These Streets Update Thursday 9 September 2021

These Streets 9 Sept 2021: Sheela says where is your Asmita now? Why is she not coming. Shan says why do you keep insulting asmita? who are you to keep pointing fingers at her? Ravindra says why do you keep saying stupid things about asmita. Sheela sauys she keeps fooling you. Can’t you all see she doesn’t even want to come up and sign.

Nevi says you have no right to insult asmita like this. Sheela says whose wife is she even considering herself. Shan says enough. Asmita comes. She says what happened? Nevi says nothing. She says come sign the papers.

Asmita sits with Ridoy to sign the papers. Ridoy says I am so happy. Shan recalls filling her hairline. She looks at the pen Khurana gave her. Bua by mistake spills hot tea on Jamai. He screams. Everyone gets busy with him. Asmita takes out Shan’s papers and signs them. Bua smiles at her. Asmita signs Ridoy’s papers and says in heart it would disappear in a bit and only Ridoy’s will remain. Ridoy signs too. Nei says congratulations everyone. They are all married according to law too.

Nevi makes everyone eats sweets. Asmita hugs Bua. She says congratulations on being Shan’s wife legally too. She hugs her and says my prayers are with you always. Shan wonders why are they so happy?Beauty says to Paro why were you taking his side. I have to find out what is that asmita upto. Now you see what I do.Asmita tells her plan to Khruana. She says we have to catch Nevi red handed. I need your help. She says please trust me I can handle tis.

Ridoy says I just want to focus on met and asmita I wanted to go with her on a honeymoon. I don’t wanna stay here. People say weird things about me. Shan says they say stupid things. Shan hugs ridoy. Ridy says I hope she becomes mine. We know each other closely. I wanna know what she likes nad what she doesn’t. Shan says I am with you. Shan says in heart why Ridoy talkin about Asmita is making me angry. Shan says let’s plan something once these rituals are over. Ridoy says you are the best. You will plan everything. Thank you. He hugs Shan.

Asmita looks at the box and says thank you sir for agreeing to me.ASmita places headphones everywhere in the house. She says Nevi has to be caught. Paro coems there.

Asmita plants microphones everywhere in the room. PAro says what are you doing? SHe says looking for my earring. Asmita opens the door. Nevi comes. Nevi says you here? Asmita says I was here looking for you. For haldi utsaw Nevi hugs her. She says go and come on time.Asmita comes to his room. She opens a box and takes out hearing system from Nevi’s room.

Nevi says on call thank God no one heard. Ridoy comes to the room. He says what’s up? Asmita says I was changing. SHe hides everything.Asmita comes out. Ridoy says i am sorry. She says its okay. Ridoy says you look pretty. I have a surprise for you. He shows her a sketch he made of her. He says I drew this myself. ASmita says but.. He says this is my love for you.

Nevi comes. Asmta says this is beautiful. She gives her saree. Asmita says if Ridoy goes with me it would be a bad sign according to ritual right? Nevi says. Stay home ridoy.San hits punching bag. Asmita comes to him. He asks her to go. She puts finger on his lips. He says why areyou here. She says to Sha fill my hairline. She says I am going for pagphery. She says this relation is made by God. We can’t deny it. Shan says Asmita what about ridoy. She says you will understand everything.

He holds her face nd says ever see the pain in me. She says then fill my hairline. I wont go until you do. Shan comes close to her. He asks her to go.Ridoy rings bell on Asmita’s house. He says I will surprise her. The watchman says no one is here. Ridoy wonders then where is asmita.

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