These Streets Update Friday 10 September 2021


These Streets 10 Sept 2021: Shan leaves the room in anger. Asmita stops him. He says someone will see. She says so what? Everyone should know about us. He says I will die. Asmita puts hand on his mouth. They sit under the counter. Shan says try to understand please. She says wat I have always been doing. Asmita says you will haev to accept us in front of everyone. She leaves.

Asmita comes to the hall. Ridoy says Asmita.. He says you didn’t go to your house? She says I heard baba wasn’t home so I stayed. He says I went there to surprise you. I was missing you so I thought I should meet you.Paro hugs mohit and says I love you. He says then stop this drama. She says first let me take all of Shan’s money then I will be yours. He says I love you and takes her to bed. They come close.

Asmita serves paratha to Shan. He says I don’t want it. She says but you love parathas. Moushmi says he never told us. Asmita says ridoy told me. Beauty and Paro come. Beauty says hello. Everyone is dazed to see her. she isn’t dressed as sheela. Ravindra says paro what are you doing with her? Beauty says her dadi had something important so I came here. Paro says she is my mom. Shan recalls asmita telling him Paro isn’t a good girl. Ravindra says how dare you come here. She says Shan is my son in law. Paro is a part of this house. I am your relative now.

Ravindra says are you threatening me? She says no no. I have an old relation with this house.Beauty says to Asmita so you are the younger one. ARe you the same who had her saree torn and shan hugged you. But he is now Paro’s. Ravindra says shut up and how dare you fool us. She says you called me a gutter insect. The same insect is in your house now. Ravindra says call sheela. I will end this marriage.

Beaut says dont’ be so angry. They are married, marriages don’t end like this. Moushmi says please don’t wake up old things now. We have an important function in this house. Asmta says to beauty if you have relation in this house you are welcome here.Moushmi and Jamai’s wedding ceremony starts. They cut the cake. They start a game. Ridoy says if I fall no one will pick me. I know you love me but let me handle it on my own. Beauty looks at them and says all this happiness will be gone in a few days.

Ridoy trumps but asks no one to pick him. Shan asmita and ridoy win the first round of musical chair. Asmita recalls playing with Shan in childhood.Everyone laughs and is happy. Ridoy says asmita won first. He pops champagne. Asmita says I am coming in a bit. Ridoy and shan drink.Shan stops asmita. He says listen to me. He says this love is one sided from your side only. She says yeah right. Asmita says then look in my eyes and say that you don’t care about me.

He is silent. Shan says one day I wont. Asmita says I know my heart. Beauty heard this.Beauty says to Paro that asmita is trapping Shan. You have to make him yours. She mixes drugs in the milk and says take it to Shan. He will be yours after drinking it. Paro leaves with the glass. Asmita comes to the kitchen. Asmita sees drugs on the counter. She is dazed. Asmita says she is taking this to shan?



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