To die for love Update Monday 27 December 2021

To die for love 27 December 2021: looks at Arohi. deep says Tara take her to her room and then introduce her to ma. Deep looks at a file. Arohi goes with Tara. She looks at the file. It is her case file. arohi spills water on it. She says sorry I made a mistake.
Abhi keeps an eye on tara. Tara says if you wanna stay in this house stay out of my matters. Arohi comes to the room and says it is the same place I was staying as Anjali. Deep you said you will recognize me in any way but you couldn’t. Arohi takes off her teeth. Abhi comes. He says you should never come out of your costume until your mission is accomplished.

Deep wonders why he felt weird when he hand shook with the doctor. He says do I know her?Tara takes out her drink. She says I mjissed you so much. Ever since mama came here I had to act like being a good girl. Deep comes in the room. Tara hides it. Tara hugs him and says I know we have a lot of problems between us. But things are better now. Mama is with us too. She said we should go out for a vacation. But I said no. I said we can’t leave her alone like that. But she was insisting that we should spend time together. Deep says ma isn’t well. We can’t leave her in this situation alone.

Taaa says but we can go a little far away from here and spend some time together. Deep says leave my hand. I have an important call to make. He leaves. tara says for how long will you run away from me?Abhi says to Arohi deep said the karwa chauth pooja will happen here. I will be with Deep and standing there. We will faint rest of the people and you will attack Deep. Arohi says everything stated here and will end here. Ma comes and says what will end?Tara takes Deep’s phone and says we don’t need to go out. We can stay here home and spend some time together. Come on deep. Don’t be so stubborn. Deep hears ma screaming. Deep comes and says move away from my mom or I will shoot you. How dare you touch my mom. Where is Abhi? Ma says calm down. We were doing exercise. She isn’t harming me. I feel much better.

Ma asked Arohi what will end? And why do you have house map? Arohi said we will do yoga at this place. I have to find out the best places.Arohi says never saw a gun like this before. Don’t worry your mom will be fine. Deep says don’t touch me. You have done enough damage. The file you spilled water on was very important. Deep says I need to stay away from her. She gives me a weird feeling.Virat plays cards with ma. he says i defeated you again. tara comes. Ma says he has been defeating me. He plays really well. Tara says only deep can defeat him. Deep comes. Tara says Deep can you play on mama’s behalf and defeat Virat? Deep says I have important work to do. Tara says you never have time for me. Ma says you keep breaking her heart. You have to give her time. I am going to temple. I have to get pooja stuff. Deep says but you are not well. Ma says I am fine. Abhi says I will go with her.

Deep is playing cards with Virat. Virat says remember the condition? The loser has to do what the winner asks. Arohi helps wasundra in therapy. Deep looks at her. he loses. Virat says get ready for the condition. Tara says I will give it him. You will spend the whole day with this new doctor. DEep says what? Tara says she will be your secretary. Tara says mom.. Waasundra says deep do what tara is asking.Deep looks at Arohi and says she is such a mess. Tara asks Deep to hug her. Deep is confused. He hugs Arohi. Arohi is dazed. She wonders what is deep doing. Arohi says has he recognized me.

Deep shoves arohi and says go from here. Arohi says you hugged me. she says tara see what your husband is doing. Tara says this is just a dare. He has to spend the whole day with you. Arohi comes to her room and says I can’t spend the day with that animal. But if that gives me more info about him I will stay near him.Arohi comes to deep. She says I will work with you all day. Deep says check these files.Tara and Virat drink, virat says we are drinking there and deep is annoyed there. You are good at giving punishments. Arohi checks deep’s drawer. He says how dare you touch my things. she says I was looking for sharpener. I can use this knife as sharpener. She cuts deep’s hand by mistake. Arohi so sorry. I made a mistake.

Let me bring first aid for you. Deep says shut up. Arohi says no I have to. wasundra is doing pooja. Abhi meets guru ma. Se says be careful. She leaves. Wasundra says we have to get stuff for karwa chauth. Stay here. Guru ma is hidden.Arohi gives deep a kawa. He says I don’t want it. I am allergic. Arohi says I have to dress your wound. SHe dresses his wound.Virat says where is the fourth wine? Tara says in heart it is transparent. When someone drinks it they want to love. I will make deep drink it.The wine is in deep’s bottle. Arohi cough. Deep gives her that bottle. She drinks it. Arohi is about to faint. Deep holds her.Tara says when you drink that wine you fall in the love with the person in front of you if you ever had feelings for them. Deep holds Arohi. she is falling. DEep recalls his moments with Arohi. Deep hugs Arohi.


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