These Streets update Friday 24 December 2021

These streets 24 December 2021: Band baja is being played. Moushmi opens the door. Krishi enters.. Moushmi says Puchki. She says I am here to live with my papa. Nandani says who papa? get out or I will slap you. Asmita holds her. Krishi says mama please hold my idol. She says to Shan papa I am here won’t you welcome me? Nandani says no one can enter this house without my permission. She shoves Asmita. Shikhawat holds asmita. He says you are a woman that’s why I am not saying anything. Shan you talk to your wife better not touch asmita and Krishi.

Shan says what are you doing here. Shikhawat says to read this. This house is ours now. Nandani says what.. He says we have purchased 51% of Mazumdar wealth and I have named this house on asmita’s house. No one can stop her from coming here. Chahat says I won’t let this girl enter here. Nevi says not one can stop them not even your mom. They are our new owners, lets do their greh parvesh. Nevi says Shan do their arti. Krishi says papa you won’t do my arti?Shan does Krishi’s arti. Nandani leaves in anger.

Shan drinks. He says why does this happen. Why can’t I say no to that girl. What is this feeling? Asmita sees him. Asmita says you said I don’t deserve to be a mother. I became my daughter’s mother and brought her to her dad. She is our daughter and I can prove it. Shan laughs. He trips. Asmita holds him. Shan says you are using your and SHikhawat’s daughter. Asmita says only you can be this disgusting. I am not here for you. I am only Krishi’s mother who will get her, her rights. I won’t ever come to you. this is her right and no one can stop her. You have to be her father. Nandani says saying all this won’t make him your daughter’s father.

Shan has only one daughter, Chahat. I will get you kicked out of this house. Asmita says I will forget for my daughter that you are my step sister. Nanadni says do whatever you want. She takes Shan shan from there.Asmita is in tears. Shikhawat says are you okay? She says yes. Thank you so much. I won’t have been here if you didn’t do this. He says you are special for me Nirvan. You have done so much. He says i wanted to ask something. You’re meeting Shan after 6 years. Asmita says I am only here for Krishi. I have nothing to do with Shan. Shikawat says in heart thank you Asmita. You told me that there is no room for Shan in your heart. Only day, I will confess my love to you.

Krishi says GOd please help me unite my parents. Nandani says your dreams wont’ ever come true. Krishi says how do you know? Nandani says you can’t fight with me.Chahat cuts Krishi’s clothes. SHe says she has to pay for stealing my papa. Moni says what are you doing. Chahat says who are you. Go from here. she shoves her. Krishi holds he and says are you okay? She says chaht she is your elder sister. You are lucky to have her. Chahat shoves Krishi. Chahat leaves. moni says you are so nice.

Nandani says shan they took everything from us. And you are drinking here. Shan leaves. Nandani says I will never let you anything Asmita.Nirvan says I don’t wanna live here. Shikhawat says sleep. Asmita says we will leave in a few days. Promise. Nirvan says you will sleep with me. He asks Shikhawat to sit as well. He holds their hands. shan sees them. Shan goes to hall. He falls. Asmita holds him. Shan says go do romance with your husband. asmtia says shut up. This champagne has filled your mind with dirt. You should go to an asylum. He says and you should go to pari mehal. Asmita says I hate you. Shan says I have seen your real face. You are so disgusting that you’re using a small girl to trap me. But I won’t be trapped because I hate you. He leaves.

Nandani says to Krishi your dream will never come true. Go from before I kick you out. Krishi cries. Nevi says why are you crying? Nevi says we have to be strong. Ther’s a lot we have to do. she says swipe your tears. Nothing is impossible. We can reunite your parents. We fight who we love. They will be friends. Krishi says I am scared of nandan. she pulled my ear. Nevi says we will win from her for sure.Shan drinks. The song humari adhuri kahani plays. He reaclls his moments with asmita. He sleeps on bed. Krishi comes and gives him pillow. SHe says I know you love her. Please don’t fight with her. She gives him a blanket. Krishi sees his despenser.

she says why is it in room. She says this water is so dirty. She says this makes papa ill. She drains all his wine. She says now they won’t fight.Shan is in his car. He is hungover. SHan says my head hurts. Why is chahat saying she won’t go with driver. Nandani makes Moni and Chahat sit in car. She says I am going to meet lawyer to kick them out of this house. Krishi stands in front of Shan’s car. Asmita says come I will take you in the other car. She says I punctured the tires. She asks asmita to sit in shan’s car.

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