These Streets update Wednesday 20 October 2021

These streets 20 Oct 2021: Nevi says I want to go in. He is my son. She stands out and cries.Ridoy is taken home. Doctor says he is very injured. His life is in danger. Nevi says nothing can happen to my Ridoy. He says I will try my best. Nevi says to shan you and Asmita did all this. For this girl you killed you brother? Shan says this isn’t Asmita’s fault.Nevi says Asmita he loved you. Why did you do this. Shan he trusted you so much. Nevi says you decided to go on honeymoon.

Nevi says Shan you are a murderer. Asmta says he isn’t. Nevi says you destroyed a family. Women like you don’t deserve a family. Nurse comes and says his condition is worsening. Nevi runs up. Doctor checks him. Ridoy stops breathing. Everyone is dazed. Ridoy moves his hand. Doctor checks her. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Your mom and everyone is here for you. They all love you. Please open your eyes once. Ridoy opens eyes. Nevi says Ridoy.. My son. Don’t ever leave me please. Ravindra holds his hand.

Asmita comes in temple. Shan says what he did with you.. it must be very difficult for you. You still tried saving his life. Asmita says he loved you as a brother. He was an innocent guy. We have made him like this. Asmita says this happened to his because I married him. We did this to him. He is your brother. We can fix him.

Nevi says to asmita don’t stay in this house anymore. Go back were you came from. Shan says your son is home not in jail because asmita is a nice girl. he tried to force asmita. Nevi says this girl married him and went on honeymoon with him. Why did she marry him? I accepted her for ridoy and she did this? He tried to come close to his wife. Shan says disrespecting a woman isn’t acceptable. Nevi says she is respectable at all. My son loved her that’s why she is here. She has to leave this house right now. You two have ruined my life. Shan says we wont leave this. house. Until Ridoy is better I wont leave. He is my brother. Nevi says this girl wont live here.

Doctor says she can’t leave. Ridoy started breathing because she was there. They run upstairs. Doctor says he is not in a good condition. If asmita is close he can be better. Ravindra says asmita has to stay here for ridoy.Nevi says I wont let that giril stay with my Ridoy. Beauty says that wont change the fact that ridoy will die without her. Asmita comes to temple and says why do you ring me in this situation. I dont want to see his face but I have to save his life. Nevi says go away from his life. You are responsible for his condition. You only used him and his love. You married him twice but only fooled him.

Please save my son. I beg you. Asmita looks at Shan. Nevi says I beg you save my son. shan says but they can’t. Nevi says you used to call him junior now you hate him? Nevi says you have to save my son. Your love will kill my son. SHan says mom please don’t say all this. He hugs Nevi. Nei says I beg you. She leaves.Ravindra sits with ridoy. Beauty comes. She says what happened in this house. Your grandson is dying and other isn’t even home. Ravindra says you must be very happy.

beauty says remember I gave you a curse when you kicked me out. My curse ruined your entire life. Both your grandsons are after a girl from sona gachi.Shna says Asmita everything would be okay. You don’t have to go through this. He says our love doesn’t have to sacrifice. Asmita says love is sacrifice. We can’t let Ridoy die for our love. we love each other and no one can change that. We will live all our lives for each other. Shan says please no Puchki. She leaves his hand. Asmita says I have to do this. Shan says how will I live. Asmita says will you live if Ridoy dies.

You have done so much for your brother. He says what about us? Asmita says our love will always live. We can’t write this story with ridoy’s love. If we have to unite we will. Shan says you are my wife. How can I let you go. Asmita says our love wont die. Asmita burns their marriage certificate. She takes reverse rounds with him around the fire. They recall their moments together. Shan says no Puchki please. Asmita says you are free from now. We are nothing now. A chunri falls on them both.

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