These Streets update Friday 7 January 2022


These street 7 January 2022: Nandani and Asmita both have irritation on their hands. They clean the mehndi. Shan smirks at Krishi. Moushmi says there is no color on Asmita’s face. Nevi says in heart I have to talk to Asmita to call this wedding off. Shan mixed something in the mehndi.Nevi says Asmita takes this mehndi, I mixed it with my hands. I think it got exchanged. Krishi wonders what to do now? She says idea.

Krishi says mama, shut I put mehndi on your hand? Krishi takes the mehndi. She writes Shan on Krishi’s hand. Chahat says why have you written my papa’s name on your mom’s hand. Krishi says sorry I made a mistake. It takes time to accept a new papa. Nandani tries to clean it but it doesn’t remove. Asmita runs in.Nandani says to Shikhawat marry her as soon as possible., Fill her hairline before she changes her mind. Shikhawat says Asmita doesn’t break promises like you. We will get married with all the rituals.

Asmita tries to clean the Mehndi. Shan comes to her. The son janam dekhlo plays. Shan says my name is written in your fate. You can’t remove it. It has tied to your name since our childhood. Shan kisses her forehead. He makes her wear chunri. Shan picks her. Asmita says why Shan? Why all this now? He says I still love you Puchki. Asmita was dreaming all this. She looks at her hand. Asmita tries to clean it. Asmita says why are you doing this? I am trying to go away from you. Shan comes and says thinking about me? Asmita says no. Asmita leaves. Shan holds her hand. He kneels down and says I want to tell you something. Asmita says what? He says I love you. I can’t see your name with someone else.

This is the truth and we can’t run from it. Everyone comes. He holds Asmkita’s hand and says please don’t marry Shikhawat. I love you. Moushmi says wow history is repeating. Shan says you’re mine. Only mine.Shikhawat shouts Shan.. He says enough. Not today. Come with me. Asmita. Shan holds Asmita’s hand. Shan takes Asmita’s hand from Shikhawat. Shan says you two aren’t married yet and no one can stop me from talking to her. Shikhawat says I will not leave him today. Asmita says stop it. Asmita hugs Shan. Everyone is shocked. Asmita shoves Shan. Asmita claps. She says you thought, you will confess and I would come running to you? You can’t do all you want.

Why are you doing this drama? I know you have a motive behind all this. The man who hated me till now and said he was living to hate me, he suddenly loves me now? Am I an idiot to trust you? You tried to frame Shikhawat as a bad person. When that didn’t work out and I was moving forward with him, your ego was hurt. How did Shan lose? So you did all this. You can’t emotionally manipulate me anymore. You always think about yourself. You are not a prince charming. You are a selfish man who only thinks of himself. The girl who left everything for you, you left her alone. I will never come back to you.

I know you very well. Keep one thing in mind, I decided this with all my heart. I will move forward in my life with Shikhawat for Krishi. No one can change my decision because it is a mother’s decision.
Precap-Shan says I will fast for you and show you that I still love you. And I will break your fast.Asmita says I will move forward in life with Shikhawat. This is a mother’s decision. She will get a good father and a good family. Never dare to do something like this again.Shikhawat breaks things in anger. Asmita says please calm down. He says if anyone comes between us, I will kill them.

Asmita says I hate him. I can never forgive him. Please calm down. I will never trust him. You rest, I am going to Nirvan and Krishi. He says if I asked you to do something would you do it? Asmita says yes? He says can you fast for me on Karva Chauth. I know people don’t do it in Calcutta. But this was my mom’s ritual. She would be very happy. Asmita says I will fast for you.Asmita comes out. Shan pulls her. He says don’t say anything. Asmita says Shan.. He says don’t say anything. You said what you had to. Now you will only listen. Shan comes close to her. He says I know you don’t love Shikhawat.

Why are you marrying him? Asmita says you don’t have any right to talk about my personal life. Who gave you that right? Shan comes close to her and says you did. Don’t you feel anything when I come close to you? Asmita says no I don’t feel anything. There’s nothing. Shan holds her hand. Shan says your eyes can never lie to me. Asmita shoves him. Asmita says truth is, I will marry Shikhawat. Shan says really? Asmita says prove it. Asmita says you will see it. I am fasting for Shikhawat. You know what Karva Chauth is. For his mother’s happiness, I am fasting. And we will be married after a day. Shan says everyone will see tomorrow that I am your love. I will break your fast. This is my challenge. Tell him the same.


And yes, I will also fast for you. Asmita says are you crazy? You have low BP problem. Shan says you still remember? You still care. I want you to feel it. Now see how I make you realize your love. I will fast and sow you that I still love you a lot. Asmita says why are you doing all this. Why are you making my life difficult. Nothing matters more then my daughter. There won’t be anything between us.Nevi says what will we do now? Your mom has decided to marry Shikhawat. Nevi says I have an idea. Krishi says I will do anything? Nevi says your mom is fasting tomorrow.

Nandani says to Chahat I am fasting for your papa tomorrow. Chahat says would papa fast for you as well? Nandani says if you ask him. Chahat says I will ask papa. Krishi says their bond would become so strong if they fast for each other.Nandani says to Shan what should I wear today? He says it won’t make you a good human. She says I am fasting for you today. Shan says there is not Karva Chauth in Bengal. She says I know you’re fasting. Shan says I am fasting because Krishi asked not for you. Nandani says wow you’re so attached to the illegitimate child of your ex?? Shan says shut up.

Shan comes out. Krishi says to mama has fasted today. You have to break her fast. So you two come close and stop her wedding. Shan says I will do that. Krishi hugs him. She says let’s go eat something. I want to eat chocolate. Nandani overhears. She picks a phone and says I will get to know what are they planning.Shan says I will do what you ask. Krishi hugs him. Shan smiles. Krishi says let’s go eat. I want to eat chocolate. Shan takes her. Nandani picks her phone and says now I will know what game are they playing. Nandni says I won’t let it happen.Nevi serves food to everyone.

Nirvan says I want poori. Nevi says it’s Karva Chauth today. Your dad and mom are fasting. shan is about to eat but he stops. Nevi says Shan why are you not eating? He says I have an important thing to go. Nevi says in heart I know you’ve fasted for Asmita because you still love her.Nevi says Nandani. She says eat please. I won’t’ tell anyone. The one who is a vamp to her husband doesn’t have to fast. Shan is fasting for Asmita. You saw how he confessed his love. Nandani throttles her. she says I know this is a plan. shan and Krishi planned this to stop her wedding. She throttles Nevi.

Nevi says leave me. Nevi shove Nandan. Her head hits the sofa and she faints. Nevi take the phone and delete the recording. She says Asmita shouldn’t know Krishi’s plan. I can’t let this Nandani ruin my plan. She drags Nandani and locks her in the store. Nevi locks Nadnani in a casket, and goes downstairs.Asmita comes downstairs. A girl says come for pooja. Asmita sits with the women. Shan looks at her and smiles. Shan stops Asmita. Asmita says move from my way. shan says this is for you. He gives her sweets. Asmita says stop doing all this.

A waiter collides with someone and the water falls on Asmita. Shan holds her with a sheet. Shan says dont’ worry. I won’t let your fast break. I will break it only. Shikhawat says let him dream only. Come with me. Asmita sees Shan fainting. Asmita runs to him. she holds Shan and says are you okay? Asmita holds his face. He has fainted. Asmita says drink water. Shan says no. Nevi says he is fasting. He hasn’t eaten anything. Asmita says you have low BP problem. Drink this water. stop this drama. He says this isn’t drama. This is my love. Shan gets up. Asmita walks away.

Asmita comes to her room and cries. She recalls her moments with Shan. She recalls what Shan said. Krishi says why are you crying mama? Papa really cares for me and you. He risked his life for me. Asmita says please stop it. You don’t’ understand things because you’re young. Krishi says I want my shan papa only. I don’t want Shikhawat uncle. A girl comes and says come, please. The moon is out.The pooja starts. Asmita looks at the moon. She recalls what Krishi said. Asmita looks at Shan’s face.



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