These Streets update Thursday 6 January 2022

These streets 6 January 2022:

Krishi says there’s only one way. If you tell her you love her it can stop her. Bari ma said your love can stop her. Shan recalls everything and says this can’t happen. Shan says sorry this can’t happen. Krishi says I don’t want to hear no. Please say yes. Please. Shan says sit with me. Let me think about it. Krishi says what are you thinking? She says you are scared of Shikhawat uncle. You think mama would choose uncle over you. You’re scared to lose. Shan says your mama would never say no to me. She can never love anyone but me. Krishi says you’re the best. You have to win. Krishi says I know you won’t’ lose to Shikhawat. Shan says he isn’t even my competition. I always win.

He says okay challenge accepted. Krishi says I know you would win. Krishi hugs him. She says in heart sorry God I am lying. But I have to unite them. My papa is Shan papa only.Nandani says to Nevi countdown has begun. My sister is getting married, I have to start preparing. She will leave this house forever. Nevi says don’t worry. I will arrange the mehdni. It would go to the hands it deserves from the hands of the one she deserves. Nandani says we will see. Nevi says we will win. Moni and I will rule this. I will kick you out. After that, who cares if Shan and Asmita are one or not.Shan is drunk. He comes close to Asmita’s picture. Asmita says Shan.. He is dazed.

Shan looks at Asmita’s photo. He says you’re only mine Asmita. You are so good. I so want to hold your face and kiss. He comes near her photo. Asmita comes and says why did you stop? Shan is confused. He says I.. Asmita says what? What were you doing with my photo? Say it to me. Why talk to the photo? He says yes okay. I can talk to you directly. Shan isn’t scared of anything. I was saying my heart says that I.. Your face. Asmita says my face what? He says your face? Krishi says is this how you will talk? He was imagining Asmita. Shan says when did you come? Krishi says why are you scared? You won’t win this way. Shan says don’t worry I will be confident. Shan says don’t worry. He walks out. Krishi says God, please do magic. We have to stop their wedding. Please help papa.

Moushmi says Asmita, you have a mehndi today. I mean another one. How does it feel? You have married so many times, do you even remember? And who is Krishi’s father? Asmita says enough. You’re elder and that’s only the reason why I am respecting you. You can never understand how precious motherhood is because you’re not a mother. Asmita stops. Asmita says sorry. Krishi is Shan’s daughter, even if he denies it. I am only glad that Shikhawat is giving her a name. I want to give her all the reasons to be happy in life and that’s why I am marrying Shikhawat. You better stay out of my life. Moushmi says I am so excited for what new drama this wedding would bring.

Shikhawat gets ready. Nandani says you look handsome. Asmita is lucky. I thought I should tell you something. Asmita and I are step-sisters. Asmita isn’t like me. She doesn’t stop anywhere. First Shan, then ridoy, then Shan and now you. Keep her in a cage. She flies a lot. Shikawat says to keep your suggestions to yourself. She says your guests are coming. People are talking about how big the setup is. But always remember what I told you how Asmita is. She gets bored a lot. Shikhawat breaks the perfume.

Shikhawat comes downstairs. Nevi says where is Asmita? Asmita is coming towards the setup. Someone turns off the lights. Shan comes out and says Puchki.. He holds her. The son tujhe yaad karliya hai. Shan caresses her face. Asmita says what is this? He loses her hair and says you look pretty this way. Shan turns on the lights. He walks away. Nevi says to Shikhawat where is Asmita? He says let me check. Asmita comes outside. Shikhawat smiles. Nandani says Asmita you came? Come let’s start mehndi. She takes Asmita to the stage.

Krishi wonders where is Shan? Nandani says put mehndi on her hands and get her ready for her wedding. Asmita’s mehndi starts. Shan comes there. Asmita looks at him. He points at her hair and smiles. Asmita wonders what is happening. Moushmi says girls, let’s dance. Nandani says the groom loves Asmita a lot. So the color should be dark. Right Shikhawat? Chahat says mama, you get mehndi too. Nandani sits next to Asmita. Her hand is allergic. Nandani screams. Krishi smiles. Nandani says my hand is burning. Something is wrong. Asmita says my hand too. It’s itching. Shan thumbs up Krishi. They both clean the mehndi.

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