is in shock.

Shan says Ridoy open your eyes.. He isn’t breathing. Shan is in shock. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Nevi calls Ridoy. It’s a video call. Nevi says asmita what is shan doing there? Where is Ridoy? Shan takes the phone. He shows Ridoy. Nevi is dazed. she screams. Nevi says what happened to my son. SHan says he tried raping Asmita. Nevi says bring him here. I will kill you two if anything happens to him. Asmita calls an ambulance.

Ridoy is alive. they take him to hospital. Shan says to Asmita report to police. She says I am responsible for this. This isnn’t your fault. Shan says I didn’t kill Chanda ma. It happened like what happened today. Asmita says I don’t know why I said all that. I know you can never do all this. Shan hugs Asmita.Beauty says for a girl one brother killed another. Nevi slaps her and says nothing would happen to my ridoy. He will come back home.

Everyone comes to hospital. Nevi is crying. ravindra says control yourself. Nevi slaps Shan. SHe says you are so disgusting. You tried killing him for this girl? I thought you would change but you can never change. I will kill you if anything happens to him. Shan says he tried raping asmita. NEvi says I dont want to hear anything. He was with his wife, what were you doing there. any man would get angry when he sees his wife with another man. NEvi says to asmita you are blood of those dirty streets. asmita says enough. You have no right to insult me like that.

Raivindra says Shan this happened because of Asmita. He is your brother. How could you do this to him.Asmita comes home and cries in shower. She recalls Rdioy touching her. Asmita washes herself and cries. Shan comes home. He looks at asmita crying. Shan hugs her. Asmita says I want to be Puchki again. Why all this happened. Don’t leave me today. I want to live forever with you. Shan says your love keeps me going. He says let’s start the life from where we left it. Puchki and Shantanu. Neel comes home. He says Shan ridoy. Doctor said he wont live.

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