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These streets 27 December 2021: Shan drives the car. Chahat says papa promise me you wont her admission in my school. Krishi holds their hands and says you have to be friends to get me admission in this school. You want me to get there right? Please come with me. They come in to principal office. Krishi says papa let’s go. Shan says I am not your father. SHikhawat is your dad. Krishi says I know you are my dad. Shan says no I am not. You have to come with shikhawat. I can’t get your admission done. Your real papa can.

Krishi cries and says papa please don’t go. Shan walks out. He looks at Krishi crying. Asmita hugs her. He leaves. Krishi says why did he leave. Asmita says you don’t need him to get admission. I will get you admission in this school. Let’s go.Asmita comes to principal. She asks father’s name. Asmita says she will have my name. Principal says even if you are divorced you have to write the name. Asmita says I am looking after her. Her rights aren’t tied to her father’s name. I dont want his name with my daughter’s name. She says we will take her admission test tomorrow. ASmtia says I will give her everything she deserves.

Shan comes home. He is angry. He says why am I so bothered? Nandani says you are bothered about that illegal child? Shan says kids aren’t illegal. Don’t say such things asmita. Nandani says I am not asmita. Nandani says I have to separate you two. I will do worse than what I did.Krsishi sees the classes. She says such a big school. Chahat comes there with her friends. She says this is a bad girl. Krishi says I am a good girl. Chahat says you don’t even have a papa.Chahat says we have to write on her hadn that she doesn’t haev apapa. Moni says leave her. Krishi says leave me. Chahat is about to write but teacher is coming there.

Krishi comes out crying. Asmita says what happened. Krishi says this is what chaht wrote on my hand. I have a papa. Asmita says who did this? She says you. You said I shouldn’t have dad’s name on my phoen. Asmita hugs her.Shan is leaving Asmita comes home and slaps SHan. She says this is for what your daughter did to my daughter. You are a failed father. Do you see how hurt is she. Chahat comes and says why didn’t you come to pick me? Shan shouts and says come here chahat. He shows her Krishi’s hand and says you did this? Speak up. She says yes I did. shan is about to slap her. asmita holds his hand.

Asmita asks kids to go to room. Asmita says how dare you. What were you trying to prove? Kids are innocent. They do what their parents. He says I didn’t hit nor I would. Nandani says you don’t need to tell us what should we do to our kid. Shan says you killed your own child. We don’t need to learn from you.Shan says to Asmita you killed your child. Asmita says ask your daughter to stay away from her. sHan says she forgot her worth. Shan slaps Nandani. He says yoou shut. Whatever I say to her is my personal matter. You have made chahat like yourself. Nandani comes to asmita adn throttles her.

She says don’t come between us. Nandani says you are a second women firs to shan and now shikhawat. Asmita says shut up. Nandani says we aren’t living with someone illegally like you. SHikawat says enough Nandani. Get lost. She leaves. Shikhawat says I don’t know how you fell in love with Shan. You should move ahead in life. Asmita says I don’t want anything. I have to give Krishi her dad, her right. They are blood. I can forget him but she can’t. asmita leaves. shukhaat sees a rose and ring. He says I will heal all he bruises shan gave you.

Shan shouts at servant and hits him. He says why is my despenser empty. He hits him. Nandani says stop. You need wine? She says I wlll make a drink for you. She gives him a drink. Nandani mixes something in it. Nandani says we will live our night tonight. Shan drinks.Krishi looks at Shan and says please stop. What are you drinking. Shan says.. Krishi says give it to me. SHan says no. He says this isn’t right for health. Krishi says this is bad water. No one should drink it. You have to stop drinking it. She puts his hand on her head. Nandani comes back to room. she says swear on me you won’t drink. Nandani says how dare you coem here. Krishi says this is my papa’s room.

Nandani is about to slap her. SHan holds Nandani’s hand and shoves her. Krishi says you can’t hit me in front of my papa.Nevi says to Krisi this is your mama’s fav flower. Your papa used to give it to your mom. Nandani akes a cake. She says now I will make shan mine. she mixes something. Nandani comes to Shan with cupcakes. Shan is hitting punching bag. Nandani asks Chahat to give shan cupcakes. SHe says apologize this way. Chahat says sorry papa. I made you mad. See I got us cupcakes. Mom made these. Shan hugs her and says make me eat. CHahat makes him eat cupcake. Krishi comes and takes it. Krishi runs with them. Nandai runs after her. Chahat says she took my cupcakes.

Krishi says win them first. Moni says yes this is the game Nandani says shut up. Asmita says what happened. Krishi says mama we will play songs and who wins will get cupcakes. we will all play. You have to sing first for papa.

These streets 28 December 2021: The Episode starts with Krishi telling Asmita that they will play antakshiri today and whoever wins will get cupcakes as the prize. Asmita asks the kids to play and says leave elders. Krishi says please Mamma. Chahat says my mummy and Papa will play with her. Krishi asks Asmita to play. Asmita asks the kids to play. Nivedita smiles when Asmita agrees. Nandini thinks she will make Shaan have that cupcake to make Asmita believe that they are like any normal couple and everything is fine between them. Both the team sits down. Krishi says whoever have many cakes will win.

Nandini says I will start playing and sing song starting with K…Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili…She holds Shaan’s and rests on his shoulder. Everyone claps. She is about to pick cup cake. Krishi stops her and asks her to take small, says big one is for the last. She asks Asmita to take the chit now. Asmita picks a chit and says the alphabet d. Krishi asks her to sing song with D. Asmita sings dushman na kare who kaam…..Krishi asks Shaan to sing now. He checks the alphabet and sings….aitbaar nahi karna…had se bhi zyada tum kisi se pyaar nahi karna. Asmita also sings the female version of the song. Shaan continues singing.

After the song is over, they look at each other and then sit down. Krishi says both of them sang, so they will share the big cupcake together. Nandini says it is for the winning team, they can’t have it. Nivedita asks why? Krishi makes Shaan and Asmita eat the cupcake forcefully. Nandini scolds her. Krishi says I will make you eat too and tries to make her eat. Nandini gets upset and goes. Nivedita signs Krishni. Abhimanyu takes his son to make him sleep. Asmita and Shaan get intoxicated. Asmita teases Shaan. Shaan asks if she wants to fall in his arms. They tease each other. Nivedita asks Asmita to see and tells that Krishi went to terrace. Asmita goes to terrace. Shaan also goes. Nivedita thinks they will be locked on the terrace and thinks Krishi must have locked Nandini by now.

Nandini thinks she will get drowsy due to cupcake affect. Krishi locks the door and says Dadi’s plan is good. Nandini asks someone to open the door and thinks Shaan and Asmita are together. Chahat asks what happened.Asmita and Shaan come to the terrace calling Krishna. Nivedita locks the terrace door. They see the terrace decorated and their pics. Asmita says Krishi is not here. Song plays…..Asmita and Shaan get romantic. She runs and he runs behind her. He holds her hand. Song plays…aye dil…ruk jaa zara…. Shaan expresses his love for Asmita and says I love you.

He kisses her forehead and is about to kiss her, when she gets Krishi’s message that she is going to sleep. Shaan says your mischievous daughter messaged. Asmita says my daughter is far better than your daughter. She hears the thunderstorm and hugs him. Shaan says you are still the same even after becoming a mother, darpook. Asmita hugs him again hearing the thunderstorm. Shaan reciprocates their hug.Shaan telling Asmita that even now she is a coward, even after becoming a mother of a child. Asmita hugs him being afraid of the thunderstorm. She asks him to stay away from her and asks how dare you to touch me. Shaan asks her to stay away from him and says I don’t like to hug you. Asmita says you are a selfish guy.

Shaan asks if I was selfish guy then would have hated you and says I couldn’t convince my heart to hate you even if I try, this heart beats for you still. Asmita asks why did you betray me if you love me so much. Shaan says I never betrayed you and asks if Shaantanu can betray his puchki. He keeps his hand on her lips and asks her not to tell anything. She runs away. Shaan holds her hand. Dil Sambhal jaa Zara plays……They hug each other. Nandini pours kerosene around them and tells that today is not their union night, but their death night. She says Asmita and Shaan’s love story will end with them.

She laughs seeing them lost in their embrace while the fire catches up fast. She says today Shaan and Asmita’s chapter will end. Shaan and Asmita open their eyes and see the fire. Krishi comes out and calls them mamma and papa. Asmita is going out, but Shaan holds and saves her as the pillar falls down. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Nandini comes back to room and rests on the bed looking at Shaan’s pic, says if you are not mine then I won’t let you become of Asmita, never. She says I will kill you to make you away from Asmita, today you both will be burnt in that fire.

Shaan tells Asmita that they both have to leave immediately. He falls as the decoration stuff falls on him. Asmita sees the pillar about to fall on Shaan and holds it and then pushes it to save Shaan. Shaan gets up and tells her that nobody will hear their voice as they are downstairs. Asmita covers themselves with blanket kept there and they look at each other. Krishi prays for her parents’ safety. She asks them not to worry and throws water on the fire to set it off. Asmita and Shaan reach her. Krishi faints in Asmita’s hands. Asmita asks Shaan to see what happened to their daughter. Shaan takes her downstairs. Asmita asks her to open her eyes.

Shaan checks Krishi and pumps her chest. They rub her hands and asks her to open her eyes. Asmita says she is not opening her eyes, we have to do something. Just then Krishi wakes up and tells Asmita that he is best Papa for her. Asmita asks her to listen. Krishi says she wants both and runs away. Shaan says we shall give her what she wants. Asmita asks have you gone mad? She says what will happen with Mr. Shekhawat and his son, Nandini and Chahat. Shaan asks her to stay with him for tonight. Asmita says this is not right. Shaan says we don’t have anything except love. He holds her closer for a kiss. She tries to resist and falls with him on the sofa. Song plays…..dil sambhalja zara…..She rests on his shoulder and sleeps.


In the morning, Mr. Shekhawat comes downstairs and sees Asmita and Shaan sleeping on sofa. He is shocked to see Asmita’s head on Shaan’s chest. He holds Shaan and pushes Shaan. He says you must have made her eat something so that you can fulfill your old desires and says I will kill you. Asmita tries to stop Shekhawat. Shaan asks Shekhawat to ask Asmita first if she wants to see him death and says I didn’t do anything. Krishi comes with Police and says I will tell you.

Shaan asking Mr. Shekhawat to ask Asmita if she wants to see his death. He asks him not to pressurize his mind and asks Vishwajeet to bring water. He says I didn’t do anything. Mr. Shekhawat asks who did this then? Krishi comes there and says I will tell you who did this. Police comes there. Nandini gets tensed. Mr. Shekhawat asks Krishi to say, who did this. Krishi comes to him and says Kans aunty pointing her finger towards her. Everyone looks at Nandini.

Krishi says Kans aunty tried to burn my mummy and papa. Nandini asks what nonsense, why will I do this? Asmita asks what is this way to talk to kid like this and says this is your doing only. She whispers to her that you will no problem to kill Shaan or me, who had killed her own father. Nandini asks Asmita to teach her daughter all these things. Krishi says I have record in my phone and runs to bring it. Nandini asks Inspector to believe her and tells that there was short circuit on terrace and she got the complain recorded in electricity dept. Inspector says we will check the proofs.

Nandini says you are believing a girl’s statement. Inspector says proof is not small or big. Krishi checks for the video, but it is not there. Nandini asks Inspector to see, and says she is just like her mother, liar. She says both are dramebaaz and says there is no video. She asks Inspector to go and says we will handle. Krishi says video was there in the mobile, I am not lying. Inspector asks Asmita to handle her daughter and goes. Krishi asks him to stop and tells Asmita that she had seen her lighting the fire

She hugs Asmita and cries. Asmita says you can’t lie, stop crying and they go to room. Nivedita thinks Nandini must have done this and thinks where was that video. Nandini comes to room and says thank god, I deleted that video else I would have been caught. She thinks to drop Krishi to pari Mahal and says she can’t stay like normal girls, as only Chahat has that right, says shaan and asmita’s paap ki tokri can’t stay here. She calls someone and shares her plan with that person to send Krishi to pari Mahal.

Asmita and Krishi are outside. Asmita asks what happened and asks her to be happy and says today is your first day in school. Krishi says she just want papa and her together. Asmita says you shall not talk all this and asks her to come. Peon comes and says Principal called you to cabin. Asmita takes Krishi to Principal. Peon feels bad for Krishi. Principal tells Asmita that Krishi can’t get admission in her school as Krishi didn’t get the passing marks in the test. Asmita promises to concentrate on her studies and asks her to get her admitted. She asks her to tell if there is any way. Principal says we can admit her in sports quota.

She says tomorrow is the running competition and if she wins then the marks will be added to this. Krishi says she will win. Principal sends her out.Krishi goes out and sees Nandini there. Nandini says I heard that you are taking admission from sports quota and says you don’t deserve to be here where my Chahat is staying. She says you deserve to be in Pari Mahal, from where your parents came.. Krishi asks where is it? Nandini says I will take you there. Krishi says I will go with my parents and before that, I will win the race. Nandini says you are so confident. Krishi says you don’t know me and tells that she will win the race. She asks if I win then what you will do. Nandini says I will one thing told by you. Krishi says if I lose then I will agree to your saying.

Nandini says if you lose then you have to leave with your mamma. Krishi says ok, you don’t know how fast I run. Nandini says you can’t run faster than my thoughts. She says best of luck. Krishi says best of luck to you too.Next day on the sports competition, the teacher tells that the parents of the student will also participate in the race. She says Chahat’s parents are Nandini and Shaan Majumdaar. Chahat says best of luck to them. Shaan and Nandini get up. Teacher announces other parents’ name. She says Krishi’s mother is Asmita kumara and Papa…She says Asmita is single mother so she don’t qualify for this race.

Asmita recalls Principal telling her that as she is a single mother, she can’t participate in the race and Krishi’s admission is based on her victory. Nandini thinks Krishi tried to compete with Chahat. Krishi cries. Shaan feels bad and helpless, thinks what to do for her.The sports day at Chahat’s school has begun.. Krishi is upset as her mother is unable to participate automatically she loses her chance for admission.

Chahat is proudly cheering her mom Nandini n her papa Shaan to race together.. but in the beginning of race Nandini falls down n sprains her ankle..she is unable to participateShaan seeks permission to pair up with Asmita…Krishi is thrilled to see her mom participate with achche papa.. they have tough times but win the race..they get reward by trophy n securing Krishi’s admission to the good school Nandini is so jealous She tries to harm Krishi but Shamita run to rescue Krishi.

Nandini asking Asmita to do her daughter’s counseling else she will go from her hand. Asmita says both parents have equal right on their child even if the parents don’t have any relation. Nandini says your daughter is listening and your bad doings can affect her in this age. She takes Shaan with her. Chahat asks Shaan why did he participate with krishi’s mamma and says you left my Mamma and participate with bad krishi’s mother.

She asks him to tell why did he do this? Nandini comes and says this is called Charity and tells that she didn’t feel bad at all. She smiles looking at Shaan. Shaan looks on. Mr. Shekhawat asks Asmita, how she can sit on Shaan’s back in race. ASmita says you have seen me sitting on his back, but didn’t see Krishi’s tears. She tells that she can do anything to make Krishi win in every race.

Chahat tells Nandini that she don’t want Krishi to get admission in her school and calls her Papa’s chor. Nandini thinks she has planned something so that Krishi goes from their house and has less time with her. She asks Chahat to help her a bit. Chahat calls Krishi and says you can’t win in this race and can’t get admission in my school. Krishi hugs Chahat and says we need to win this race. She says my Mamma taught that best will win and says best of luck. Chahat says my Mamma taught me to do anything to win the race and goes. Nandini comes out from the bushes and says today you will end and your parents’ big love story will end for forever. Krishi walks while thinking and thinks she will win the race and then asks Nandini to go from their lives. She thinks her parents will unite.

Nandini waits for krishi to get stuck in the pit. She shouts calling her parents. Nandini comes to her. Krishi asks her to take her out. Nandini says you have done a mistake and will be punished for making Shaan take part with Asmita. She asks her to go to her kanha ji and says we will meet in next birth. She says I have to go and cheer my Chahat for the race. Krishi asks her not to do this. Nandini and snaps her fingers asking the man to put soil in the pit and not to let the girl alive. Krishi gets shocked and cries. The man starts putting soil in the pit. Nivedita prays to God to help Krishi. Diya is about to set off, but Nivedita holds the diya.

Mashumi comes and thinks Nivedita is after the God now and praying for krishi. She asks her to clear from Shaan, how many marriage he will do and how many children will he have? Nivedita asks her to shut up and stay out of it. Mashumi says you are forgetting that Shaan is the dirt of Sona kachi and dirt comes out from dirt, says krishi is Krishna Bhagwan’s name, but she is not Krishna and can’t do anything. She says it is too much to expect life solutions from a little girl. She asks her to decide and goes.

Asmita worries for Krishi and thinks where is she? She goes to Teacher and asks if they can wait for 5 mins. Teacher says the competition is going to start and asks her to call her daughter. Asmita says ok and thinks where to search krishi. Chahat and Nandini smiles. Shaan notices Asmita’s tension and goes behind her asking where is Krishi? She calls Krishi. He says you are so irresponsible mother and can’t handle a kid. Asmita says she is handling her responsibility alone without her father who refused to take up the responsibility. She goes. Shaan thinks she is lying and Krishi is Shekhawat and Asmita’s daughter. Nandini takes other parents to teachers and they ask them to start the race. Teacher explains the rules to the kids. Krishi cries as the man still putting the soil on the pit. She prays to Krishna ji and asks him to help her, as she has to take admission in school and patch up her parents. Asmita comes out of school premises and prays to Kanha ji to help her find her daughter and says she needs to run in this race, she will get admission only if she wins in this race.

The man fills up the pt and goes.. Krishi asks Kanha ji to help her. The gardener comes and throws water pipe there and goes. Krishi sees water filling up fast and tries to take her hand out. The race begins. Asmita is still searching her. Krishi says you are ruining my life rather than helping me and sits down. Just then she sees a rope coming down the hole. Krishi sees Kanha ji through the hole and smiles.

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