My heart knows update Monday 27 December 2021

My heart knows 27 December 2021: The Episode starts with Atharv’s secretary Sneha asking Malhar to come with her and check the security arrangements. Malhar asks Kalyani to stay there and goes to check the arrangements. She tells herself what is her mistake if Malhar is not looking at her. She thinks to go inside and check Atharv and Sampada’s plan. She thinks dress code is traditional, but nobody wore it in the party. She checks the card and thinks Atharv sent it intentionally so that I wear traditional dress. Sampada welcomes the guests and asks Kalyani to come to her. She tells the guests that Kalyani, her sister is just 18 years and very courageous to save people on 26th January. She asks guests to claps. She asks Kalyani to think of Malhar’s respect at least.

She tells that she loves Atharv and that’s why ran away from house, so my baby’s responsibility fell on her and she was forced to marry Malhar. She says Kalyani was born and brought up on Pune, but living poor life with Malhar and asks guests to see her clothes. She tells that she is feeling pity on her.Kalyani laughs and says Sampada…you are so funny. She says first you left Malhar and baby for the man like Atharv and then saying this. She says she is very happy with Malhar, as he takes care of very well. She holds his hand and tells that Malhar loves her a lot and she didn’t know that he was so romantic.

She says she is feeling shy to tell this, but she will show proof of their love. She touches Malhar’s cheeks and says you would have removed this lipstick mark before coming to this party. She cleans it and tells that she doesn’t want to stay in this boring party. She says lets go for candle light dinner as today is our 3rd month anniversary. She asks Sampada to keep Atharv safely and tells that she will be left alone. Malhar and Kalyani are about to go out. Atharv asks where are they going and stops them from leaving the party. He romance with Sampada infront of everyone. He asks for music. Sampada and Atharv dance on the song jo toh rus janiye….tere bin….

Malhar gets teary eyes. Sampada comes to Malhar and smiles seeing him crying. Atharv takes Sampada and they dance. Malhar recalls Sampada telling him whenever this song will be played, her heart will sing it for him. Malhar says this song is our now. Everyone claps for them. Atharv asks Malhar if he wants to dance and compete with him. He says lets see who is more competent, Atharv and Sampada, or Kalyani and Malhar. Kalyani asks them to learn dance first and then compete with them. Sampada says are you afraid that there is no love between Malhar and you, and says love like Sampada and Atharv are not in everyone’s destiny. Kalyani asks Malhar to come. Kalyani thinks how I will dance in this saree.

Song plays dum dum mast hai….Kalyani and Malhar dance. Atharv and Sampada dance too, but fall seeing Malhar and Kalyani’s superb dance. Everyone claps for Malhar and Kalyani. Kalyani tries to help Sampada to get up, but she refuses. Kalyani says so much attitude and says she will remember this day forever. She asks them to come to them if they want to learn dance from them.Aao Saheb asks Pallavi to return Atharv’s money with jewellery etc whatever they have. Pallavi says Atharv has helped us. Aao Saheb tells they are insulted because of Atharv and Sampada and staying in the house because of Malhar’s sympathy. Pallavi says we are suffering because of you and because of your ego, we may come on road.

Anupriya asks until when you will use Atharv’s money which is earned by wrong means. Pallavi asks did you go to see there? Aao Saheb asks Vivek and Pallavi to go to stay with Atharv and says Nul and Godaveri will stay here.Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to calm down and worries for the children lives. She asks her to forgive them. Aao Saheb goes. Pallavi tells Anupriya that she is not afraid of anyone now as her brother came to take care of her. malhar takes his hand from Kalyani’s hand. Sneha comes to them and says Atharv and Sampada shouldn’t have behave that way with you. She says you are looking good together.

Kalyani coming behind Malhar and sings mera tujhse hai pehle kaa….Malhar asks what are you doing? Kalyani says it is your times song, but I like it. Malhar asks her to sing rightly and sings the song, while Kalyani records it silently. She laughs. Malhar says my voice is good. Kalyani plays the recording. Malhar says is it my voice and says I don’t sing that bad. He smiles. Kalyani asks him to keep smiling. Pawar comes and asks Malhar to come with him. Malhar comes to Atharv and asks what is happening? Atharv says Ganga, my Servant was stealing Apple from kitchen and that’s why my three friends are aiming at the apple keeping on Ganga’s head. Malhar asks if he is mad and asks him to look at his friends’ faces and says they are shaken up and drunk. He tells that he won’t let anything happen to Ganga and asks them to give the knives. The men talk arrogantly and tell that they are rich and don’t have value of a Servant. Malhar asks Atharv what he is upto? Atharv says you are security incharge here and if someone dies, then you will lose your job.

He asks him to kneel down on his knees and clean his shoes. Malhar gets angry. Atharv says let’s see what my coin says and tosses the coin. He says Ganga will die and asks his friends to aim at the apple. He asks Malhar what do he think? He says Ganga has small kids. Ganga cries. Malhar asks Atharv’s friends to stop and bends down infront of Atharv and then turns and shoots at the knives which Atharv’s friends are holding. He asks Atharv how his hukum ka ekka turn wrong and asks Pawar to arrest everyone. He says what do you think that I don’t know that you earned this money by betrayal someone. He says what a joke, a big thief was punishing a poor. Atharv says you can’t win over me, and your biggest defeat is Sampada. He says I have stolen your wife as you couldn’t keep her happy. He says such men are not a man.

Malhar gets angry and leaves from there in his jeep. Kalyani and Pawar see him going. Kalyani calls him, but he doesn’t pick his call. Atharv’s secretary stops Malhar’s jeep. Malhar asks if she is drunk and offers to drop her home. Sneha says Atharv did wrong with you and even Sampada did wrong to you. Malhar takes her in his jeep. Pawar drops Kalyani home.Kalyani tells Anupriya whatever happened in the party. Anupriya is shocked and says troubles are increasing day by day and says they won’t let them succeed. Kalyani tells that she is worried about Malhar.

Gangaram comes and asks Kalyani to give file to Malhar. Kalyani says he is not at home. Gangaram says jeep is outside his old home. Kalyani runs there and knocks on the door. Sneha opens the door and cries hugging Kalyani. Kalyani sees bruises on her hands. Sneha tells her that Malhar tried to molest her. Kalyani says it is a lie and he can’t do this with you. Sneha says you are taking your husband’s side and can’t see his mistake being a girl.Kalyani says I am girl and can test other, and says my Malhar can’t do this. Sneha says she will get him punished and goes. Kalyani asks Malhar to say something and asks him to speak and says Sneha can use his silence as a weapon against him.

Malhar walks out from there shockingly. Sneha comes to Aao Saheb’s house and shouts for help. Anupriya and Aao Saheb come there with others. Aao Saheb asks who did this and asks Godaveri to bring shawl from inside. Anupriya covers her with shawl and says we will go to Police. Sneha says this is done by Police officer. Aao Saheb asks do you know his name? Sneha says his name is Malhar Rane…All neighbors gather there. Everyone is shocked. Pallavi says Malhar is not trustable. Anupriya says Malhar can’t do this. Sneha says Malhar tried to molest me. Kalyani comes and says this girl is lying. Sneha says so this is Malhar’s family, how you will believe me, but I will get him punished for his sins. Kalyani says if you had said truth then I would have helped you firstly, but I will not support your lie. Sneha says how can a girl lie about her respect.

Kalyani asks Anupriya not to trust this girl and says I trust Malhar ji and asks her not to believe her. Anupriya says I am sure Malhar can’t do this. Kalyani asks Aao Saheb to say something and asks everyone to say that Malhar can’t do this. Atharv and Sampada come in the car.Kalyani telling everyone that how they can think that Malhar will do such cheap thing and says he will never do this. Atharv and Sampada come there. Sampada acts concerned for Sneha and hugs her. Sneha cries. Atharv says just as your phone came, we left party and came here. He shouts calling Malhar and says I will break his hands. Kalyani holds his collar angrily and says this is your doings.

You both wanted to trap him by accusing him wrongly. Atharv asks if she is mad after staying with constable. Kalyani says if you think you will succeed then you are wrong as I am standing with Malhar and I won’t let anything happen to him. She tells Sneha that she doesn’t know about Atharv and tells that he can never be loyal to anyone. Sampada asks Kalyani not to force Sneha to change his statement. They ask where is Malhar? Aao Saheb asks if he didn’t do anything then why is he hiding. Atharv picks a rod and says he will break his legs. Kalyani asks him to touch him and says then she will break his (Atharv’s) hand. Atharv says there is no difference between villager woman and you, and says I hope same from you. Sampada says with whom you are talking and says Kalyani has no values. Anupriya says it doesn’t look nice if you say this. Sampada says I left him as he was not right.

She lies that Malhar went with Sneha from the party. Kalyani asks what nonsense and says it is not proved that he did wrong with Sneha. Atharv says it is proved what kind of husband he is, and what kind of man is? He tells Aao Saheb that Malhar’s law will arrest him with his one phone call, but he is quiet because of her. Pallavi says she is worried for Godaveri.Aao Saheb asks Kalyani where is Malhar if he is innocent? She says he might be guilty. Aao Saheb says s he trusted Malhar, but he snatched her house. Anupriya says Malhar is innocent. Sampada says he is not getting the happiness which he wants from his wife and he might have flowed in emotions with Sneha’s touch.

Anupriya asks her not to tell that. Sampada says I will prove that Malhar is guilty and runs inside the house. Kalyani gets inside too. Atharv stops Anupriya from going inside. Sampada is taking Moksh. Kalyani asks her not to touch him, but Sampada pushes her and takes Moksh. Sampada says today truth will be out and asks her to tell if they have husband and wife’s relation or not. She asks what is your relation with Malhar. Anupriya asks Sampada if her heart don’t melt down seeing her son crying? Sampada says let him cry, I want his betterment and says I won’t let cheap man’s reflection fall on Moksh.

Sampada asks what is your relation with Malhar and asks Kalyani to tell. She smiles and says Kalyani’s silence is the proof that Malhar and Kalyani have no relation. She says how can a young man can control himself and says Malhar’s condition worsened after marrying Kalyani. Malhar comes and takes baby from Sampada. He gives baby to Kalyani and asks Sampada to stay away from his wife and son. Atharv holds his collar and asks him to thank him for not sending him to jail. He asks him to tell everyone what he did with Sneha. Commissioner comes there with Police. Kalyani says how come you are here? Malhar says I called him. He says law will decide if I did this crime or not.

Commissioner says disgusting and assures Sneha that Malhar will be punished if he is guilty. Atharv asks him to look at Sneha. Kalyani says Malhar is innocent and asks him to say something in defense. She says this is all done by Atharv. Malhar is silent and sits in the jeep. Kalyani says I know you are innocent, Atharv is lying and asks where is he going? She asks him to say truth. He sits in Police jeep and goes. Kalyani runs behind the jeep. Anupriya tries to stop her, but Aao Saheb stops her.

Commissioner asks Malhar to say something. Kalyani asks Malhar to tell and says your seniors can help you. She asks Commissioner how can he let Sneha go? commissioner says she is victim and asks Malhar to say something in his defense else he has to suspend her. Kalyani says I will bring Lawyer here. Atharv says I brought Lawyer with me and says I thought if Malhar gets suspended then how he will give his fees. He says whatever he did with Sneha is wrong, but be brought lawyer and will pay his fees for Deshmukh family. Kalyani gets angry and throws paper weight on Atharv asking him to leave. Atharv holds the paper weight. Malhar says I am ready to accept the crime and tells that he has misbehaved with Sneha. He says he doesn’t need any lawyer. Commissioner tells that he will get the suspension letter tomorrow and the proceeding will start against him.

Atharv says I really wanted to help Malhar, but now I can’t help him. Lawyer says yes. Atharv asks him to tell her after Malhar gets suspended and says old friends are useful in bad times. He says I am ready to give good news to Deshmukh family and you. Rao gives the letter. Commissioner asks Malhar to sign on the confession letter and says if you sign on it then nobody can save you. your uniform will be taken from you, and the proceeding will start against you and you will have to spend your life in jail. Malhar is about to sign on the papers shocking Kalyani.

with Malhar is about to sign on the confession letter. Commissioner Saheb says if you sign on these papers then nobody can save you. You will lose your uniform and you may end up in jail all life. Kalyani says no and snatches papers from his hand. She says I will not let you sign. Malhar asks her to give papers. Kalyani says I don’t know why you want to save that girl, but I will not let you ruin your life with your hand. Malhar asks Constables to take the paper. Constables asks Kalyani to give the paper.

Kalyani climbs on the table and tries to chew the papers, but lady constable takes it and gives to Malhar. Malhar signs on the paper shocking her. Kalyani cries badly. Malhar gives his Service gun. Commissioner says you will get your suspension letter by 5 pm tomorrow. Kalyani cries and asks why did you do this? What are you hiding, why you have done this? She cries badly and sits down.Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Malhar can’t do this and says surely Atharv must be responsible for this. Pallavi asks her not to take her brother’s name. Rao Saheb asks if Malhar is innocent then why he didn’t tell anything in defense. Anupriya says may be he is helpless and hiding something. Aao Saheb asks why she is taking Malhar’s side being a woman.

Vivek says once Malhar gets punished, we will get all the house and your lost respect back. They hear the band sound coming there. Atharv is beating the dhol. Aao Saheb asks what is this tamasha and how dare you to come here. Atharv asks her to take tablets so that her memory loss problem goes. He reminds that he gave money to Sahukar for Vivek and says from today Maayi’s side of house is of Atharv Bapat. Everyone is shocked. Atharv asks if you will not welcome your grand daughter and me. He says I will welcome myself and says you have to do my tika daily, as I am your Bhagwan from now onwards. He applies color on their faces and says you all are my bhakt. He then splashes color in air and says he is feeling happy to tell that he will stay in the house as the house needs a man, and asks God to give him a strength to destroy Deshmukh family. Anupriya thinks don’t know why Kalyani didn’t return with Malhar.

She comes to Kalyani. Kalyani asks what is this gulal. Anupriya asks where is Malhar? Kalyani tells that Malhar accepted that he did wrong with Sneha. Anupriya says I know him, he can’t do this. She says this is Atharv’s trick and says he wants to send Malhar to jail and snatch the house. Kalyani is shocked to know that Atharv got her side of house. Atharv tells that his bar will be next to temple and will have all types of wine. Aao Saheb warns him. Atharv asks what you will do? Kalyani asks him to leave from the house. Atharv says Kalyani and reminds her of old incident. He asks if she want to murder him and says when she stares at him, then something happens to him. He tells Sampada that if he had not loved her, then would have loved Kalyani. Kalyani asks him to shut up and says you will not get feeling of a rich house and asks him to leave.

Atharv says I will show you how I will leave and says I will not leave the house. Malhar comes there. Atharv says I was telling Kalyani how Sampada ran with you and if I wanted, then Kalyani would have eloped with me.Kalyani grabs his collar and asks him not to think all girls are like Sampada and says she is not like her. Sampada asks from where did you get so much attitude, and says once Malhar goes to jail then you will be left alone. Kalyani says no and tells Malhar about Atharv snatching Anupriya’s side of house. She asks him to kick them out. Atharv laughs. Sampada tells Aao Saheb that from today, you and Appa will sleep in lawn and Atharv and I will sleep in the only bedroom. Everyone is shocked. Anupriya asks what are you saying? Sampada says she will not sleep with the cows etc. Atharv asks Vivek to get his bar beside the temple and says he will tell about his favorite brands.

Aao Saheb puts water on her head. Anupriya asks him not to punish herself by putting cold water on herself. Aao says when own blood is dirty then she shall punish herself. She says she will not take a sigh of relief until Atharv and Sampada are destroyed. She says Bappa will help them and tells about Maaghi Ganesh and tells that she is keeping this fast to fulfill the mannat. She says I will see how Atharv brings wine in my sacred home. She says my Nirjala fast will stop Atharv’s evil motives. Kalyani hears her.

Malhar is holding Moksh and tells him that you will not forgive me for whatever I have done today, and says tomorrow I will be suspended and then you have to bear the burden all life. Sampada plays the toys and says even Moksh came to know that he shall not trust his father and he shall be with his Aai. She tries to give toy in Moksh’s hand. She tells Malhar that once he goes to jail, she will buy more precious toys to him and then he will start loving her. She asks him to come to her. Moksh doesn’t come to Sampada. Kalyani says my son is smart, he took the toy but not going to stranger woman. Sampada says I will take my son once Malhar goes to jail. Kalyani says Malhar will not go to jail as she will keep Maaghi Ganesh fast.

Sampada telling Kalyani and Malhar that she will see until when they will keep her away from Moksh and says once Malhar goes to jail, she will take her baby. Kalyani says Malhar ji will not go to jail and says she is going to keep Maaghi Ganesh’s Nirjala fast and is sure that all the accusations on him will be wiped out before 5 pm tomorrow. Malhar is surprised. Sampada feels pity on her and says what is the use of your education, that you are talking about this. Moksh drops the toys. Kalyani says even Moksh doesn’t like your words. Sampada says nobody can stop him from going to jail. Malhar asks Kalyani not to keep fast. Kalyani says if you don’t want to fight for yourself then I have to fight for you. She comes to the bedroom and touches his hand while he is asleep

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